The Conductor At The Depot

Another dream…

This time,
I am on a train,
Or in a train depot,

I am a Christian,
Singing a hymn out loud,
To everyone’s enjoyment.
(It was a positive Christian hymn,
Which cheered everyone else
Who was also waiting there, like me.)

The manager/conductor there
Ordered me to stop.
So I did.

Instead, I pulled out my bible,
And began to read it.
Some passages,
I whispered out loud,
So I could meditate upon them
Despite the roar from the locomotives engines.
No one else could hear me,
Or so I thought.

The same man came over to me,
And demanded that I stop,
And put away my bible.
So I did.

But I sensed
Through the spirit,
That I should go talk to him,
So I did.

I searched for him,
And found him
In the controller’s room.
I said to him,
“Well then, could I at least
Silently, to myself,
Pray for you?”
I could sense he was bothered by me,
But there was also
Some indecision left within him as well.
So I quickly continued speaking,
Lest he answer me too quickly.
“Even if you never
Come to believe in my God,
He still wants the best for you,
You know…”
I reached out to touch his sleeve,
But as my hand got close to his body,
I could SENSE all the pain
That was within him,
And this brought tears to my own eyes,
As I also felt his pain.
“He doesn’t want you
To keep all this pain
That is within you…
Can I ask Him
To bless you,
and bring good things
Into your life?”

I could tell
That he had seen the tears in my eyes,
And had sensed his anguish
Within him.

At this point,
All he could do,
Was give me a gruff nod
Of permission.

It was all I needed!

So I went back to where I was,
Sat down,
And with a joyful smile on my face,
closed my eyes,
and began to silently pray for him.

“Hey you!”, he said to me,
As he walked out of his room,
“Did your God
Ask you to pray for me?”

I nodded my yes.

“Is this the first time,
This has happened to you?”

My brows came together,
As I tried to think.
And as I slowly shook my head no,
I watched his face
Fall back into his frown.

For some reason,
This changed things for him,
And made what had just happened,
Un-special in his eyes. 

“I think this is the third time
It’s happened to me,” I added on.

His face changed
Ever so slightly,
To more of a frown,
Almost as if it was being
Cemented into place.

So I added on;
“In my lifetime!”

(As I was at least in my thirty’s,
This did increase the rarity of it.)

He seemed to think so as well,
As his frown
Became less severe.

He continued on
Doing his job,
And I continued
Praying silently for him.

When it was time for me to go,
I woke up.

*  *  *  *

Out of harms way, because of HIM

So many dreams
I have been having…

In this one,
I am a ‘southern belle’
Still young enough
To be strong.
We had just moved recently
To a mansion high up on a hill
By the ocean and the river

Now there has come a great storm
One as never before.
The waters were rising fast
And it was time to evacuate everyone.
I almost got into
 one of the evacuation boats, but
I chose to stay behind
To help make sure everyone
Made it out safely.

There were many of us
Family & friends
Staying there at this time.

The van that carried us up to the mansion
Almost got taken by the rising waters
But on the radio in the car
I heard a woman, claim that JESUS
Told her where to go to be safe
So she was now safely
Out of harms way, because of HIM.
I thanked the Lord for hearing this out loud
For I knew then that we would be safe.

So I asked God to be my guide.
Even if it was my time to die,
I wanted to be in the right place
For His will to be done.

I went back into the house
Calling out for help as I did so.
I woke up those who were still sleeping
(there were many still at rest,)
and told them that they were being evacuated.
Some refused to go,
Others readied themselves quickly
And left.
Those that refused to go
Soon left when they realized that
They would be left there alone.

Over and over again,
I tried to get into the house,
To make sure all had been evacuated.
(It was a very large house.)

Finally, all were out.

But then I realized
That we had nothing
For us to live on.

So I went back to enter the house.

A group of guys yelled out to me to stop,
So they could shut off the electrical supply circuit
So I could enter the house safely.
When they did,
A few others had followed me
And we all went in,
Grabbing whatever we seen that we needed;
Like baby blankets, diapers, formula,
But we soon realized that we needed
Something to carry it all in.
So I grabbed a baby quilt,
(an old one,)
and removed the duvet cover off of it,
and told them to stuff the stuff inside it.
They gladly did.
We grabbed what we could
(the lower levels were already
well below the flood waters,)
and then we left.

As we did,
I realized that we had no money
To live off of,
So I went back into the mansion
One more time.
This time,
I had to go in from the front.
As I did, I marveled at the incredible beauty
Of the old house.
Enormous trees formed the pillars of the porch,
While thick glass panes and travertine marble
Formed the rest.
Too bad we could not have enjoyed it more!

I ran in, and as I did,
I looked up at the angry incoming storm,
And realized that the storm itself
Would not damage the mansion.
But the ocean…
I dared not even look back
at it’s angry rising swells!

Once in,
(the door had remained unlocked,)
I ran to the place where the gold & silver coins
Were hidden & stashed away.
I grabbed whatever I could stuff in my pockets,
Mostly gold, some silver,
Then I heard , felt?, the Lord’s voice within me.
“Go! NOW! You MUST go now!”

I stopped what I was doing,
And turned to go back out the front door.

“NO! Use the back door!”

So, I ran towards the back of the house,
Grabbing  things we could use that I seen along the way.
Someone’s cat, had jumped up onto the mantle ahead of me
And meowed.  Without thinking,
I reached out  and scooped up the cat with one hand,
And then stuffed the terrified feline into my shirt,
All while still running to the nearest back door.

I could hear the voices now,
Of the rescuers,
Still waiting just for me.
Some said they should leave,
For they feared that if they stayed, they would all perish.
But the one in charge,
(My father? A relative of mine?,)
said no, they would stay,
and if they all perished while waiting for me
then they would do so.

I burst through the door
And ran down the slippery grassy hillside,
As if angel wings were beneath me.
The boat began to move away from the hill,
So I made a big running jump
And landed in the middle of it,
Just as a huge wave
Came racing down the hill towards us.

The motor boat leapt ahead with record speed,
And we were able to out-pace the chasing wave,
Till it was no longer so destructive when it  hit us.

A chopper was flying towards us
To see if it could rescue us further.
Several thick cords were thrown down to us
And the men clamped them securely to the boat.
Then the copter lifted us up into the air
And carried us off to safety.

As they did this,
I heard a little girl crying hysterically.
She said that she had asked Jesus
To answer her prayer
So why had Jesus not done so?
“He may still be all right,”
said her father., “you never know…”
But everyone had seen the wave
That washed over the mansion,
And knew that nothing
Could survive that much water.
“But I asked Jesus,” she continued.
“I asked Him to rescue Herbie!”

At that name, the cat inside my shirt,
Gave out one terrified howl.
“Herbie!” she cried. “I hear him!”

I reached under my shirt,
And held out the squirming, clinging cat.
“Is this your kitty?”
“Yes, yes!” she screamed at me,
and the girl’s father
gratefully took him from me,
and handed him to his child.
“You’d better hold onto him tight,”
said someone else in the boat,
“Cause we’re not going back for him again…”
The person who said this,
Gave me a disgusted look,
And I knew what she was thinking.
But I shrugged my shoulders & told her,
“The cat jumped out at me while I ran by,
so I reached out & scooped it up,
and tucked it under my shirt.…”

And so ended the dream.

*  *  *  *