Odd Hunches

Another dream, where I am someone else…

Me and my family,
Are waiting at the airport,
To try to catch a flight
To bring us back home.

We were on a vacation
(or did we do some work
While we were here, too?,)
On a tropical island
Surrounded by the ocean.

While we waited,
I found someone’s bag,
(was it addressed to me
By mistake?)
When I opened it,
I knew right away
That it was not mine.
It was a catalog purchase,
Of odd items;
Two toys for a toddler,
And some silver items
For the dining room.

“Go ahead Mom,”
My son goads me,
“Take them!”
The temptation was there,
For I loved the silver items
This person had ordered,
And even though
I did not have a toddler,
I wondered if my
Handicapped daughter
Might still enjoy the toys.
But I knew that my God
Would not want me to,
So I told him no.
“Think about those
Who are waiting for these things.
How do you think they’ll feel,
When they get their order,
And find some stuff missing?”

“Aw mom! They’ll just call up
The  catalog company to complain,
And then the company 
Would send them replacements!”
I nod in agreement.
“But just think of all the hassle
They’ll have to go through,
To get the replacements.”

So, with others watching us,
I hand the bag
Back to the authorities,
And let them know
That it’s not mine.

I could tell that my family,
(especially my son,)
Was miffed at me
For not taking at least
some of the items.
But to me, it was just another
Form of lying,
And I valued
my clear conscience
even more.

I sensed
That some of those next to us
Felt the same as my son,
And thought me stupid
For not taking the items.
But I also sensed
That there were also a few there,
Who did not judge me so harshly.

After sitting there for a while,
Watching the huge big screen T.V.
In front of us,
The program breaks,
For an important news flash.

In several places around the world,
Alien spacecrafts have appeared
Claiming to have revealed themselves
To us, ‘The human race’,
Because we had now, finally,
Proven ourselves ‘evolved’ enough
To handle their truth.

All eyes were fixed on the T.V.,
As the newscast showed video clips
Of their flying vessels,
Darting about from city to city,
And hovering over our planet.
Some even used their powerful
Pink-colored laser beams
To ‘help us out’,
with our demolishing work.
I was more disgusted by it all,
Than anything else,
For I already knew
That these ‘aliens’
Were just demons of Satan,
Come to help deceive
The whole world.

As I watched with the rest,
I felt my God tell me
To go look through
One of those fancy
telescope binoculars,
that sat overlooking the ocean.
These were the ones you could
Look out of for a few coins,
To help pass the time.

When I did,
I seen one of those
Enormous alien spacecraft,
(or were there several
That simply couldn’t fit
Into the visual screen?,)
come up seemingly
from the very depths of the ocean.
The ‘flying saucer’ shaped spacecraft
Appeared to slice halfway up
through the water, vertically,
at an odd angle, before stopping.
It paused for a moment to still itself,
And then swung the part of it
That was now out of the water,
Swiftly and firmly backwards.

The resulting wall of water
Quickly grew in height
As it rushed towards me,
Blocking out my limited vision.

I ran back to my family,
And told them that there was
A tidal wave coming,
And that we needed
To get to high ground, NOW.

So enthralled were they,
Starring at that T.V.
With all its alien spacecraft
Flying around,
That they ignored me.

So I raised my voice and yelled at them,
Repeating my message of warning.

But still they ignored me.

I had to physically put my body
between them and the T.V.,
(thereby blocking their view,)
Before they would hear me.

At this point,
Some of the people nearby,
Began to openly question
Weather or not they should call
Airport security to remove me.

I turned to them and told them,
That we would be leaving now,
And then in a loud voice,
I told all who could listen,
That they needed to get
To higher ground immediately,
For I had seen a tidal wave,
Through one of those fancy
Pay-for-view binoculars,
And it was headed our way.

As soon as I said this,
Others laughed at me.
But some, those who had
not judged me so harshly before,
Took heed of my words, and quickly left.
I could tell that my family
Also did not believe me.
But they felt forced to leave,
Cause they were with me,
And if they did not leave,
Security would be called.

So I quickly left the airport,
And my family followed me.

We got back into our rental ‘car’,
(a vehicle that could ‘hover’
Over the surface,)
And I began to drive.
My husband refused to believe me
Till he seen this wave for himself,
So in frustrated, hurt anger,
I told him “Fine!”,
And drove to the side of the island
Where I knew the wave
would first appear.

We skimmed over the surface
Of the waters, and wove in between
the tiny islands with their palm trees,
and just as we rounded the bend
to the other side,  we seen
The towering wall of water
Racing towards the island and us.

I quickly turned the hovercraft
Towards land, and drove
Straight up the sheer cliff
That was in front of us,
As fast as our little hovercraft could go.
(Driving up the side of the mountain
Like this was illegal, but at that point,
I didn’t care. It was the only high place
left to go.)

The cliff was what remained
Of a long-extinct volcano.
The outer layer had worn away,
Leaving the inside plug of rock behind.

As we raced straight up the side,
The wall of water behind us
Gained speed.
As we fell upon the leveled cliff top,
The roar of water splashed over us
Leaving us damp, but safe.

We looked around at the place
That many had spent the day
climbing up and onto, before.

Now we were the only ones there.

We looked over the country,
Seeing for the first time,
The devastation
That the huge wave had caused.
Over half of the buildings were gone,
Completely wiped off their foundations.
Dead bodies hung in tree tops,
And a few still floated through the water.
In some places, the water had remained,
Filling in the valleys, and turning them into lakes.

My husband then took over
The driving of the hovercraft,
Stating that we needed
to get back to the airport,
so we could catch our flight out.

As he drove, I told him o.k.,
(I knew there was no way
At that time, to stop him,)
But that I refused to go
Where it was wet,
For another wave was soon
to come upon the island

We made it to a place,
Where a group of the living
Had gathered.
An official, the governor of the island,
Stood above the people,
Making a speech,
In honor of the nine dead children,
Whose bodies they had managed
To recover.
Among the small crowd,
there were those who were crying,
mostly mothers for their children,
now dead and washed out to sea.

I began to cry along with them,
So grievously, that it was assumed
That I had lost a child of my own.

Little did they know,
That I cried for all the lives lost,
Because it was so needless.

I already knew
That the aliens would simply  apologize,
And claim that they didn’t know
That their spacecraft could cause a tsunami.
And of course, the people would believe it,
For these aliens seemed to be so friendly & helpful.
But I knew that it was done on purpose,
To help finish off, the ‘cleansing of Mother Gaia’.
I knew that these aliens, so greatly 
Excelled in mathematics and physics,
That they would easily know what to do,
(or not do,) to give rise to such a wave.

But I knew no one would believe me,
So I remained silent, and cried.

I sensed it was time
To get to higher ground again,
So I tried to gather up my family.

But my husband (and my son,)
Did not agree with me.

I tried to reason with them,
But it did not work.

Finally, I simply had to beg them.
“Please!,” I said to them.
“Could you do this just for me?”

My husband paused.
“We need to get back to the airport.”

“Service has stopped at the airport.
It would take some extra work to arrange
a way to fly back home today.
I’m sure by tomorrow,
It will be easier to catch a ride home.”

But still, he paused.

“If we stayed here for another day,
We might even be able to be of help
To someone who really needs it. Besides,”
I said, pulling out my last thread of hope,
“Would it kill you to stay here another day?”

“No,” he replied reluctantly.

I smiled at him & hugged him,
And then told him “thank you.”

Then I said, “I’d like to go back up
to the top of the mountain,
and take a look around again. From there,
I figure we could get a better idea
Of where we’d be needed most.”

He agreed with me,
For the thought of helping out others in need,
Was much easier for him to accept,
Than it was for him to believe
in one of my ‘odd hunches’,
as my ‘hunches’ were not logical.

We drove back up to the top,
(This time taking the long way up,)
And then got out of the craft to look around.

Then we seen it;
Another wall of water headed our way,
But this time, from the opposite direction.

We all stood there and watched in horror,
As this final wave wiped out
What had been left there before.

The water rose and splashed up to the cliff,
And the end of Its spray rolled over us,
Causing the others to gasp with fear.

But I stood my ground,
For I knew I belonged to my God,
And as such, was in His hands.

The water continued to churn for some time,
And when the night came and went,
The morning sun revealed a smaller island
That had been wiped clean of man’s presence.
No airport, no cottages, no cars;
No sign of any living thing.
Just us and a few others
Who had made their way
to the top of the cliff
before the final wave hit,
had survived.

My husband left a text message of our need
To a pilot friend of his. And so the next day,
We finally got our ride home.
I then woke up.

*  *  *  *


4 comments on “Odd Hunches

  1. lot’s of people think ufo’s(the lie, or ruse of that)will be used. Some evidence of holographic/images also, wasn’t it announced a few yrs ago, ..Uk’s prime minister(which ever was at the time) appeared in holographic form in Dubia and gave a speech, was said to appear very real. In the yrs since I imagine they’ve gotten better at fake images also. In the age ..soon enough…fire will be called down from heaven even, reminds me of those lady of fatima sightings and the fire that scares and comes down on them…So it’ll be satanic and not man made, but perhaps somethings will also be man made deceptions, maybe the lessor ones.

    Satanic deceptions will increase. In the 70’s..72? N. portland area had a ufo, silver metallic, moved un-earthly. Nat guard sent f4’s, they moved like turtles compared to lightning..anyway the thing was seen by the whole neighborhoods for about half an hour before the jets came after it. I’ve also seen the balls of light, or orbs, in the mountains. Watched 3 of them together for maybe 30-40 minutes about 50 yards away, definitely intelligence and interacting with each other, demonic these ones, as angels don’t just hang out and dance around but come with a purpose, to aid those who will inherit the kingdom of God and do God’s will as their sent. I prayed while watching, knew not to fear and a verse hadn’t thought of in yrs came to mind, satan transforms/disguises himself as an angel of light, which I guess I’d always thought more like false teachings and lie’s etc, but literally too. Have heard others who’ve rebuked these orbs in Jesus name and they fled away. And some older folks I know have seen an orb come through a room and go through a wall into an adjoining room where someone just died, then come back through the wall and disappear…didn’t linger or just hang out and bob and jig without purpose but came and left, and they were allowed to witness it. Another interesting thing is to examine the fruit or results of these ufo/orbs..people follow or even worship them and are further drawn into deception/falsity and away from Jesus Christ-the Truth and the only Way, and the things never rebuke people from worshiping them, which is proof right there as always angels sent from the Lord always stopped any from any start or form of worshiping them! And those who claim to talk/commune with these demons have the similar message, their here to help us, guide us, show us the way, listen to them..which goes with the fatima sightings and abduction messages and other things also.

    Another interesting thing is the orbs/lights, give off no light, they don’t illuminate anything although you see their light. The ones I watched would bob and jig around, next to, and just below the tops of some 4ft seedlings yet never lit up the small tree’s, or the ground as sometimes they’d be 3ish feet off the ground and 2ft off the branches and very bright but not illuminate the ground or branches. Being round/balls, I’d assume they would show light from all sides, unlike a beam flashlight and directional, I wondered about that for a time then heard others who’d mentioned the same oddity. Since then have even read that the all heralded scientists admit they don’t fully understand light itself. alway’s learning yet never coming to knowledge of the truth maybe. And of course satan disguises himself as an angel of…light. but he’s not light, nor Thee Light, nor an angel, of, the light. as in john’s gospel, Jesus Christ, the Light and the Word come in the flesh. And now some who study it all, even non-christians, say they think their inter dimensional. heavenly and spiritual realm ring a bell, and the old paintings, in the backgrounds having some sort of flying craft thing. In the old day’s it was demons and angels, but since man has “advanced” so much they’ve morphed into aliens. Man hasn’t advanced, he’s regressing, back to the wickedness and deceptions of old, as the day’s of noah. Some say it’s swamp gas or some sort of vent..no swamp where I was in the mountains and no streams or lake nearby at all and very windy that night, even gas moves with the wind especially a strong and constant wind, and when showing up the 1st one had moved down from a nearby mountain, 400yds, that would be some-rift-in the ground lol, the other 2 came from the side and from when I 1st saw them they moved about 100 yrds to meet the 1st one, and when they left they went back in the same genral directions each came from, against the wind for the one and sideway’s to the wind for the 2 and simply blinked out.
    Long comment, sorry, hope it’s useful to any who’d read it and not fall pray to the deceptions now and coming.

    Anyway much deception today and it’ll worsen, abide and grow closer and stronger and fuller in fellowship with the Lord Jesus and having His Word written upon our hearts and minds!

  2. I haven’t seen any UFO sightings myself, though some of my kids along with their friends have seen a few. I’ve witnessed some of the orbs in the sky seeming to practice moving in and out of their triangular formations, but these sightings have been more recently in our area.

    There was a guy (who posted his findings on youtube) who decided to map out the official UFO sightings, and then overlaid that map on to another map of all the known underground military bases. The correlation was interesting. Over the mountains of the west coast, there was a long underground tunnel, stretching from one end of the coastline to the other. Where the tunnel began and ended, were found to be the most UFO sightings. (I’m referring to the shiny metal flying disks, not necessarily the orbs.)

    I’ve had one or two other dreams of aliens, and in each of them, the aliens have had an underlying demonic spirit in them. Even though they claim to ‘only want to help’, they usually bring destruction in the end, and are best to be avoided. To me, they are the same nephilim that mingled somehow with the seed of men, thereby causing God to bring about the flood. God put them aside in another place, till the time of the end. If they ever come out in numbers and reveal themselves publically to all, then as far as I’m concerned it will be another confirming sign that we are in the end times.

  3. yeah rebuke them in Jesus’ name and tell others not to follow them. some other things that are related, that lady who used to be on montel williams show, silvia brown, she’d tell listening audience children! and parents to listen to these “spirit guides” that were interacting with their kids. The parents would come on the show and say these entities would terrify them and were evil(God trying to tell and warn them yet they’d go to the world for answers and “truth”-from the world?) and silvia would say no their not evil their here to help, which goes along the same lines as these ufo/orb/abduction messages. Here nearby on Mt. Adams there’s actually a ranch where people from all over can come and seek out orbs, on the ranch there are statues of mom mary and other..false god’s, and the owner say’s the orbs communicate with him and others and have the same message, here to help and guide etc. and they’ll say mary is one of them, Jesus is one of them..very deceived they are. Horrible the deceptions going on.

    I see the tv clips for all the shows now, ghosts this and ghosts that(demons), vampires and zombies and werewolves, or crime this, and crime that, murder this and that painted as mystery that any should watch it and..just trash! Did a short study on flesh eating and related things from a biblical perspective, and people did and were judged for doing such things. a society that came to that point as some did was incredibly far gone. Makes me wonder, were to america, and how far have we sunk?

    Be strong in the Lord and have His Word dwelling in us richly and warn others and the kingdoms of the world aren’t ours, but the Kingdom of God, everlasting, with Him, and truth and true love and goodness and peace and joy… :)))!!!

    • Bread,
      That’s horrible, to think that those children KNEW that those entities were evil, but were told that they were wrong, and that they were there for their good! Oi! Talk about being devalued! I feel for those children.
      I used to watch some of those TV shows on ghost hunting, till I found a repeatable pattern in their end results. Unless they destroyed the haunted idol or item, cast the demons out in the name of Jesus Christ, and blessed the land with olive oil, then all they were MAYBE doing, was simply quieting it for a short while, and or moving it to another location. Without Jesus, there was no lasting results. And unfortunately, producers didn’t seem too willing to let the name of Jesus recieve the glory, so it was rare to see one really being set free from the hauntings.
      When we moved to where we are now, little did we know that we had purchased cursed land. We began to research and learn all that we could, about spiritual warfare. The testimonies of what happened to us because of this, and how Jesus set us free, is worth several postings at least, of which I hope to be able to add to the web site as the Lord leads. There seems to be a growing need out there, for real practical steps that a believer can take, to rid their land and life of demons.
      Thanks for sharing; may you continue in His strength and grace.

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