Tag-Along To The Angels

(Journal entry from May 7th, 2001)

I tried different medicine last night, (had to; the old one was discontinued.) It was ‘Entex PSE’, for the sinuses. I sensed God telling me not to try it at bed time, but to wait until morning. I shrugged off the warning and took it.

Twenty minutes later I started feeling strange, dizzy, nerves all jumpy, and my sinuses getting drier. Forty five minutes later, I went to bed.

The nightmares were horrendous.

I sensed I was not alone, I sensed evil spirits by me, waiting to pounce on me. But I shrugged that feeling off too, and went to sleep.

It was then, that they fell upon me and tormented me.

At first, I could hear them, their taunting laughter, but could not see them. Then their laughter and their shadows, came closer and closer, till I took flight and ran from them.

Then they caught me. They fell upon me in groups, gnawing and chewing, hitting and grabbing and pulling. I’d try to ignore them, then I tried to shoo them away. But they remained. It wasn’t until I cried out for Jesus, that they gave pause. Then they tried to silence me, by sitting upon my mouth. They talked about all the worst things they could do for me, and decided to try taunting me about my weakness with food. They got me to eat and drink, knowing how awful it was for me to do so, mocking my inability to say no. Again, I tried ignoring them, and then shooing them away. In the end I broke though, and cried out for my God.

They silenced me again. This time, they decided to have me raped, and taunted me of what my husband would think of me then. But this time I did not ignore them or try to shoo them away. I distanced my spirit-self from my body, and told them that it would not matter; my husband knows how faithful I am to him, and so it would not matter, he would still love me. This gave them pause and great anguish, I guess I was very convincing, and they guessed what I spoke was the truth.

But they decided to have me raped anyways. As the one they had chosen was about to begin, I again cried out for Jesus. Again, it gave them pause, as they re-focused on closing my mouth.

But I kept crying out for Him. Louder and louder, till my whole being shouted out His name. Then I broke through the barrier, and knew my God had heard my cry.

And so had my husband laying next to me.

Slowly, I struggled out from under the dream, and awoke.

I reassured my husband that I was o.k., and that I’d had nightmares from the medicine.

Then I got down on my knees to God, and prayed.

I cast all haunting demons from my presence and house, by calling on my Jesus to do so, claiming that as the daughter of a King, I had the right to ask.

Then I asked that He send His angels down to keep watch over me and my family, even in my dreams, and prevent satan and all his minions, from troubling us.

And last, but not least, I then asked Him, on amore personal level, if He could please have me dream instead, of HIS angels.

I told Him, how sorry I was, for disobeying Him, and that I would not go back and take any more of the medicine. I told Him, I knew (sensed) He would not completely remove the consequence from my sin, and that I’d still have the physical distress from the medicine till it wore off, but I asked Him for mercy, for His lenience, to please gift me with dreams of His angels, while I slept. (I knew I could not stay awake for the night.) I knew my subconscious, touched and distorted as it was, would still give me odd dreams all on its own, from the medicine. And I figured that dreams of angels would be good dreams. (In the past, I sometimes would ask God to send me dreams of His will for me. But I thought that might still be too upsetting to my nerves, while I was still on the drug.)

I then climbed back into my husbands arms, and went back to sleep.

And I dreamed of angels. I observed them as they went about their work, gathering together in the heavens, going to and fro, from our dimension to theirs, from theirs to ours. Doing the will of God, assisting someone here, rescuing another there.

All through the night, I played ‘tag along’ to the angels, and went wherever they went. I stayed within the limits of their glow, their presence, and watched them.

The last one I watched work, before waking to this world, pulled a child out of the path of an awful auto accident. Two cars were colliding with each other, and the child, high elementary age, was caught in the middle of it. The people, the places, were foreign to me, and the time was daylight, so I knew I was seeing what was happening on the other side of the earth from where I came from.

At first it troubled me, that this child, its parents, never even knew how close they came to the child dying. Only the angels and the God they served, stopped it from happening. But right before waking, I realized that it didn’t matter, and all would work out and they would ‘come to’ in the end. I marveled how the angels didn’t care AT ALL, if they were noticed by those they cared for. If they did, so be it, if they didn’t, so be it. (I wished I could be like them!)

Towards morning, I drifted back down into my sleep, and awoke, heart untroubled.

Immediately, upon consciousness, I smiled up at my God and thanked Him for the angel dreams.

What an awesome God we have!


6 comments on “Tag-Along To The Angels

  1. I notice the difference in ignoring and/or shooing away, and calling out to the Lord, and the difference in calling out, and the more determined/from your whole being, calling out. Set our minds and hearts like flint upon Him, determined, minds and hearts made up, set like flint, determined from our core. They fled after the more determined, you awoke. being hindered before they were still around and around to effect in other ways then the 1st, then they went to far and the determination to rid them away boiled up. Many are being tested and tried these day’s and we’re all learning stronger to set ourselves like flint upon Him and to follow Him and at the 1st signs to be determined and set like flint against influences. Maybe also a warning to any about modern pharma.

    occurs to me the example when the Lord Jesus strongly and without pause rebuked satan away after peter mentioned something about not going to the cross/jerusalem. Used to seem harsh..seemed like peter said something not so bad or simple enough, but the Lord strongly and without pause said that rebuke. So yeah didn’t ignore or shoo away but got straight to it.

    Anyway things worth considering, helpful dream. Pray and draw near to Him and may your joy be full in Christ!

    • Hi Bread,

      I’ve definitely learned a lot from this dream. At the time, I didn’t realize just how dangerous demons are to the believer, hence the simple ‘shooing’ them away instead of casting them out. Even when they seem only slightly anoying, (like a fly buzzing around one’s head,) they still need to be dealt with, and not ignored. When I’ve ignored them, they’ve grown and brought in friends, till suddenly the attack is something that takes great effort to fight off. (It reminds me of trying to keep my house clean!)

      Thanks for commenting, and God Bless!

  2. Certain medications, like drugs (marijuana, cocaine, PCP, heroin, etc) can be gateways for demons to gain entrance into our body. It is always a good idea to obey the Lord. Obedience to the Lord is excellent protection from demonic attacks.

    • Hi Tim,

      I’ve had many struggles with certain medications; even simple pain relievers (especially when taken too close together to each other,) has opened doors for demonic attack. I haven’t experienced too many during the day; they usually attack at night while I’m trying to sleep.

      When one looks at the history of modern pharma, (especially where the name pharma came from,) it is quite enlightening and concerning. ‘Pharmacia’ originally meant ‘maker of poisons’. It was also connected to sorcery and witchcraft. So I can see why it might provide a legal spiritual doorway for demons to attack a believer…

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