Three Idol-Encased Demons

When my mother-in-law passed away, some of her old stuff was shipped out to us in case we might want it. In this box, were some statues and trinkets that she had purchased as souvenirs from her travels. One of them, was an all-white porcelain statue of a Chinese geisha girl, holding out her arms and hands in a peculiar way. One of the hands looked like it may have at one time been broken off and temporarily repaired, so I was wondering if I should apply a permanent fix to it, or if it was even worth saving at all.

As I was holding it, I began to feel vaguely uncomfortable with it, and wondered if it was spiritually o.k. or not to keep. So I asked my kids for a second opinion. 

One shrugged and said they had sensed something evil about it at first, but as that feeling quickly went away, they couldn’t be real sure. So they went to see if there was more information on it over the internet.

My oldest son however, wanted it out of the house immediately. He said he could hear foreign voices coming from the statue, singing and chanting in tongues, and he knew that they were demons. As the minutes went by, he became more and more distressed over it, because their voices were getting louder and louder, and more threatening.

So I decided to bless it with our blessed olive oil and claim it in the name of Jesus. As soon as the blessing oil touched the statue, my oldest said the demons were shrieking and howling in pain and anger, and were coming out of the statue. But they soon went back to their odd chanting and singing, this time even louder than before. My internet searcher then reports back to me, telling me that this statue is an actual demon goddess that people in China pray to, in their homes. My oldest interrupts to say that he felt the Holy Spirit telling him that we NEED to get rid of the statue, NOW.

At that point, one of the demons physically attacked my son. It threw him down onto the stairs, (as he tried to run away,) and then wrapped its tendrils around his throat and tried to choke him, while another smaller one sat on his chest to try and silence him by suffocating him. My kids could only stare at the demons, unable to move or speak, frozen in fear and terror, as they watched them viciously attack their older brother. (This was odd behavior for some of them; normally they don’t let them spook them, they simply cast them out in the name of Jesus.) It sounded horrible; I could hear my son’s screams of sheer terror; he kept repeating over and over: “NO! DON’T LET IT TAKE ME! GET IT OFF OF ME! MOM!! HELP ME!” And then a moment later, ”PLEASE! GET RID OF THE STATUE!!! NOW!!!!”, as he tried to claw away at his own neck the suffocating strangle hold of the demon’s grip. I looked into my son’s eyes, and could see the absolute panic and terror that he was feeling reflecting out from them. But I myself could not see any demon at all; all I could see were strange markings of something around his neck, and his face grow red and bulge as he kept struggling and gasping to pull in a breath of air.

At first I looked for the obvious signs of a ‘too-tight’ shirt collar, or anything else that might have caused such a reaction, and a part of me couldn’t help but wonder if my son was just faking it to get attention. Till I looked up and seen all the eyes of my children starring at the same demons that was on top of him in horror. They were all starring at the demons, not at my son. Then I knew it was indeed real.

I cried out for my husband, (who had heard all the commotion and had been wondering what was going on, but had remained downstairs working on his computer,) and asked him to quickly take the statue and “get it out of this house!”

So he came up and took the statue outside. Meanwhile I went and grabbed my book entitled “Prayers that rout demons”, (scriptures and prayers based on them that are indexed for immediate battle-ready use,) and started claiming them out loud, and casting out in Jesus name whatever was attacking my son. I had to shout them out, and say them with great energy. I could then slightly sense the demon sneer at me, as it seemingly loosened its grip on my son and disappeared.

So I asked the kids if they still felt the demons, and one told me that they could still hear them, and another told me they could see the thin black ropes, coming from the outside, still trying to attack us.

I asked the child that seen the thin black ropes where they were coming from, and was pointed towards the window, on the left side. We go outside, following the trails of black rope, not knowing where their father had put the statue, (he was back downstairs working again,) and were led directly to the statue, right where the lines were seen to be coming from. 

I took the statue, and along with my kids, went down to the fire pit. We built up a fire, lit it, and when we thought it was going strong enough, we put the statue in it.

Within the next minute or so, the fire went out.

So we rebuilt the fire, this time making it bigger and stronger, right on top of the statue. It was not easy. This was a fire that for some reason did not want to burn. But I asked the Lord to please help us with the fire, so it got going pretty good. Ten to fifteen minutes later, the fire around the statue had dissipated, leaving the rest of the fire around it still burning. We kicked the rest of the fire out, and I went to go pick up the statue with a stick, figuring it was now way too hot to hold. But the Holy Spirit told me to go ahead and pick it up with my bare hands.

It was icy cold. Not a single blemish or smear of soot had disfigured it.

My eldest son cried out to me again, asking me to smash it, but I was already one step ahead of him. I was trying to find a brick to smash it with, but most near me were still way too hot from the fire to use. (I had just burned my fingers on one, finding that out the hard way.) So a brick from the other side of the fire pit was found, and with great force, I smashed the delicate porcelain with one square blow. I must admit, at this point I half expected it to be resistant to being smashed as well, so I think I may have used a bit too much force, for the bricks above it and underneath it ended up being cracked and broken as well. I was going to keep breaking it up into dust, but the kids said it was no longer necessary, as the black trails had now dissipated in the air like smoke does on a breezy day.

I thought this had meant that all the demons were now gone, but I was wrong. There was one still left that had now been let loose without a safe home to run back to. So it ran back into ours, and tried to attack one of my other kids and my husband while they were in front of their computers. This was the big main ring leader of the three idol-encased demons. (Apparently the other two had already been cast out and removed, when they attacked my oldest son on the stairway.) We quickly closed the computer screens and shut down the computers, as we had already experienced demons attacking us through such visual windows before. But no matter how much of my usual casting-out scriptures I recited, it still refused to come out. So I gave my oldest son the “Prayers that rout demons” book, grabbed the bible in my bedroom, (still open to a good Psalms demon-fighting piece of scripture – maybe even Psalm 91,) and told one of my other kids to get theirs. Then we each went onto one floor of the house, and began reciting the scriptures out loud in a bold voice, and then casting it out in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

I sensed it try to attack me emotionally, i.e.: you’ll never get me to go; this is all just in your imagination; and it even tried to rush me with its fear and dizziness, in an effort to scare me off or distract me from my purpose. I then told it as firm as I still could, that I would simply keep on reading from the Bible, till it left.

I think that thought must have scared it off, because the Angel of the Lord was seen soon after by one of the other kids, removing the stronghold demon from this dimension. Finally we were left in peace once more.

*  *  *  *

8 comments on “Three Idol-Encased Demons

  1. Excellent post. I hope more people read this, so that they can learn more about spiritual warfare.

    I heard about this one guy who was a Christian. He had spent some time in a foreign country–it may have been the Philippines or Malaysia. Before he flew back to the States, someone had given him a rock or something as a gift.

    When he got back home, he put the rock in the closet of this room in his house. The next morning he walked into that room and the rock was in the middle of the floor. He was curious as to why the rock was in the middle of the floor and not in the closet. He reached down to pick up the rock (he was going to put it back in the closet) and this unseen force threw him against the wall and later pinned him to the floor. He began to pray and the demon left him. He then took the rock (which, of course, was cursed), went outside, took a hammer and pounded it into pieces and then threw the pieces into a stream of water.

    “What Can’t Kill You Will Only Make You Stronger”

    • The past three years or so, has been full of lessons on spiritual warfare for me and my family. Before moving to where we live now, I didn’t really think too much about the unseen world. When I read somewhere that the city where we live near by now was reportedly to be haunted, I brushed it off as a silly superstition. Oh how wrong I was! I’m still not sure if the demons haunting the land amplified things, or if it was simply just next in the lessons the Lord has planned for me to learn about. (Maybe both?) Either way, I’m hoping to post more of them, as the Lord leads me to.

      When I had a friend share my testimony (this post,) with a group of her church friends, they all said it sounded too unbelievable, and doubted if it had really happened at all. It was definitely not the response I had expected from other believers, despite my own reaction to the possibility of such things happening to people years before! . Because of this, it took a lot of re-assurances from the Holy Spirit, for me to finally go ahead and post this on the web. (It’s not exactly the kind of thing you blurt out in front of others.) But I just keep thinking of those who may one day face such opression and interference from demonic items…it’s nice to know that there is a biblical way to deal with it!

      Interesting testimony about the guy with the rock. It’s another reassurance that the Lord truly is Lord of all, and will fight our battles against such entities!

      Thank you Jesus for Tim and his faith in You,
      Thank you Tim for taking the time to post,
      May the Lord bless you and keep you close to His heart!

  2. Where do you guys live? You sent me an email and then I sent you a couple of emails back. And if you don’t want to tell me, I respect your privacy.

    I have had many experiences with demons–before I was saved and after I was saved. As the years went by, I grew stronger in my faith and the attacks grew less and less. So many Christians are really ignorant of the wiles of the devil. We need to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Our warfare is primarily spiritual, but I have met too many nonspiritual Christians in my travels. I think this is why the Lord has had certain Christians start blogs, so that they can share and reach out to other Christians who want a deeper walk with the Lord.

    • Hi Tim,
      We live in California. I sent you an email in response to yours with more detail; let me know if you did not recieve it.

      I think I’m in the part where the attacks are starting to be less. At least I hope and pray this is so. After all, why would a general of an army keep sending out his legions to a place where all they ever do is get killed off, and no victory is ever found?

      I’m looking forward to recieving and reading your book; it sounds like you have some interesting stories and testimonies within the pages…

      • say my name is john-rex and i’m a christian who simply took control over these spirits that jesus was casting out of people remembering that his very name is power over them and asked them to teach me what they have learned in the 2000 years since people started throwing them out. i build a prison in my mind with angel geisha over seeing me during this time. I was wondering if the demons or spirits ever stated one of there names to elicit your sons attention if so can you please tell me so i can work on locking it up also?

        • I first speak to the demons inside of John-rex:
          Geisha, did you really think that I would give you any of the names of your co-conspirators, just so you could drag them into this poor man along with you? NO WAY! I bind you all up in the name of Jesus, and then cast you ALL out in His Holy Name! May you and all your many friends be pulled back into the pit of hell from whence you came, and leave this poor man in PEACE!!

          To john-rex:
          Christian is as Christian does. (Matthew 7:20) And Christ NEVER used a human being as a garbage can for demons! He loves you way too much to ever do that to you! (John 3:16) Scriptures in the New Testament show that He went about removing demons from believers instead. (Mark 1:23-26, – in this example, Jesus didn’t even listen to the demons; He told them to be silent!, Mark 1:32, 34, Luke 4:33 – 4:36, Matthew 17:14 – 17:20, Luke 8:2, etc.) He even told His followers to do the same. (Luke 10:17)

          The scriptures also show us that God has already made a place especially just for demons. It is called hell. (Matthew 25:41, 2 Peter 2:4, etc.)

          Satan is the father of lies, (John 8:44) and his goal is to steal, kill, and destroy humans. (John 10:10) Whatever these demons may try to teach you or tell you about them, it would never be the real truth, for the truth is not in them. (John 8:44) You have been taken in a huge lie by them, son. Study the scriptures. There is where you will find the Spirit of Truth, (John 16:13) and THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!! (John 8:32)

          James 4:7 – Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

          1 Thessalonians 5:22 – Abstain from all appearance of evil.

          May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you greatly, and fill you with His peace,
          C. Dunamis

  3. I use to live in Hong Kong, and the statue you talk about sounds like the goddess Quan Yin, worshipped in Hong Kong, China and Macau (Macau has a huge statue of this demon over looking its harbor). I remember my friend had this same statue in her home (she is Christian). She wanted prayer in her home because she was experiencing a demonic presence in it, and as we had a prayer time in her home , the Holy Ghost directed my attention to the statue. She was ignorant to what and who it was. I told her about it and she took it outside, smashed it and renounced all the demons associated with it. After that, we prayed over the home again and anointed it with oil. Then, the peaceful presence of the Lord came.

    I am really glad you are posting your dreams and experiences because a lot of people in the church are ignorant to these things or they don’t want to know. Being able to operate in discerning of spirits and being spiritually discerning is something the devil hates because he is exposed at every turn. Continue to be encouraged, and your family, in operating in that way. I know that I am as I read your articles!

    • It is neat to hear of another who is able to discern such evil in a home and then cast it out! Most people in our area, just look at me as if I was crazy when I try to tell them about such things. Your friend is fortunate to know you!

      Wow, a statue of a demon overlooking the harbor? Oi! Now there’s a stronghold marker!

      Many people, when they return from their travels, bring back cursed objects like this, and have no idea that it is cursed. Looking back upon my in-laws, after they came back from their trip to China, things in their home were different somehow. Their relationship with each other started to have problems, with them drifting apart from each other. My father-in-law also started seeing pictures of demons mocking what others would say whenever he would close his eyes. It was chilling to see such effects upon them, for before their trip, they had much more peace and were closer to each other. I now wonder if that demon idol, is what opened up the door for such attacks upon them.

      Thank you for encouraging me! The blog world can be a lonely place, full of trolls and mean people. (Sadly, especially mean people who call themselves Christian.) So I appreciate your comments!

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