Cast It Out

My eldest son had picked up some kind of cold or flu bug,
And two days ago, I sensed it trying to attack me as well.


I knew I could fight it off, Just like I had all the other times,
By asking my Lord and Savior for His directions,
Using select pieces of the Scripture as a spiritual sword,
To fight the evil off, going to bed early, while asking, claiming,
In Jesus name, that all lying symptoms
That satan was trying to convince me to accept as my own,
Would be gone by morning.

Had I been successful in going to the Lord at every turn,
Then the door that satan uses to try and attack me
Would have been slammed in that demon’s face.


I sensed from the Lord to check the pre-filter on my air purifier
Before going to bed, and that it would help to keep the air clean.

It was discovered that the pre-filter was indeed dirty,
(with cat hair and dust bunnies,)
To the point that it was hampering air flow.

I couldn’t remember if I had purchased the ones that were washable or disposable,
And instead of researching to find out, or even stopping to ask the Lord,
I went ahead and assumed that they were washable. (Turns out, they were both.)
Hubby went outside and hosed off the filter,
Wrung it out, and installed it back into the air purifier.

Then he went to bed.

Soon after, the overwhelming odor of male cat urine
Permeated the whole upper floor of the house.

Two of my kids remarked on how strong the smell was,
And that they were finding it hard to breathe,
With such an overpowering smell of that allergen.

The odor was soon traced back to the air purifier, so I assumed
That my husband had probably laid the dirty filter down in an area outside
While attempting to spray it clean with the garden hose,
Where a male cat had at one time sprayed his territorial mark,
And some of that scent marker had transferred onto the just-washed filter,
And was now spreading it through out the filter and the house.

We removed the offending filter, and a brand new one was put in,
Yet the smell still remained.

I tried several ways of removing the offending smell, but nothing worked.

At this point, it was close to four in the morning,
And by body was already aching from its need to sleep.
But what was I supposed to do?

I knew that if I laid down to sleep and fell asleep for the night in that room,
That sickness would soon envelope me,
For just less than 30 seconds of being in the bedroom, and smelling that odor,
Caused my nose to swell up so much, that I could no longer breathe.
(Going back out of the room, would cause it to open back up,
So I could breathe clearly, in about the same amount of time.)

But where else could I get good sleep?
(I could think of none that would allow me more than an hour or two at the most.)

I starred at my darling husband, sleeping so peacefully in bed,
And couldn’t help but marvel.

Why had he not yet woken up, sneezing, coughing, and complaining,
About such an offending allergen?
This was unusual for him to remain so unaffected by the dominating odor
Of male cat pee.

I stood there, starring at him, and envying him.
How I wished I could sleep like that despite the odor!

As I stood there, having done all I thought I could do to remove the offending allergen,
The sickness symptoms pressed in on me harder.
And when I glanced at the clock, and noted the lateness of the hour,
Panic began to overwhelm me, and right at that exact moment,
When I was about to start bawling,

I sensed

Almost like a spiritual ‘bucket of water’ being splashed in my face,
Waking me up suddenly, clearly, to the fact that I had not yet stopped
And gone to my Lord with the problem!


Just the thought
That the Lord was in control,
Calmed me right back down,
To where even my soul was suddenly at peace.

I turned back with purpose to the resurrected cross that hangs in my prayer area,
Looked up to His image hanging there, and began to pray.

“Lord,” I said to Him, mentally letting go and laying all my failed tries at His feet,
“As Your servant,…who is under Your care and command,…
What would You have me do next?”

“Cast it out.”


I was bewildered.
To say that I was expecting a different answer would be an understatement.
(I thought He’d tell me where I could go to get some sleep.)
But this answer?!? I didn’t know what to make of it!
Oh, I knew what He meant,
He wanted me to cast it out in His name as if it was a demon,
But it didn’t make any sense to me.

“But it’s just an odor!”

“Cast it out.”

So I gave a sigh and shrugged; and started to cast it out.
“In the name of Jesus Christ-”

“No, ma petite,” my Lord interrupted me, how do you pray away a bigger demon
That is troubling you?”

My heart sunk upon hearing this,
For I was so tired that my mind was having trouble remembering.

“Try to remember the few scriptures that you can…”

And so I began to quote the Word of God out loud,
As I faced the air purifier:

“I know the plans I have for you
Declares the Lord,
Plans to prosper you,
Not to harm you,
To give you a hope and a future…

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him
And He will direct your paths…

We live within the shadow of the Almighty,
Sheltered by the God who is above all Gods!
This I declare, that He alone is my refuge, my place of safety,
And I am trusting Him!…”

At this point, I sensed I was to now cast it out.

“Demon of male cat pee odor,”
(I can’t even begin to tell you how stupid I felt saying this out loud-)
“I bind you up, loosen you from this place and all that is within it,
And I cast you out,
In the most Holy and perfect name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth!”

Usually at this point, I ask the Lord to send His angels
To encamp around us and protect us from satan’s attacks,
And to fight my battles in the unseen world,
But I felt the Lord’s spirit within me,
Urge me to stop and get out of the room, NOW,
For my head was beginning to swim along with my vision,
My heart was thumping hard and fast in my chest,
And I was struggling to breathe.

I stumbled out of the room, feeling dejected,
As it had not immediately solved the problem.

But the Holy Spirit told me to get ready for bed,
And when I was done, (about five to ten minutes later,)
He told me that I could now go back in.
I figured it was to tackle the problem some more,
But I was wrong.

The smell was completely gone!

I found I could breathe clearly as well.
So I got down on my knees, and said
Before climbing into bed next to my husband
And quickly falling asleep.

*  *  *  *

11 comments on “Cast It Out

  1. God is in the details, isn’t He? It is great that you went to the Lord to solve this problem.

    I have heard that some people have smelled suphur when they have been attacked by the devil. I don’t think I have ever experienced this.

  2. Take everything to the Lord. Sometimes we can also consider what things, even bad/sickienng smells along with headaches and or colds etc, are encumbrances and distractions and we’re told to put away encumbrances and sins which easily entangle us. Some of things we cannot easily put aside, like it was a physical thing or habit, like pain is hard to just put take it to the Lord and we don’t need encumbrances and distractions that are beyond us, that distract us from reading and praying in the word and praising. So let our joy be full without encumbrances and distractions and cast it out and bring it to the Lord because He cares for us.

    For me I had an injury which causes pain for 20 yrs, don’t remember what it’s like not to be in pain, but sometimes it becomes worse and will pray about all things and confess I don’t need encumbrances and distractions from reading the word and prayer and just alone time with the Lord, and He takes it away, everythime for all these yrs the pain will ease and go into the background. Praise the Lord. I don’t know why I don’t get completely healed, You’d think the Lord would tire of this always prayer about healing or pain lol. It does keep me praying and relying on Him for everything, like being able to walk for most is a given, but it’s only because of Him. :))

    • Oh Bread!
      You must also be blessed with great patience! I suffered from constant migraines for many years; like you, I never had any time without that pain. But He gave me the break I was praying for about ten years ago, so now I get plenty of pain-free days. (How I recieved this miracle, is a story waiting in line to be posted.)

      Have you ever wondered what the condition of our souls would be, if we never had any pain or trouble in our life? No reason to ever go to Jesus! I shudder to think of where I’d be…

      Thanks for sharing your testimony!

  3. Dunamis: I am curious: were you born and raised in another country before you came to the United States? I have noticed a few of the words that you use are not part of the American lexicon. Example: “oi” and “ma petite”. Did you live in Quebec or France at one time?

    • Hi Tim,
      No, I have been born and raised in the USA. But I am a writer like you, so I have picked up a few of my character’s favorite phrases…

      As far as what Jesus calls me, well…He chose it. I look upon it as a form of endearment. (I am far from actually being ‘petite’!)

  4. yeah once when I was hiking I felt told that one thing this situation/ injury does is keep me turned to Him for everything.
    It’s surprising there are many people who just live with constant pain..others I can tell whose in pain and whose not by the way they move or sit..sometimes I’ll can they sit like that..doesn’t it hurt, and the thing is their sitting very normally..not sort of shifted to one side or something. Anyway I was and am confident am told I’ll never be like once was, unable to walk or function that’s good..and yes can hike and all that which is my favorite thing, so Praise God and bring all things to Him and know-and we’ll see- He does care!

    I’d like to hear that story of your migraines and healings. I used to often get relief through praising and thanking..still do but now is somehow also just a core to explain that..just ask and know and, as always, sure enough, relief comes.
    lately have been considering the encumbrances verses and how that relates to certain things like pain and etc and the distractions things like that bring when trying to read the Word and pray for long and praise and seeing how it does get in the way sometimes, some other verse..that our joy would be I cast it out..colds and pains and a lot of enough encumbrance with the injury lol

    Few yrs ago went to a prayer service especially for my back..instead the man and wife prayed for something else out of the blue, which was valid and was true and from the Lord, so appears that my injury is already taken care His hands..He’s got this one..:))
    (like in baseball when the fly balls coming and both are zeroing in on it someone has to call it) So the Lord must have called it–I got it!! lol

  5. Dunamis:

    Last night I had a dream where I was talking with Barack Obama. We talked for quite sometime. Then I felt something plop down on my head. I shook my head real hard and then this little snake fell onto my pillow. It looked like a baby rattlesnake and it’s mouth was open wide ready to bite me, it’s body was coiled ready to strike at me. Then I awoke from the dream.

    At first glance, if this dream was from the Lord, then it means that Barack Obama is a snake. At second glance, it means that Obama is a snake. At third glance, it means that Obama is a snake. (In the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established)

    Notice the snake is a baby snake–it is not a big snake. I believe the big snake that runs Obama’s administration is George Soros; Obama is merely a puppet of his Marxist/Muslim overlords.

    This dream is also the opposite of that Messianic prophecy in the Book of Genesis where it is written that the seed of the woman shall bruise the serpent’s head.

    In this dream, the serpent lands on my head and then I shake it off of my head–I was never bit or harmed. Eventhough I was talking with a snake, I was not bit by the snake. Thank you, Lord, for your protection.

  6. Good morning. this is an awesome testimony and there are two elements that stand out. First is Philippians 4:6 where we are instructed to bring everything to the Lord in prayer with thanksgiving. We tend to approach seemingly mundane issues, (such as changing a filter) with little more than a mechanical response. Seriously; very few, if any of us would have approached this issue in a different manner than you did. And most of us would have spent the night looking for ths source of the offending oder instead of listening to the Holy Spirit.

    The second issue is that of our subtle adversary, the devil and his minions. Who would have suspected that there was a demonic entity behind the offending odor. It seemed like a simple nuts-and-bolts issue of “well a stray cat came by and left his signature” when in fact, it was a spiritual presence that had been sent to cause disruption. This causes one to wonder, how many issues have we allowed to go on in the past because we didn’t recognize the true source of the situation.

    A lot can be learned from this account of a sleepless night. Thanks for taking time to make a report. Blessings always in Jesus name.


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