The Conductor At The Depot

Another dream…

This time,
I am on a train,
Or in a train depot,

I am a Christian,
Singing a hymn out loud,
To everyone’s enjoyment.
(It was a positive Christian hymn,
Which cheered everyone else
Who was also waiting there, like me.)

The manager/conductor there
Ordered me to stop.
So I did.

Instead, I pulled out my bible,
And began to read it.
Some passages,
I whispered out loud,
So I could meditate upon them
Despite the roar from the locomotives engines.
No one else could hear me,
Or so I thought.

The same man came over to me,
And demanded that I stop,
And put away my bible.
So I did.

But I sensed
Through the spirit,
That I should go talk to him,
So I did.

I searched for him,
And found him
In the controller’s room.
I said to him,
“Well then, could I at least
Silently, to myself,
Pray for you?”
I could sense he was bothered by me,
But there was also
Some indecision left within him as well.
So I quickly continued speaking,
Lest he answer me too quickly.
“Even if you never
Come to believe in my God,
He still wants the best for you,
You know…”
I reached out to touch his sleeve,
But as my hand got close to his body,
I could SENSE all the pain
That was within him,
And this brought tears to my own eyes,
As I also felt his pain.
“He doesn’t want you
To keep all this pain
That is within you…
Can I ask Him
To bless you,
and bring good things
Into your life?”

I could tell
That he had seen the tears in my eyes,
And had sensed his anguish
Within him.

At this point,
All he could do,
Was give me a gruff nod
Of permission.

It was all I needed!

So I went back to where I was,
Sat down,
And with a joyful smile on my face,
closed my eyes,
and began to silently pray for him.

“Hey you!”, he said to me,
As he walked out of his room,
“Did your God
Ask you to pray for me?”

I nodded my yes.

“Is this the first time,
This has happened to you?”

My brows came together,
As I tried to think.
And as I slowly shook my head no,
I watched his face
Fall back into his frown.

For some reason,
This changed things for him,
And made what had just happened,
Un-special in his eyes. 

“I think this is the third time
It’s happened to me,” I added on.

His face changed
Ever so slightly,
To more of a frown,
Almost as if it was being
Cemented into place.

So I added on;
“In my lifetime!”

(As I was at least in my thirty’s,
This did increase the rarity of it.)

He seemed to think so as well,
As his frown
Became less severe.

He continued on
Doing his job,
And I continued
Praying silently for him.

When it was time for me to go,
I woke up.

*  *  *  *


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