Three Big Changes

Hours before I posted my previous entry entitled ‘Enjoy Your Heaven’, (a dream on the future of abortion,) one of my kids came into the room and told me of this upsetting dream they had just the night before. (Note: They had not seen the previous post on abortion.)  

This child and a sibling was sitting there in front of the television, listening to the beginning of a speech that the President of the United States was supposed to give from the White House. The speech had been promoted to the people of the land, as being very important.

The president came out, and began to announce to the audience, the three big changes that He, as President of the United States, had just made. None of these big changes had been voted into existence by the House or the Senate, or by any other voting body. The president had somehow simply declared them as being new laws, through some kind of legal loophole.   

The first change, concerned the laws on abortion. Abortion was to be completely legal in every state, even up to the moment of birth. (Was there a time after birth, where it was also now legal? Not sure.) This announcement by itself, did not shock the people in the audience too much. But there was something else, within this new law, that caused the ‘everyday citizen’ to somehow also be involved in these abortions. This caused great shock amongst many of the listeners, especially the Republicans. (Exactly what this was, was not seen in the dream. The sibling wanted to change the channel, which distracted this child from hearing the rest of this first change.)

The second change, is that the President had decided to go forward with some kind of a drone missile strike on the country of Turkey. At this, the whole crowd cheered wildly in support of the strike. (My child had no idea in this dream, what the country of Turkey had done to the US to have deserved such a death strike upon its people, and that would cause such enthusiastic support from the audience.)     

The third change, shocked everyone in the audience, both the Liberal Democrats and the Republicans, and everyone else. The President declared that the United States of America, was now formally a socialistic state. Not Democratic, not a Republic, but Socialism now ruled the land. Complete silence overcame those in the audience, as shock reverberated around them. 

My child, in the dream, hearing this, first thought, we’re screwed! Then thought about moving out of the United States, but soon realized that there wasn’t too many other places where one could retreat to. Was there even one left? The sibling didn’t realize yet, the enormity of what had just happened, or just how awful this would end up being, for everyone living in America.

This child remembered watching the country slide into a decline for a while now, like petals of an aging flower falling off one by one, slowly. But this…was momentous. Then this child realized, they had just witnessed the final death of America. 

(End of dream.)      

*  *  *  *


15 comments on “Three Big Changes

  1. I received a dream several years ago. In it, an owl attacked a Peregrine falcon. Then, a turkey attacked the owl.
    After praying for interpretation, I saw that this owl is America- the Satanically led portion (i.e., the government in D.C.) The Peregrine falcon is the official logo of the Pakistani army. The turkey is obvious.

    Late, late one night, the Holy Spirit really pushed me to post that dream. The next day, the first news of American drone attacks inside Pakistan made headlines in the states.

    Here is the video I made at 3 in the morning:

    • Hello Man From Modesto,

      Thanks for your comment and the link to your video! Chilling, upon seeing it.

      This teenage child of mine who had the dream, is not in the least bit into political things, and tends to see it all as a big production that has already been pre-planned out in advance. So it greatly surprised me to have it told to me in such detail. I also really prayed hard, before taking the risk and posting it. The Lord told me that it was to be a confirmation to someone, to not be afraid to follow Him, in His leading them out of the United States. At the moment, The Lord has told us to “stay the course”, so we remain where He has placed us. But there may be others out there, who our Lord is trying to move elsewhere, and time is of the essence. Obedience truly is greater than sacrifice…

  2. Hi C. Dunamis,

    Your child’s dream gave meaning to the word and the vision I received from the Lord on June 21 and 22 respectively. In a while I will be posting my new article where I quoted some of your words above. God is great!

    Shalom in Yeshua,


  3. I don’t doubt abortion will become easier, even tax subsidized etc, and we’re socialist in many way’s and growing, in practice already. maybe announcing it..would be like announcing we’re throwing in our lot with the, now forming and coming, grand centralization of western nations..the union.

    I’d thought that Turkey would play it’s nwo role in dealings with syria and mideast etc, then after it’s people and generals and all would revolt, remove current western slanted leaders and throw in their lot with Russia. It’s said their aligned with magog later, not so western aligned.

    Anyway, time unfolds it all. Also it is something to keep in mind, your mention of posting for..people you might not know of, to read something and have God use that in His ways. So we don’t know who reads and gets what, it’s not even the aim ..but doing as your led by the Spirit to do. Plant, water..God causes the growth. The word goes out and does not return to Him void, but completes the purposes for which it sent..but we don’t need to know why it’s sent, just send it. And another teaching about doing the thing set before us to do.

    I was getting gas once many yrs ago, and this, elderly, car pulls up near the building-not getting gas, this guy gets out and walks towards me with a piece of paper, gives it to me, walks back to car, said nothing. I’m just finishing so shut off the pump, walk in and pay, come out, guys car is gone, was right near the station window and a very loud, elderly, 🙂 , car..just gone..anyway I open the little note, say’s come to me all yea who are weary and heavy laden and I will give you rest.

    guy was probably told, go to this gas station at this time and day..I’ll tell you the rest in that time. Or something..guy didn’t know, just did it. :))

    • Hi Bread,

      You said in your previous post,

      “Also it is something to keep in mind, your mention of posting for..people you might not know of, to read something and have God use that in His ways. So we don’t know who reads and gets what, it’s not even the aim ..but doing as your led by the Spirit to do. Plant, water..God causes the growth. The word goes out and does not return to Him void, but completes the purposes for which it sent..but we don’t need to know why it’s sent, just send it. And another teaching about doing the thing set before us to do.”

      You are so very right!

      I tend to question everything that I’m not 100% certain about, because I do not want satan to interfere and cause me to do something at the wrong time. Only God knows what is needed when. But I do struggle with over-questioning things at times. It is something I need to overcome, for I also do not want it to delay His Will, either!

      Neat testimony about the guy at the gas station handing you a piece of paper with scripture written on it. The way he disappeared so quickly made me wonder if it could have been an angel…

  4. lol, yeah I sometimes over think things too..for me it’s a bit of a desire for some control of the situation..recognizing that it becomes easier to let go and trust God..scary sometimes..which is the enemies trick.

    I’ve wondered long on the gas station occurrence..the guy was dressed in the garb that might be seen in the mideast, that robe/garment thing they wear, and not a new one, had that “been through many wash cycles” look to jeans get when worn for yrs, and not well shaved etc, not dirty..just looked a poor man, and sort of dusty, and in this area, there isn’t any dust, but rains all the time. Anyway after done gassing, drove around the area looking for that car or him and saw another dressed like him, younger guy, a little “cleaner”(not that they were dirty), standing near a cardboard sign that said something about donations for mission work in some country(can’t remember which country) anyway..thought came to me, don’t fail to entertain strangers for some have done so and entertained angels and not known it. I didn’t park and go talk to him, now wish I had, but felt awkward. Anyway..who knows, but it is possible.

    I’ve prayed and asked, only occurs that verse from hebrews. I’ll be asking when we all get there in heaven 🙂

  5. Nice article. It is good to know we must take action ourselves and not ‘wait for God to act’.
    Man on house top during flood: Helicopter comes by. “No thanks. I am waiting for God.” Boat comes by. Same response by victim. Canoo comes by. Same response by victim. Man drowns. Man asks God, “Why did you let me drown?” God says, “I sent a helicopter, boat, canoo.” Man, “Oh.”
    Jesus says somewhere, “Seek first the kingdom of God, and all else shall be added onto you.”
    My scenario: “God, I prayed, fasted, wept, etc.” Why did you let me starve?” God replies, “I sent you a ditch digging job, a dish washing job, and a shelf stocker job.” What more do you expect?” “Oh.”
    Paus says, If a man don’t work, he don’t eat.
    I let each one of you decide how this applies to your life.

  6. Re-reading this just occurred to me, obama then would be the prez if these things are done later, say next yr, then obama would be in office. Usually after inauguration there’s speeches and enactments, alot of things done early. anyway interesting.

    • Hi Bread,

      Yes, it was Obama that was seen in the dream. Some of this child’s dreams have been coming true in steps and parts; some parts sooner, and then some later. (And some, we’re still waiting to see.) So a part of me wonders if this may be the case with this dream. Only time will tell…

  7. Okay how to even start.. I guess first I can tell ya something silly… many years ago when I gave my all to God… I told him, ya know there will be times when I won’t want to listen… PLEASE MAKE ME LISTEN… So now I get the gentle nudge… if I don’t respond I get a less gentle Nudge… if I still don’t respond… I actually get a VERY LOUD NUDGE… Ya I pay attention then… Praise God!!!

    I came to this blog today because I was using google… I had been hearing so much recently about the Muslim Brotherhood that I had to start looking to see something I don’t know… I came across a documentary that has never been televised in America… I started to watch that and then when they were talking about the fact that the brotherhood is trying to out populate the world, Abortion came to mind… So I put in Muslim Brotherhood (and the word) Abortion… there were several things there the first few as always had to do with News articles… but then the words Trumpet Sound caught my attention… being God’s child that was the link to go to first… which brought me to a blog that brought me here… and it all brought me to tears… God works is such wondrous ways and will always lead you to were you need to be at the time you need to be there… the two blogs are confirmation for me as a watcher… I have held my tongue over the years as things were all confusion… but as the dust is settling and the links of the chains are coming together it is becoming more clear that we are in those final days…

    I started to read the comments and the confirmation between these two blogs bowled me over in a big way… I am ever so Grateful to the Holy Spirit who comforts me always and keeps me from running scared into the hills… We all must sit and wait and only MOVE when we are directed… it is like when you teach your children that when lost, stand still I will find you… We need to sit still and wait and God will Protect us in the days to come… Hold on tight its going to be a bumpy ride!!! : )

  8. yeah or it could be what I call “parting shots” where a prez, not re-elected, does some enactments on his way out..time will tell

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