Four more dreams and visions that have come to pass

(Please note, this is a continuation of the previous post: . )

Four more dreams/visions my children have had, that have come to pass:

This dream (it was not a vision,) was the oddest one to have been given. It was like a puzzle that we could not figure out, till it happened.

In this dream, the child went about their daily life, just as they would as if they were awake. But in this dream, they would keep hearing music in the background. The music would vary slightly, but always had the same singer. The music played over and over and over again, till it really grated on the nerves. No matter what the child was doing in this dream, the music could be heard playing. Finally, this child recognized one of the songs being played; it was the song called ‘Thriller’, by Michael Jackson.

Over and over again, the varied music selections of Michael Jackson played, till the child awoke.

That morning, this child came to me, and told me of the dream. The child gave me snatches of some of the songs also heard in the dream, and I was able to name almost every one. We first thought that if there was one song that played more than the others, there might be some kind of warning or message in them, but we could not find any song that stood out more than the others. It was as if every song ever performed by Michael Jackson had been heard in this dream.

So we both shrugged, not sure of what to make of it, and then set it aside.

Till two weeks later, it was announced over the air waves, that Michael Jackson, the king of pop, had died.

Then, just like in the dream, everywhere we went, we heard the various songs of Michael Jackson being played. On the television, through the radio, over the internet, and even when we went out of the house, in waiting rooms, grocery stores, department stores,…wherever we went, we heard his music. After the first few days or so, it started to really grate on the nerves. Just as it had in the dream….


One child had a dream/vision where they sensed that someone famous, a female, someone well liked by the people, was going to die before their time, and the people were posting on line how it was so sad, and such a tragedy. This person was not someone this child had seen before. 

Three days later, Whitney Houston died. Right away, the child recognized the person in the vision, and knew that was the person the vision was referring to…


In this dream, my child seen a family, living somewhere in the rural part of the United States. They had an area with lots of land. (Were they farmers? Not sure.) One day, on their property, the family discovers a small hole, just a foot or two wide. As the days progressed, the hole grew, until it became very wide indeed. This confused the family who owned the land, for there had never been reports of caves (that could form such sinkholes,) under their land.

Then, like an unseen sound wave, more sinkholes began to form in other parts of the country. Here and there, seemingly unrelated, they began to form with more frequency and speed, some even forming overnight. This phenomenon spread all over the world.

Then the child woke up.

A few weeks later, we came across an article, describing a family and their growing sinkhole on their land. In the weeks and months following, more sinkholes formed all over the world, and many were featured in various articles online.

This one was a vision.

Out in space, amongst the stars, hung the earth. It was kept there, somehow, by some kind of unknown force field that had been set up ages before, in the beginning. It glowed with beauty, with its blue waters, tan earth, and white clouds translucently showing from underneath the haze of oxygen that surrounded it. Around it’s center, like a present that had been gift wrapped, lay a thin line, that tied itself closed with a tiny simple bow.
It hung there, motionless, giving off the slightest steady hum of sound.

That was all that could be heard from space.

Then the viewpoint shifted, so that the earth was slightly to the right of the view, leaving a large open space beside it.

A large hand, about the size of the earth, (maybe a bit bigger?) came into view from the left, reached out, took a hold of the bow, and gave it one gentle tug, before letting go.

The earth rocked forward and then back, ever so slightly, until it returned to its original placement amongst the stars. The steady hum that the earth gave off, changed ever so slightly in its pitch, before returning to its norm.

Then the large hand entered into view. Once again, it grabbed hold of the string, and gave another tug on it.

The earth wobbled back and forth, seemingly struggling to return to its former place, and the hum increased in its volume, before it returned to normal.

Then the huge hand pulled yet again on the bow, and the earth swayed back and forth, this time with greater movement.

This pattern continued a few more times, until the child awoke from the dream.   

When the child who had this dream came to me and told me about it, chills went down my spine, for I had just gotten done reading parts of Isaiah, Chapter 24.

This child’s eyes grew huge, when I read out loud Isaiah 24:19-20…
“The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly.
The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall, and not rise again.” (KJV)

A few days later, I ran into an article, describing how the earth’s axis has shifted, after the Japan quake….

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12 comments on “Four more dreams and visions that have come to pass

  1. I’m not trying to knock you, but maybe redirect you back to Christ.
    dreams and visions? for what purpose and how does this further the Gospel or edify the Body of Christ? i’m sorry, i don’t get it. is anyone seeing Jesus clearer and being encouraged to live for Him more boldly or draw closer to His Word?
    Gospel of John says ‘the Spirit testifies of Jesus’, and Revelation says ‘the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophesy’. where is He in these? please consider these questions.

    • Hi Mike

      After Checking with Christ in prayer, I realized that I needed to have stated that it is a continuation of the post before it. The previous post explains why these were posted in the first place. I’ve now updated the page with the link to the previous one. I hope this helps!

      C. Dunamis

  2. For me prophecy’s and dreams and visions are often warnings, and may tell of an event but the underlying message is to draw closer to Him our strength and Lord. To consider say the one about the earth strings being pulled, and along with relevant verses helps me for to consider the day’s are drawing near, that the times and seasons are approaching and here, and so then to draw closer and be abiding and hopefully also help and/or warn others too. Some verses about earthquakes other then isaiah are many, and huge earthquakes come such as have never been recorded before, so yeah, be about following Him firmly and in love and doing what led to do seeing the seasons.

    And this is me, but considering we are in what is the beginnings of sorrows or birth pangs, it does cause me to shed off the temporary things and thoughts of this world and fix firmer my mind and heart on Him, seeing the time is short and how many need Him and how I can get sidetracked and busy and not so strong in Him as I ought to be.

    current events are similar in way’s, using the events and state of the world and man I can see biblical prophecy unfolding and use events and the state of man’s heart outside of Christ to show any as I’m led their need for Christ and what’s foretold to come, as a warning and encouragement to draw to the Lord, to escape the judgement and wages for sin and be saved. So yeah, I find prophecy and current events useful and encouraging to draw closer to Christ, also makes me eagerly await His great day of return. Have heard it said in general, some read say, revelations, and hear mostly the harsh and judgement and etc, others hear it as full of hope and find great promise and love within it, it does point to Christ, so do many of today’s far lesser and simple words of warnings, the warning isn’t that an earthquake comes or some other things come, the warning is to come to Christ and know Him in love and strength and follow Him no matter the quaking earth or events unfolding. I’d never thought of it like that..I hear a warning or something similar and think of the Lord which is a 1st step in drawing closer, fixing mind and heart on Him, so it works to that end.

    anyway yeah the japan quake shifted the axis a little, so did the sumatra and chile quakes, also shortened the day by milliseconds, or thousandsth of milli’s. I’d read it’s like a fragmented mass say, and shaken it compresses, becoming smaller it spins a little faster..or something. The shortened day’s I found interesting with the verse about unless those day’s be shortened not a man would live…yet we’re given the day’s of the great trib, and 42 months shortened how was a question I have. Not saying this is how, but it’s interesting also considering the larger earthquakes foretold, enough to make islands disappear. Anyway abide in Christ and rejoice and bear much fruit of the Holy Spirit, having even joy in the midst of storms.

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  4. The reason that we have these dreams that are pin point accuracy is not to meant for anyone but you who God is training a specific person to see and hear his voice.

    Before ANY country comes under judgment, wrath and destruction, God sends his people who hear him.

    His word has not changed. He STILL speaks to messengers. What type of God would allow destruction without warning.

    People ask multitudes of questions sometimes out of sheer pompousness.
    They ALSO have gifts but have a godly jealousy that they are not given prophecy and I dont know why.
    Prophecy is a very hard call.

    • Yes, prophecy is a very hard call. My kids keep praying that they are NOT a prophet, for they do not want to see their worst nightmare visions/dreams come true…

      Thanks for taking the time to comment sister!

      • Your children are special to the Lord.
        At this time in history, it is better to see what is ahead and to be prophetic for children.
        How else would they survive the evil that is gaining momentum?
        Prophecy, right now, is their protection.

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