Pray For Carolina


I think my Lord was telling me to be ready,
But I couldn’t make any sense of it.
“Be ready for what, Lord?”

“Be ready to leave.”

But that only brought up more questions.
“Leave where? What do I need to bring?
How long will I be gone? Who’s coming with me?”
But there was only silence.

So, instead of P.U.S.H. praying like I knew I should,
(praying until something happens,)
I figured it was just my imagination,
(or worse yet, satan trying to distract me,)
and went back to my usual chores.

A half hour or so later, I get a call from one of my kids,
And his voice was quite agitated.
(This child is as calm as they come, so I knew it must be a big deal to him.)
“Mom,” he whispered into the phone,
“There’s a woman here, who is possessed with demons,
and she’s asking for my help in getting rid of them. What do I do?”

“Is she part of the church group there?”
(My kids were at a youth group meeting, in a church in a neighboring town.)

“No,” he continues to explain, “I was walking down the main hallway,
when I seen this older woman running up the hill, straight to the church, to where I was. I could see her trying to run away from the demons, but they just kept following her. There must have been at least six or seven of them, big ones.
She ran into the church, and came right up to me,
and asked me if I could help her get free from the demons!
Mom,” He continues, “I’ve seen people with demons before,
but this is the first time they’ve asked me to help them get rid of them! What do I do? The woman told me that she had heard of Jesus successfully casting out demons, so she came to the church, hoping to be set free from hers. Mom, she came to ME. What do I do? She’s here right with me, in one of the side rooms.”

I cursed my disobedience right here and then, wishing so very much that I could turn back the time and obey my God, so I’d be ready to just walk out that door to go help!

“Stay there, keep talking to her. I’ll call you right back.”

So I went and found my husband, told him of the situation, and we decided to go down there to the church, to see if we could help out. I called my child back and told him that we were going to drive down there and meet up with him to see if we could help.

As I was getting my shoes on, and locating my favorite book on spiritual warfare, My kid calls back. “When are you going to get here? I’m worried that they will find us (here in the room) and take her away before we can help her!”

“Try to find out what her name is, and where she lives.”

I could hear my child talking to the woman, and asking her the questions. But It was hard for the woman to give complete answers, for the demons were continually pestering her, interrupting her, and arguing with her.

My child tried to quiet the demons, which in turn excited the woman. “Oh! So you can hear them too?”

“Yes, I can see them and hear them.”

“So I’m not crazy! They are there! It’s not just me!”

“No,” my child responds, “Its not just you. Listen,” he tells her,
“My parents are on their way here, to see if they can help you.”

At that, one of the demons must have spoken up,
for the woman then gives an exclamation, and the strong belief and firm joy welling up from within her shone from her voice.
“Ha! I’m finally going to be rid of you! They’re sending someone here to help me.
Help is on it’s way!”

My child then heard a commotion in the outer hall, and tried to quiet the woman.
“Mom? How long will it take you to get here?”

We were already in the car, driving to the church.
“We should be there in twenty minutes or so.”

I could hear defeat and great sadness in my child’s voice as he answered. “I don’t think you’ll get here in time, Mom.”

Sadly, he was right.

When we arrived, we found that the woman had been removed by the pastor,
and had been forcibly led back to her house.

I asked my kids if they had gotten her name and address, but all they were able to get, was that she lived ‘down the hill’, and that her name was ‘Carolina’. I asked them if they were able to see in what direction they left, but they told me that they were forbidden to watch or leave the church. 

My husband and I were told by one of the staff there, that it really wasn’t necessary to drive all the way over there, and that our kids were safe. (Apparently, the woman’s demeanor scared some people the day before, when she had first come to the church for help. They sent her back home then, too.)

We tried calling the pastor to see if we could find out where she lived, but he told us that the woman was living with her son and his wife, and that as a pastor of a church, he was not allowed to divulge where she lived, due to confidentiality issues. He told us that the woman had schizophrenia, and that her caregivers had run out of her medicine, which was why they were currently having problems with her. My husband explained to him, that our child had made a connection to her already, and was praying for her, and wanted to see if he could visit her at a later date, but the pastor coldly told us that he had already said prayers for her, and then repeated what he had said about the confidentiality issue, and then hung up.

I had asked my child, if he had been scared of the woman. “No,” he replied. “She was sweet and gentle.  It’s the demons that were evil.”

“Were you scared of the demons?”

My son shook his head no. “I knew they could not harm me.”

My child was really upset over this situation for several days afterwards.
He couldn’t understand why God would send this woman to him,
and yet not have him be able to help her.
We both wondered.

In my private prayer time, my Lord answered me.

“This will happen in the end times, too, My child.
Times when you will be administering to My people, (Or to one who will be Mine,)
And the enemy will come in and take that person from your presence.
But it does not mean that they can then not be saved or delivered from their oppressors!
Just like the Roman centurian’s servant, (in Matthew 8:5-13, and Luke 7:1-10,)
Do not have to be there with the person
For them to be freed from their tormentors!
To cast them out from them!

If two or more are gathered in My Name…
If two or more agree on this earth…

Check them out.
Find those scriptures.
Memorize them.

Is My hand shortened,
That it can not save?

I am not bound by time or space.
You don’t have to be there beside her
To help her.

As I also told him, ‘Who else could I send her to?’
He was there for that moment, and he is Mine.

Do not let man’s names of illnesses
Scare you away from naming and claiming my help.
Even others, may claim that these illnesses/demons
Are too big to cast out in one sitting.


“So go ahead. Pray for her.” 

Matthew 18:18-20, KJV
18Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

 19Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

 20For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
*  *  *


14 comments on “Pray For Carolina

  1. I believe schizophrenia means “split mind”–but it really means that someone’s head is infested with demons. Someone like Carolina might have to go through several deliverance sessions, depending on the faith of the individual who prays against the demons. After I am done with my work here on the computer, I will pray for Carolina.

    I have met a lot of people who had demons in them. Actually, we all have demons in us. This doesn’t mean that we are demon-possessed, but demon-oppressed. We are born into sin, so we are all born with some demonic bondage or curses. After we come to know Christ, we have the authority, and after we have the power of the Holy Ghost, we have the dunamis power to cast out demons. I have had probably hundreds of demons cast out of my body–or delivered from my body.

    Back in the late 1980s, I went through six deliverance sessions and it really cleaned me up. Later, I noticed that when I OBEYED the Lord in something, then a curse would be broken and a demon cast out. When a demon comes out of your body, sometimes there can be much soreness in your whole body or in a specific part of your body. Once I thought my leg was broken; another time I thought my arm was broken.

    I remember back in 1999, the Lord kept showing me July 27th. To make a long story short, a big curse (generational curse that I inherited from my dad’s side of the family–they were pagan Irish Catholic idol worshipers) was broken off of me on the 27th of July and a week later I had the symptoms of flu; my whole body was so sore I could barely function, so I had to take ibuprofen for the next three weeks till the soreness was gone. One time a demon came out of my ribcage and I thought my ribcage was broken.

    “The anointing breaks the yoke of sin.”

    • It hurt my heart, to know that this woman went to the ‘church’ for help, (having heard of Jesus,) only to have the church turn her away. I discoverd later on, that this church does not believe that disease can be caused by demons.

      I’m not certain that her schizophrenia was from the demons. At this stage in my learning (about spiritual warfare,) I do know that it can definitely be a cause of it. But are there other causes? As yet, I do not know. What our family does know, is that she was seen with demons chasing her, the demons were heard arguing with her, and that they were seen to be tormenting her. It was those that my child seen, that we wished to cast out from her. I do believe that their removal would have helped her greatly!

      Where do you go for these ‘deliverance sessions’ you speak of?
      It’s hard enough to find a church around here that simply believes that demons can still effect and be cast out from people, much less find one that would offer this type of service.

      ‘Pagan Irish Catholic idol worshipers’? Oi! Hearing your testimony makes me wonder if there might be some demons lurking about in our family tree. My husbands family heralds from Cork County Ireland, and are very Catholic. My mother came from a staunch Roman Catholic background, and my father was Mormon, before he met and married my mother. (He had to convert to marry her.) For several years now, I have been working to remove those things that are ‘Catholic’ and not found in God’s Word, from my life. (I had no idea starting out that there was so much!)

      Thanks for praying for Carolina, and for your comments. They are very uplifting!

    • Actually it does mean exactly that she is possessed by Demons and that is a fact. The Bible confirms it, experiences confirm it and this is the way the supernatural works.

  2. I am glad that you posted this because so many Christians are horribly ignorant of demon oppression and demon possession. Satan’s strategies (the gates of hell) are very extensive and very deep–and we Blood-washed believers are here to attack and destroy the gates of hell.

    Revelation 2: 24: “But unto you I say, and unto the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not this doctrine, and which have not known the depths of Satan, as they speak; I will put upon you none other burden.”

    I remember very well a rhema word that I got from the Lord back in around 1988 when I was reading Revelation 2: 24. I was sitting in the break room in the basement at Hanson Lumber Company in Ames, Iowa. I was reading Chapter 2 in Revelation and then I read verse 24–it hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew that the Lord wanted me to know more of the depths of Satan. Later that year, I got Baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues and later on I went through my first deliverance session. Thank you, Lord, and Praise the Lord!

    “The Gates of Hell”

  3. Many Christians are shallow: they think that all they have to do is get saved and that’s it. Carolina going to that church and being turned away was a powerful testimony against that church. Look at the Gospels: Jesus cast demons out of people; if Jesus did it, then we are supposed to be doing it.

    There is a good book on deliverance that I read years ago: “Pigs in the Parlor”. The author uses a whole chapter on schizophrenia; there is a lot of demonic infestation in schizophrenia.

    About deliverance ministers: ask around in Pentecostal groups. If you see Carolina, ask her if you could lay hands on her head and then command the schizophrenia demons to come out. Then pray in tongues for a while.

    I came from a long line of Irish Catholic Democrats (my favorite swear word). Of course, there are Christians in the Catholic Church, but there is no salvation in church membership (which is in itself idolatry). I have heard that there are a lot of mental hospitals in Ireland–alcohol and mental illness (demons in the head).

    “Dream: Demons of a Feather Flock Together”

  4. Hi Saints– Thanks for the excellent comments above!

    I have also prayed for Carolina. I told the Lord that 3 of us had come together in Spirit in His name on her behalf and therefore I lay hold of His promise to set this captive free. (Carolina)

    What the Lord has impressed upon me is to believe unequivocally His promises and His word and I remind Him when I pray and I expect an answer, and my prayers are answered!

    I have received dreams from the Lord about people where he has shown me to pray for their deliverance of certain spirits.

    The other thing I was told by the Lord as I have been learning about demons, is to remember Paul and the thorn in his side-

    2Cr 12:7 And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure.

    This is allowed to humble His servants and I have one of these thorns.

    We live in a fallen creation that is dying and infirmity in humans is part of this condition. Satan, the demons and the fallen angels have cast death, sickness and darkness over the whole earth. But Jesus came to destroy death, heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, (Luke 4:18)
    — in those whom He chooses.

    God bless!

  5. Hello again. This is a most incredible account and I must share this with others. We have a son who is autistic and I honestly don’t understand the “whole” behind it. While all of his symptoms line up with textbook autism, there is a spiritual element and the evidence of that suggests a form of demonic interference? One person that I was in contact with who routinely engages in deliverance ministry stated that they have only seen a very few deliverances from autism.

    The world offers its usual remedies. Prescribe this and enroll him in that program. The various medications do help with the symptoms, but do not solve the problem. And while they are searching for a treatment program, these too will not resolve the issue. The problem, I believe, is not the world or Matthew, but rather my lack of understanding about how to approach this. Many saints have prayed for him and I pray much, but we have yet to see remedy. Somehow, there’s a big piece of the picture that I’m not understanding at this time.

    A common default prayer request is that the name of Jesus Christ will be glorified in Matthews life. (John chapter 9 comes to mind)

    Thanks again for telling the above account. Near the end, you stated something revealed to you that many are not prepared for; that being the sharp increase in situations like that of Carolina. If so few understand what’s transpiring now, whaat will they do when this becomes the norm?

    • Hi Timbob,

      My oldest has severe ADHD along with one or two other alphabet soup diagnoses. This is why I have felt such an affinity with your writings. Now that my son is a believer, things have improved greatly. But like you for your son, I’m still trusting God for the complete healing.

      When The Lord was telling me about those that we would be ministering to, and the enemy would come and take that person in need away from us, He meant it in all kinds of ministering, for whatever the problem was afflicting the person. I do agree with you though; I think There will be more demons affecting those upon the earth as the time of the end gets closer.

      I like your common default prayer request. May the name of The Lord Jesus Christ be glorified in all our lives!

      C. Dunamis

      • My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD which also runs in my moms family. I did some research and found that certain allergies can produce ADHD like symptoms. I found out that she’s allergic to most everything under the sun. I also found out that she’s allergic to corn. And honey let me tell you i.e maltodextros and a million other food additives and even some vinegar has corn in it. Corn is in everything. (But she “grew” out of her ADHD)

        • Hi Leah,
          I am really glad that your daughter is no longer troubled with the ADHD!
          Our oldest never did grow out of it. He came upon a different cure. He went on the Feingold diet; no red dyes or artificial colors, along with some other things we found that he was troubled from. Yet after a while, it no longer seemed to matter. The ADHD returned. We even tried vitamins and herbal medicines, yet after a while, once again the symptoms slowly returned. Medicine seemed to control it, yet after a while this created other health problems stemming from the medications. When he became a believer and decided to follow Christ, he found that he could not see into the unseen world as easily, right after taking the medicines. He did not like this. So he began to cast out the demons of ADHD in Jesus name, (repeatedly, whenever he felt a symptom come upon him,) and then kept claiming that those ADHD symptoms would not return. Then he went off all the medicines. This has been a while ago now. Praise Jesus, his ADHD is now GONE!

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  7. If I may share some information here…Those demons can be bound by you, distance is no matter. They can be bound and commanded not to manifest, torment, hinder or communicate with other demons until such time as they are cast out, not to return to Carolina in Jesus name. The Lord can lead you in any number of methods of prayer but this manner I have prayed for a woman who was demonized as in possessed. God sent laborers to her for other things and I saw her a couple of months ago and she was functioning normally and free in Jesus.

    Another thing, I was in a church vacation bible school, just sitting in a pew of this small church. The church had let us use their community room for girl scouts so I brought some of the scouts there for vacation bible school the following summer. Well a boy about 11 years old was acting out, bound by demons and the pastor came and got me. I went in his office where the boy was being kept and the pastor thought he had come with me. (The kids I brought were mostly black, all girls and very well behaved but the pastor’s bad opinion had caused him to think the child was with me.) Anyway, I observed the boy and God spoke to me and told me it was the pastor’s duty to cast the demons out of the boy but the pastor did not know how. My authority would not be recognized while in the church which was under the pastor’s authority-usurping God’s order is unacceptable, Satan is a legalist and this is crucial in understanding our legal rights. I suspect it would have been similar since your pastor did not take authority and cast them out.

    (I found out that the parents had been taking the little boy to all the churches in an effort to get help for him)

    And absolutely we will see more and more of this. We must be ready to help those in captivity.

  8. One of Brandon’s siblings has schizophrenia and I often wonder how much of that is attributed to spiritual and how much is physical. It’s apparent that his siblings were raised in church (Brandon was adopted out and did not grow up with them) but they seem to be lacking a true relationship with the Lord.
    It’s difficult to tell which is spiritual and which is physical and lack of mental development from childhood (they didn’t grow up in the best situation).
    His sibling is on medication and government assistance through disability because of the schizophrenia. The Lord hasn’t brought up what to do concerning that situation to either of us yet and there are times I do wonder if they might be healed or not due to a lack of faith in their lives. I know that they think these things are of the world and not spiritual.
    I guess we’ll have to wait and see and keep praying about it, though I do not think it’s the right timing for that and we might not be the ones to try and help in that regard. I don’t know.

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