This Is Satan Attacking Us!

My husband and I
Knew that we could delay no longer,
Discussing and deciding
Upon an important issue affecting us.

(What the issue was, is not important.
The journey, and the vision thereof is.)

So we both came into our bedroom
And shut the door behind us,
So we could discuss the matter privately.

I laid down in our bed,
And he sat down in his chair.

Moments of silence enveloped us,
As we tried to figure out what to say.

It was then that I seen,
a darker shadow
form behind my husband,
and like an ugly gargoyle,
with a beak or a stinger of some kind upon its face,
it arose and perched on the back upper corner
of my husbands chair.

I heard just a hint of speech,
Like a whisper,
As I watched it bend its stinger forward
And say something into my husbands left ear.

The words that came then,
From out of my husbands mouth,
(spoken to me, on the controversial topic,)
Were attacking, condemning, accusing, bitter,
And full of scorn for me and my views.

I lay there on our bed,
Waiting for the usual response to such accusations,
(anger, hurt, despair, self-righteousness, shock, to name but a few,)
But they weren’t there.
It was as if my emotions
At least for that moment,
Were somehow separate from me.

Suddenly, right at the foot of our bed,
I caught a movement of something darker than the night.
It moved towards me,
And I watched its bulbous egg-shaped head
Bounce up and down
As its body followed suit.

It looked like a balrog,
One of ‘Durin’s Bane’ fame,
But darker and smaller,
Though still much taller than I,
For its head would brush into
our bedroom ceiling above it,
when it moved.
It pulled out something from its hands,
A long tube or sword of some kind,
I heard a soft ‘pop’ and then a hissing sound,
As if a blowtorch had just been lit,
And watched as the demon
Brought it up to its face,
And breathed over it.

At this,
A wave of scourging fire
Lashed out and flared over me,
Its flames crackling and glowing golden red
then almost instantly turning
into a crisp blanket of black coals,
which still smoldered and crackled like lava.

I expected to feel the pain of fire hit my body somehow,
But I did not.

I was beginning to feel relieved,
Thinking the demon had failed in its task,
(for I felt no burning sensation anywhere on my skin,)
Until the demon let out another breath of fire over me,
Same as the first,
And as it rolled over me,
I felt a great filling up within me,

NOW I felt something!

The words that my husband had just spoken to me moments before
Came back up to play over and over again in my mind,
And the burning anger roiling up
from somewhere deep within me
suddenly DEMANDED to be released.

I KNEW I should not speak,
I KNEW it would only serve satan,

Like a pressure cooker about to blow,
My mouth opened
And the words that came out
Were attacking and self-righteous,
Coming to my defense over the issue,
With all that intense anger propelling it forward.

After the initial release of anger,
I had hoped that the pressure had lessened,
But it had not.

I looked over towards my husband,
Seen the other demon whisper again in his ear,
Before hearing more arguing words
Coming from his lips.

I knew then, without a doubt,
That the words he was speaking were not his own,
But was being put into his mind by the demon,
And simply parroted out by him
In an effort to attack (and hurt) me.

I still could not stop myself from responding to the stab!
The demons at this point,
Must have figured that their work for the most part was done,
For I seen that they now sat back and watched us argue with each other,
With evil laughter and sneers settling upon their faces.

More hurtful words still bubbled out from me,
Until I somehow managed to pause,
(to this day, I still do not know HOW,)

My husband continued on in his argument,
So I interrupted him, saying “we shouldn’t talk right now;

My husband flung a few more hurtful words at me,
Before he got up and left the room.

After he exited, I had to physically hold my mouth shut with my hands,
Just to keep myself from calling him back in so we could argue some more!

As I heard him go outside on our porch,
I then let go of my jaw
And managed to get out just one word of my own:


At that, the haze of heated anger
Seemed to release me for a moment,
And I was able to think more clearly.

I knew what I had to do.

I had to cast out these demons
From the BOTH of us,
Regardless of who’s right or wrong!

This was HARD to do,
For that burning anger was still well lit within me!
All I could get out,
Was the scriptures that usually came to mind:

“I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord,
Plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
To give you a hope and a future!

Trust in the Lord with all your heart
And lean not onto your own understanding
In all your ways acknowledge Him
And He will direct your paths…”

The grip of anger had lessened more from me,
So I now turned to address the demons directly.
(At this point, I could no longer see them,
But I knew they were still there.)

“Demons of anger, self-righteousness,
Condemnation, bitterness, and despair,
And any other demons troubling me or my husband,

I sensed then,
That they had been removed,
For the anger that had been infused in me
Was now slowly draining away.

But the painful words
That my husband had said to me
Still lingered in my mind.

So I got down on my prayer stool,
And cried out to Jesus to take away
All their poison away from both my husband and I.

Then I asked Him, to send His Holy angels down from heaven,
To keep watch over us and protect us from satan’s attacks,
And to fight our battles in the unseen world.

At this,
Peace began to enter into me,
And even my body relaxed in response.

My husband then came back in to our bedroom,
And when I seen the sad look on his face,
I got up and went into his arms and we embraced each other.

After saying our sorry’s to each other,
And together asking our Lord in prayer
to be with us and guide us
It took about ten to fifteen minutes
To work through the actual problem.      


*  *  *  *

“Nevertheless, though we walk in the flesh, yet we do not war after the flesh. (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God, to cast down holds.) Casting down the imaginations, and every high thing that is exalted against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obediance of Christ.” (2 Corinthians 10:3-5, 1599 Geneva Bible)

9 comments on “This Is Satan Attacking Us!

  1. It was good to see and read the things you saw and were refreshed in. made me think of Jesus that time He (seemingly suddenly) outburst-get behind Me satan!- because He knew and saw-as alway’s! :)). The parts about the hurtful words lingering (in thought) and playing over and over, was shown to me too once, about how to forgive others. I’d forgive them, then the thoughts of what they’d done would rise up and I’d mull them over and over, and they’d grow to become a big hot issue once again, and the Lord showed me, why do I mull them? handle them, examine them(lean on my own understanding too)having been shown the reasons why things happen, yet mull things over again? So He showed me to take all thoughts captive unto Christ and not mull them over when they attempt to come back but submit to God and resist/rebuke the devil and he flee’s. Yep, the battle is the Lord’s and submitted to Him He will hedgerow around us.

    It’s good to see better that our fight isn’t against flesh and blood but principalities and powers…which are ramping up as the day’s draw nigh, but as darkness abounds, grace abounds all the more! And from grace to grace He leads us, like stepping stones each higher then the last. Peace in Christ Jesus to you and your family!!

    ps. stepping stones higher and higher..and higher still…imagaine, the view from the top! Rejoice in Him!

  2. Very good and instructive post. There are many ways that Satan can enter into us and influence us: through thoughts, attitudes, drugs, alcohol, sin. And there are many ways that the Lord uses to defeat Satan.

    One time I was working at this lumberyard in Ames, Iowa and I was working a lot of hours and going to school at Iowa State part time. I had a roommate who was very lazy; I believe my hard-working lifestyle convicted him of sin. Once I came back from work and walked upstairs to my bedroom and my roommate was there doing nothing as usual. He saw me walk into the room and started making fun of me and putting me down and all I said, very sharply, was, “STOP IT!”

    It really took the wind out of his sails. Of course, I was talking to his demon, not him. His demeanor totally changed and he became very confused. He didn’t say anything after that.

    Another time, in my hitchhiking travels, I had just hitchhiked from Montana to Wyoming through Yellowstone Park. My home base at the time was at my friends’ place in Jackson, Wyoming. I got to Jackson late–around 11 PM–and I thought that my friends (a young married couple) would be in bed.

    I walked into the house, the lights were off and they were in their bedroom. I said something like, “Anybody home?”

    Jeremy spoke from the bedroom, “Who’s there?”

    I said, “It’s me.”

    A few moments later, Jeremy and Felice walked into the TV room. They said that they had been arguing over something very heatedly and, when I walked into the house, for some reason the lamp near their bed turned on and they quit arguing. Sounds like the power of the Holy Ghost shut down the demons and turned on the light.

    • Tim,

      “…shut down the demons and turned on the light.” – I like your words and the analogy it brings to mind.

      I am interested in the other “many ways that the Lord uses to defeat Satan.” I’m beginning to realize the strength of the sword in my hand that the Lord has given me, (as a believer and His child,) to help fight this unseen battle. You’ve mentioned (on one of your posts,) to say out loud and plead ‘the Blood of Jesus’ over satanic attacks. Do you have others you could share?

      My hope and prayer, is that other believers will read this post, and if they haven’t already, see that the battle is never between us and another, but always between us and satan. (I sometimes re-read this myself, to remind me of this, especially when I’m in danger of personalizing an argument with another. Oi! Still so much in the flesh…)

      Thanks much for posting, and God Bless!

  3. If you go back to Scripture, when Satan was tempting Jesus, Jesus used Scripture to defeat Satan. I usually don’t use Scripture–unless the Lord brings it to my attention at the time. At this time in my life, my work of intercession is when the Lord glorifies my body (rapture, the Presence of God) and this is what defeats a satanic stronghold.

    I remember one time around ten years ago, I DID use some Scripture. It was not premeditated–the Lord put the Scripture in my mouth. I was with a Christian and his mom–she had a Jezebel spirit, which means she was very controlling and domineering–and his dad was very passive–he had an Ahab spirit. This guy’s life had been run by his mom for almost 50 years. She didn’t like me that much because she found out that the Lord told me to severe all ties with my family.

    So the three of us were in the kitchen and she said that I had to love my parents. All I said was, “Who is my mother, my brother and my sister, but those who do the will of my Father in heaven.” It shut her down right now. Within six months that guy had finally broken away from his mom’s clutches and had a good-paying job and was providing for his children (he was going through a divorce at the time–yup, you guessed it–he married a Jezebel woman just like his mom and the marriage failed). When I spoke that Scripture in faith, it broke a soul tie (demonic bondage) with his mom.

    One time the Lord woke me up in the middle of the night and He told me to write a letter of rebuke to my mom. It was a scathing letter about how she and her husband had treated me for so many years. I sent the letter and a week later I was delivered from a demon–it was probably a soul tie with my mom.

    When it comes to spiritual warfare (defeating Satan), obedience to the Lord is everything.

    “On this Rock of revelation knowledge, I will build my church and the gates of hell (the strategies of Satan) shall not prevail against it.” (The Modern Hitchhiker’s Translation) What does this mean? Satan can defeat old revelation; Satan cannot defeat fresh revelation. If the Lord wants you to do something now–then do it now! Timing is everything in the Kingdom of Heaven. The more I die to self, the more I see God’s perfect timing everywhere I go. Glory to God in the Highest!

  4. Thank you for your email. This is such powerful stuff, or testimony…as a believer in Christ, I do believe Demons do go into a person. It may be why my cystic acne will not go away. Can you pray for’s been 6 years and the conditioned is getting worse, and on my 4th dermatology too…I did try every home natural remedy before this…I am in much pain!!! Please help, use your spirit and write me at jackiepaulson8 at Jackie Paulson PLEASE

  5. This is amazing Dunamis! It is frightening how horrifying our words are! Thanks for showing this to me…makes me think how many other demons are floating around our heads! Yuck!

  6. Really helpful site, thank you. I immediately began to search my home. I prayed that The Heavenly Father would highlight any items that are unclean. I found much in my jewelry. (My hubby used to shop new age type jewelry shops in our early marriage as it was near his school and I liked unique jewelry.)

    I also told my daughter – who has recently been afraid in her room- that this week before the Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah) we should clean out our own ‘temple’. What made me search was a random book review by a doc I think called ‘Raising the Dead’ who mentioned that some people get ill from inviting ‘idols’ into their homes… So I did a search and your site popped up!

    It immediately rang true for me. Last year we threw out our christmas tree after learning it’s meaning, so this just REALLY makes sense for me. My daughter has been on board with this and we prayed that the Holy Spirit would guide her and she right away brought me her Frozen dolls people had bought her (that I always felt uncomfortable with)…so you know it’s the LORD when a 5 year old willingly throws away frozen dolls. 🙂 Thank you again. Stephanie in Cincinnati

    • Wow! Yes, you definitely know it is real when that happens. I thank you very much for sharing your testimony with me and the readers!
      May the nLord Jesus bless you and keep you and your family in the palm of His hands…

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