The Avalanche

Another dream…

This time, I am a different woman,
at a different time, with a baby,
Maybe 18 months to three years or so.

I am traveling on vacation
With the father of my baby.
The man I love.
We are in a ski chalet,
On our way to the next stop Of our vacation.
He is out at the moment,
While I stayed in the chalet Watching our child.

When suddenly, there was a loud sound,
And a flurry of snow outside the windows.
The ceiling of the chalet could be seen to buckle in
In waves, from the weight of the avalanche’s snow.
People were screaming
I was warning two others
( I seen what would soon happen to them,
if they did not move.)
to get out of there area.
They did; they ran to the nearest doorway
As the chalet finally gave way to the snow.
Then it neared me, as I stood in another doorway,
And watched it roll around me.
With relief, I realized I had escaped it.
But then I suddenly realized
That I could not find my baby.
She had been close by on the floor,
Playing with my keys,
When the avalanche happened.

Frantically I searched, and to my great relief,
Found that someone had reached down to scoop her up
On their way to a shelter.
(Under a heavy desk of some sort.)
I thanked them profusely.

Just then my love returns,
And asks me what happened,
But didn’t think too much about it,
For he claimed we were already late,
For he had secured tickets for the next part of our trip,
And the plane (train?) left in just a few moments.

Just then, I seen the couple who had saved my child,
Trying desperately to re-close their suitcase, but with no luck.
I knew the kind of suitcase they used,
And could tell they had not yet opened up the expansion part of it.
(I do not think they knew yet about it.)
So I told my man ‘just a minute’,
& quickly helped this couple close their case.
AS I did, this man, the man that I love,
Started swearing and cussing at me under his breath,
clearly not caring of what I was doing or why,
and it was then that I realized,
that I needed to go home and pray.

When I told this to the man,
He reacted with greater anger and disgust with me.
I started to cry, which really made him angry.
I knew he thought me a ridiculous female,
(Did he say so?,)
 To which I told him I was entitled to it this time,
For I had just gone through an avalanche,
And almost lost our child, all in the same day.
And now this? (His not caring.)
I reminded him how it bothers me when he uses foul language,
But he shrugs it off, uncaring.
No matter what he says to me to get me to go with him,
(Don’t be so foolish! I was just a swear word!
You’re crazy! You’re going to leave over just a few swear words?
Ridiculous!) But I knew I had to.
I knew it would only get worse, if I went with him.
I needed to go pray for us, before doing anything else.

He had already gathered our baggage
and had loaded them on board for the trip
So I told him not to worry about it,
And that all I needed was my money (credit cards,) and medicine.

So I went to say goodbye to the child,
And realized that the man did not want
to be saddled down with our baby,
So I explained to my little one,
that we were going home without daddy.
Our baby cried some, missing his father,
But really wanted to remain with me.
So I held him and rocked him,
trying to comfort him and get him to rest.
I kept whispering to my baby,
“I’m so sorry, little one, so very sorry,”

As I did so, the other couple asked me about us,
Why I was sorry,
 and why I had a child out of marriage with this man.
I told them I was sorry that my child was born into this mess,
To a man who obviously did not  want his own child.
I told them then, that several specialists had told me
I could not have any children,
So I had not thought of using any birth control
And had simply found myself very attracted to this man.
They seemed to understand.
(They then suggested I see another doctor,
to make sure if I could or could not have any more.
I realized they were right.)

As I waited to go home,
I suddenly realized that I did not have to go home to pray,
And that I could find a local church in the area,
And begin praying there, as I waited.
So I went and found one.
I entered it, (seemingly alone,)
And fell to the floor on my knees,
Crying out to Jesus to help me and guide me.
I asked Him what to do next, and He answered me.
I continued talking to Him, until I was at peace,
and He told me to go. I thanked Him,
and as I turned to leave,
Another couple came up to me,
(they had heard me praying to this God,)
and asked me about my relationship with Jesus,
(I sensed they were tourists there
 just to see the inside of the church,)
and I told them that yes,
I do hear the voice of my God in my head,
because I had given my life over to Him,
and now lived to serve him,
so of course He would want to let me know
what I should do next.

This seemed to fascinate these people.
I sensed that because they had overheard my prayers,
they would come to know Him one day as well.

I returned to the depot,
And then woke up from my dream.

*  *  *  *


5 comments on “The Avalanche

  1. was the baby your treasure and your faith, the man your love but ties to the comfortable and appealing things of the world which are shown to turn badly when the time is adverse, can’t help us/actually hinder and harm us and the angry push at you to go with him and disgust over a little impurity(leaven) when purity in speech and all things was your desire and the anger at your baby, your treasure and faith, which you chose over him and the loss of your belongings loaded already on the plane meant nothing as with little and your baby, treasure/faith you were fine. the couple who saved your baby strangers(christians) who didn’t need thanks or recognition for doing the good thing and helping you with faith in that present struggle for which afterwards you thanked gladly anyway and helped them in that useful way? the advice about doctor is more God has charge of such matters with His children despite what any doctor might say. worshiping there rather then home is worship in Spirit and Truth and tourists there are those who attend churches but who are stuck in a form of godliness but deny the power thereof and do not worship with you for now but have seen your living relationship with Jesus Christ and are seeing the difference and noticing?
    good dream, has many lessons and makes me think and consider things myself..I dunno if what I interpret there is right but maybe and if wrong or shouldn’t say anything forgive me..:)) no harm meant. abide in Christ and rejoice in Him always, especially as the day’s draw near huh

    • Bread,
      Wow, that is an interesting interpretation! Thank you for taking the time to comment!

      I honestly haven’t thought of these dreams as anything other than what the dream is on the surface; a ‘vision’ of someone’s actual future. The thought that these dreams could have several other deeper meanings imbedded within them is quite an eye opener for me. It makes me realize once again, the importance of getting them out there to share with others. (I would be crushed to find one day in heaven, I could have helped another through sharing them, but didn’t!)

      Thanks again for posting; may you be blessed and remain in Him.

  2. yeah I dunno, I guess a dream or vision could be thought of as 1st for the church/bride, as so much is taught about building one another up and edifying one another etc so I supposed it was for the many of us aswell as any…lol.
    anyway I found edifications in it..can see myself and many there holding to the treasure over going onto the next leg of the holiday etc. so it’s a message for many and right now, aswell as maybe in fact a person in the future.

    I found your sight from wingsofprophecy, saw your comment about sharing things that encourage and had been thinking for about a month about things similar so thought it a good idea your doing. In the age we’re in we all need things that encourage and the more encouragements the better.

    yep abide in Him, He’s the..all in all. a favorite mini verse I like…day’s without end! Keep praising and rejoice in the Lord Jesus always

  3. I remember watching this film years ago–I think it was “The Shanghai Express”–I believe it came out in the 1930s. There was this scene where Marlene Dietrich is kneeling and praying to God because she is in a stressful situation. My first response was, wow, look at his beautiful woman; why is she praying? She doesn’t have to pray because she is so beautiful. That was before I became a Christian.

    That scene really affected me. Just the simple act of praying to God can have ripple effects in other people’s lives. The simplicity that we have in Christ is very powerful.

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