Ask Me

Another dream…

I am a very pretty woman,
With long wavy black hair,
And I’m married to a man
Who is just as good looking as me.
He’s tall and buff,
With muscles built up to the max.
Many men want me when they see me,
And try to reach me,
But my husband protects me from them.

Everywhere I go,
I see children, and then cry.
I love children.

My husband tries to seduce me,
And get me so carried away with passion
That we’d ‘forget’ to use
Protective birth control.
But I refuse him every time,
For I do not want another baby.
I’m afraid I’d end up killing it again.

We go to a party
Where there are lots of children.
I see one in mortal danger,
And manage to rescue it,
But then I break down and cry.

A cute little girl next to me,
Asks me why I am crying.
(After all, I saved the child.)
So I tell her about my boy,
And how God told me
To ask Him to save him,
to make the Bible claim to do so,
But I was too angry at my husband
And at God to do it.
I figured I would do so later.
But later became too late,
And he died.
He died because of me.

I left the party by myself after that.
My husband told me to wait,
And he’d go get our stuff & bring me home,
But I went ahead and took the car
by myself anyways.
(As I drove off, it looked as if he tried
To follow at a distance.)
I tried to drive home, but soon found
That I was now in the middle of a bad storm.
Freeway accidents abounded all around me,
But I skirted through them all confidently
And without a problem,
For I knew that God would
keep the way clear the way for me.

I soon found though,
that too many roads were washed out,
so I had to stop & walk through
old, sandy, and barren, hiking trails
that wove through the countryside,
and followed parallel
to the ocean’s edge.

My husband caught up with me,
And said “of course this way
Was the only way to go home.
Why did you think otherwise?”

So we walked together,
But I still managed to walk
A short ways from his side
On another path next to him,
For I was still too mad at him
For refusing to leave me alone,
And not respecting my wishes
To not have another baby.

Suddenly, my path veered off
The cliff edge, and into the ocean.

I turned to look behind me,
But the path I had just walked on
Had just washed away,
And the path before me
Was too soft to support any weight.
I tried my best to go forward,
But found I was loosing my footholds fast.

I wondered what I should do,
(take my chances with the ocean?
It didn’t look too deep where I was,)
But felt God telling me
To try and climb up the side
Of the small cliff on my hands and knees,
And that God would make the earth
firm enough for me.

I did as He suggested,
And found the ground was firm enough
(though it felt like gel,)
To support my weight.
So I climbed up in the direction
Of where I knew my husband to be.
When I reached the top,
I came to a stream,
Fast moving and growing
From all the storm water run-off.

I was going to walk further up
To see if I could cross over there,
But then my eyes caught sight
Of a still small child, alongside the stream,
Lying mostly underwater.

I went and got her,
And carried her up to her mom.
She had almond-shaped eyes
And beautiful straight, black, oriental hair.

I tried to use the Heimlich maneuver
To remove the water from her lungs,
And even though I did manage
to remove a good amount of it from her,
she still would not move.

So I started to cry again.

“No, no! Not again! Please not again!
Please Lord, not again! Don’t let
Another child in my arms
Die yet again!”

Just then, my eyes caught sight
Of a small heart-shaped pearl button,
That had fallen off her dress.
(It reminded me of those
Heart-shaped candies
That can be found
Around Valentine’s Day.)
This one, said “ASK ME.”

So I did.
I spoke the scripture out loud,
That lets me make a claim
Upon the Lord, and promises me
That I will receive it,
“in order to give glory to the Father.”

But still, nothing happened.

“Breathe for her,”
said the voice within.
So I did.
Once, and then twice,
And then me and the child’s mother
Both seen the child’s head move.

I was going to try for a third time,
just to make sure she’d have enough oxygen,
And bent over her again to do so,
But the girl suddenly held up her hand
And said “no more.”
She then wrinkled up her nose,
And said “you have bad breath!”

Me along with her mother
Burst out laughing.
I told the child then,
With a wry smile of my own,
That eating onions will do that…
We parted from them,
And slowly, with my husband,
We returned home.
I then woke up.

*  *  *  *

One comment on “Ask Me

  1. In this dream, do you think that the Lord is showing you the value of life? You did not want your husband to get you pregnant. Your baby son died. You didn’t want to have another baby because it died. But the Lord put this other baby in your path and you saved its life because you called on the Lord.

    I don’t know if this is related, but my first real dream from the Lord was back in September 1990. I saw this woman that I knew (Dawn) in the dream. She was pregnant with two babies, then the babies turned black. I woke up from the dream very disturbed.

    For the next four months, every where I went I saw “miscarriage”–I saw the word “miscarriage” in newspapers, magazines, books. I thought I was going crazy. Miscarriage? I don’t want anybody to have a miscarriage (I thought the word “miscarriage” came from my will, but it was of the Lord).

    At that time, I was going to school part-time at Iowa State University and working full-time at a lumber yard. On the 4th of January 1991, the Lord showed me that something was going to happen on the 7th of January. On the 7th of January, I was driving a lumber truck just north of Huxley, Iowa and I saw the word “Deth” on a license plate. It hit me like ton of bricks.

    My first thought was, “Lord, am I going to die?” Which didn’t bother me, because I have disliked living on this planet most of my life (I know it sounds like I have a bad attitude, but I am definitely a stranger in a strange land). So I drove back to the lumber yard and clocked-out at 7 PM.

    I drove back to my house, walked into the kitchen and the phone rang. I picked up the phone and a friend of mine, Vanessa, spoke to me–she was agitated and out of breath. She told me that Dawn (a woman I met at this local church, who later got married) was in a car crash and both of her babies died.

    Whoa, Nelly! I was somewhat shocked. I ran to where Vanessa worked and we prayed for Dawn.

    So why did the babies die and why did the Lord warn me of their death? I went to this really dead, shallow, lukewarm, cultish church for a year. It was called Great Commission Church. For the longest time I asked the Lord why He wanted me in that dead church. I met Dawn at Great Commission and became attracted to her, but I left that church and went to a pentecostal church. She got engaged and then married.

    I believe those babies died because Dawn went to such a dead church. I later met Vanessa (who is very spiritual–baptized in the Holy Ghost) and she said that the women in Great Commission Church have a lot of miscarriages. God is not mocked–your sin shall find you out.

    The elders of that church kicked me out of that house in 1989 because I was talking about the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and that the Lord had delivered me of many demons.

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