Keep Climbing Upwards

A dream…

We are walking along the beach,
When I see the incoming wave
Almost pause for a second,
While it built itself up
Till it was the equivalent of three waves,
Before it washed ashore.

I wondered what it meant,
And then the voice within me
Told me that we must hurry
And move inland quickly,
For the incoming storm
Will bring with it
A big quake
Somewhere just off the coast.

I see the rest of my family
Just up ahead,
Already moving inland & upwards,
And I am told by this voice
To not worry about them,
For they will be safe.
I am to worry about those with me
For we are closer to this danger
Than they are.

So I gather those with me,
Especially the child in my care,
(my grandchild?,) A little boy,
 maybe three or four years old,
and tell them that we must move inland
to be safe.

As we move over the sand ridge,
The winds pick up,
lightening strikes the cliffs,
and the rain begins to fall.

We make it to the base
Of the towering cliffs,
And begin to climb upwards.

After climbing up a ways,
I find that my arms are weakening
And my speed slowing.
I see in front of me,
A pair of strong male legs,
And as he reaches down
To give us a helping hand,
I lift the boy up into his hands,
Telling him that the man
was a strong, good man,
who would help him up.
Once this man pulled him up
To a place where it was flat enough
To rest in safety,
He reached back down,
To try and help me. 
I told him it may not work,
For my legs were giving out.
I was about to give him directions
for the care of my Grandson,
(in case I didn’t make it,)
But he insisted that we give it a try.
He lifted me up, and together,
Along with the wind behind me,
I made it to the resting place.

He asked me why I had said
That he was a good man.
I shrugged my shoulders
And told him that I just knew.
He gave a hollow laugh,
Telling me of his past,
When he hadn’t been so good.
I told him that he proved himself
Good on this day,
And that is what really mattered.

And at that moment,
I suddenly realized
That it no longer mattered,
What your past was,
Or how much money you had.
What mattered now,
Was your character;
What you did
And how you acted
In the face of danger.

As I stood there
Gathering my breath,
I took a look around.
This nook in the cliff,
Looked like it had been made
Into a sturdy look out post
From many years ago.

Just then,
A high tide wave came in,
And along with the wind,
Crumpled several of the homes
That were nestled inland
In one of the tiny coves,
And swept all that refuse & stuff
Out into the ocean.
Nothing was left there to salvage.

The voice within me
Again urged me to keep going
For the place we sheltered now,
Would soon crumble into dust.

So I tried to tell everyone there,
That we needed to climb higher,
And that this place we were now,
Was not safe.

Some people laughed at me,
Others scoffed.
But I grabbed the hand
Of my grandchild, (?)
And began to climb upwards.

I looked back, and seen that
The man who had helped us out,
Was staying behind with the others.
So I called out to him,
To please come up with us.

He turned to me then & told me
With tears in his eyes,
that his home had been down there,
and that he had just lost everything.
“I don’t even know where,” he said,
“we’ll find a place to sleep for the night!”
(He was with his boy, who looked to be
around ten years old or so.)
So I told him,
That as long as I had a home,
He had one too,
And to please come up with us,
To higher ground.
“I hate to see such a good man die,”
I told him. “PLEASE come with us!,”
I pleaded with him.  “Please!
could you do this just for me?”

I don’t know why he did,
But he and his son turned,
And began to climb up with us.

We struggled up the cliff
As fast as we could,
Till we came to a wall of rock
That was sheer and tall.

The man sat down,
Assuming we would go no farther,
But God was telling me
That we needed to keep going up.

At this point,
The land beneath us shook so badly,
that none of us was left standing up.
It shook for what seemed like a long time.
While it was still shaking,
We looked over the edge,
Down to where we had just been,
And watched as that wooden shelter,
Broke apart and crumbled
Under the stress of the quake,
into the rising waters below.

None of those who had stayed behind,

Everyone still with us,
Was relieved and glad
That they had decided
To keep climbing upwards. 

With God’s leading,
I went a bit farther along the sheer wall,
Till I seen a crevice opening upwards
.in the side of the rock.
So I went back and told everyone,
(including the man and his son,)
that there was a place
where we could still climb up further.

There were those who refused,
Saying that they felt they had gone
Up high enough to be safe,
And there were those who scoffed
And laughed at me.
So our numbers thinned out again.

The man and his boy,
Had decided to stay there,
So I went back to plead with him,
To please come up with us.
I told him that if he wanted
That shelter for the night,
That he had to come up with us.

So with reluctance,
They came up with us.

This time I went up first,
Leading the way,
For they did not know
How to scale up the cliff
In this manner.
So I showed them how easy it was,
To brace their back on one wall,
And their legs on the other,
And inch their way up to the top.

The man’s son was afraid to do so,
For he was used to using a rope
To climb such sheer walls.

As I reached the top,
(which was a good way up,)
I crawled onto the very last flat ledge
That formed the end of the cliff
And realized that we had made it
To the very top of the cliff.
So I told them this,
As an encouragement to them.

I told him that our shelter
Was up above the cliffs,
And that this last climb
Would be as far as we had to go.

My grandson came up next,
And he enjoyed it,
Laughing form the sheer excitement
Of the climb,
And easily scaled up the crevice
To reach me at the top. 

Next came the man,
Who struggled with the climb,
For he was heavy enough
To prove a tight fit.
But finally, he made it up.

Last was his son,
Who made it  almost to the top,
When his courage suddenly failed him.
He refused to climb up any farther,
And was frozen into place from fear.

His father was trying to encourage him
To continue on and finish the climb,
When I suddenly looked up
And seen the first white line
That formed the incoming tidal waves
From far out in the ocean.

We watched as the first wave hit,
Wiping out everything in its path
Like an eraser on a whiteboard.
It came half way up the cliffs.
The man turned to me & said
 “See? The wave didn’t even reach
the first shelter?”

“Wait,” I told him. “There’s more.”

So he watched as the next wave came in,
Further washing out the shelter
That the earthquake had cleared earlier.

“But see,” the man exclaimed at me,
“We could have stayed at that other shelter
and been safe! The water didn’t even reach there!”

But I shook my head no, again,
And pointed out towards the ocean
“See? There are still more waves coming in.”

He seen one rolling in,
But still didn’t believe it
When I told him that this next wave
Would wipe out everything below us.

The wave came in
Crashing into the sheer cliff beneath us,
And wiping out everything
And everyone below us.

The  man then said that at least
we would all be safe up here,
for the water did not reach us,
and no more waves would be coming in.

But I sadly shook my head no,
And told him that there was one more
big wave that was going to come in,
and this wave would reach us.
If we stayed at the edge of the cliff,
We would get wet,
But we would not be washed away.

At that point,
All the man could do,
was stare at me.

“You need to grab a hold of your son,
for when this next wave hits,
it will push him up & out,
so we will need to be ready
to pull him towards us, so he will be safe.”

He seemed to understand this
And looked for a way so we could
Grab a hold of him.
Together we made a rope of some kind
(my purse strap & his belt?,)
and told the boy to wrap it around his middle.
The strap reached to the very edge of the cliff,
So the man laid down on the ground,
And reached over the edge
To grab a hold of the rope.
I, in turn, sat on the ground where his feet were,
So we would be able to rescue the boy
Without endangering us.

I told him then,
That the water would rise up & over the cliffs
And that he and the boy would need to be ready
To hold their breath, for they would go under water.

He asked me then, with fear in his eyes,
If we were far enough back from the edge
To be safe from the incoming wave.

I told him that we would all get quite wet
From the spray of the wave,
But that we would not get washed away.

When the wave came in,
It roared like a loud train,
As it hit the cliffs with a massive force.
It forced its way up and through the crack in the wall,
And pushed the boy up and out of the crevice.
The man then yanked the strap towards him
that held his son. We all then got wet
as the last of the massive wave
gave its final shove up the side
of the top of the cliffs,
and splayed us with its heavy watery strength.

Now wet and shivering,
From the fear and the cold,
We looked around,
And realized that we had made it.

He asked me then,
How I knew all about the waves,
How high up we had to go to be safe,
And how many waves there would be,
And what they would do.

So I told him about my God,
And His leading voice  within me.
He was surprised to hear
That it was the same God known as Jesus,
For his experiences had not led him to believe,
That He still spoke to His believers,
Leading them to safety, or
That my God could do what He just did for us.

Because of all this,
The man and his son became believers.

I then woke up.

*  *  *  *


4 comments on “Keep Climbing Upwards

  1. this dream makes me consider the past and now, I was the ones who climbed, but thought it far enough, yeah got swallowed up in a wave! I was submitted to God, but only so much, and can see those on the lower ledges like that..keep climbing….pressing in, and the boy(immature christian?) frozen near the top with fear, not of the wave? but of that final top, that final surrender to Christ. Anyway it’s neat you saw that even on the top at the edge you’d get where to from there..inland away from the edge…pressing still inward into Christ. Also reminds me of jude 22-23..snatching them from the fire, in this case flood. Good to have mercy :))

    I’m thinking some will read this dream and consider if their stopped on the lower ledges thinking it’s high enough, I pray so. even paul said he didn’t think himself to have achieved it yet, but keep pressing inward and upward to the high calling of Jesus Christ

    ps..I used to storm chase and wave chase at the oregon coast..once had a huge wave as your dream describes chase me up a cliff and nearly swept me does sound like a roaring freight train..vibrates the ground even lol. some time later my best friend did get swept away, tumbled, sliced on rocks and mussels etc, the wave put him back on the rock it’d swept him from, shredded like a bear had got him, he was fine later but had nightmares, I asked him about the nightmares-sharks/crabs etc? he said…demons under the water after him, he’s wasn’t and still isn’t a christian but I’m still praying. He doesn’t receive much my witness as nearly family and family is apt to do like that so I’ve found that praying for another to share the gospel with him is effective as the Lord often sends strangers to share with him and others. seems an effective prayer.
    abide in Him and God bless you

    • Bread:
      When you also described the ground shaking like a roaring freight train from the tsunami, I got chills on my arms. When I had awoken from the dream, I had wondered if it was some other ‘thing’ unleashed upon the lands, like another earthquake happening, or even the roar of an angry demon having to deal with a defeat. But to think that such a wave itself, can cause a shaking roar like that is amazing. Storm chasing and wave chasing? It sounds like you’ve led an exciting life!

      Have you considered that maybe dream interpretation is a spiritual gift that God has given you? I thank my God for your posts, your dream interpretations, and for you.

      My heart ached to hear about your best friend. Demons are real, and they’re on a quest to enlarge their kingdom. I felt led to re-read some of the “23 Minutes In Hell” book, By Bill Wiese. ( It’s quite an eye opener.) If you think it might help him decide, maybe it could be given to him somehow, maybe even anonymously? Either way, I pray he will soon experience the peace that surpasses all understanding in Christ Jesus!

      A friend of mine told me that when she was little, (maybe three years old?) she fell into deep water and almost drowned. While under the water, she seen a small group of demons (she didn’t know that’s what they were called at the time,) motioning to her to follow them, and whispering to her that if she came with them, she could meet some of her relatives. Thankfully, an angel of the Lord (seen by her as a bright light and a soft voice,) then intervened, and told her to grab on to something firm and pull herself back up towards the surface. She yelled out for help, and was pulled safely out of the water. Today she is a believer. May your friend soon become the same.

      Blessings to you and yours…

  2. Hi. Yeah that book might help and I keep praying and trying too, he’s had other occurrences to biblical truth and demons and other things in his life, yet still refuses. His parents are sort of the, go to the lower ledge and call it good enough christians(like your dream) so he always tells me I don’t need to take the biblical terms about demons and hell etc as reality, but the word of God goes out and does not return to Him void but completes the purpose for which it was sent so send it we do!
    That near drowning of your friend is a good testimony, angels sent to aid those who will inherit salvation(hebrews 1) and now she has the life! (1john 5:12) always liked that verse, has the Life! She was told to grab something firm, the angel himself? lol 🙂 I had an audible warning from an angel once, was driving alone, summer day in moderate traffic, about 65mph was slowly passing a ford bronco(in the fast lane he in middle lane on freeway) and suddenly heard this firm loud but not panicked or anything voice say out loud “watch it this guy’s going to switch lanes into you” and before I could think, what was that, the guy switched lanes into my lane, would have clipped my front bumper with his rear and in my smaller economy car probably spun me or us both out..who knows, anyway with that warning I simply moved with him sideways and ended up driving near the jersey barrier, being sorta a nut I continued to pass slowly on the shoulder and the guy saw me gain alongside him and realized what he’d done and I guess freaked out and swerved back into his former lane, I switched back to my lane and continued home. I thank God for sending His angels to help us all. It’s good to write things down to, as we get older we can look at things from ago and see how much the Lord does, did and will do for us.’s without end with Him, His power of love, Himself and such goodness and peace transforming. We’ll be one with Him, in Him, and with each other as in Jesus’ prayer in john 17:21-26. Keep praising and rejoicing!

  3. Very interesting dream. Lots of details. This dream is definitely a warning and an exhortation to do deeper and higher in Christ. Climbing higher on a mountain or a cliff–you are getting closer to God.

    I remember reading this dream that a Christian had and the Lord told these people to keep climbing higher on this mountain. The adults climbed slowly up the mountain while these children RAN ahead of them effortlessly. “Children” here is significant: they traveled higher and faster than the adults because they had childlike faith. I love the way God is in the details.

    “Dream: Las Vegas Earthquake”

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