Living In Fear Of My Daughter

A dream…

(This was given to me many months after the dream one of my kids had that I’ve shared in my previous post. See

I was a mother of a teenage girl, who was maybe fourteen or fifteen years old.

She looked like Amy Farafouler from the TV show called “The Big Bang”. But she wasn’t actually as smart,
She just acted like she was.

She had been sent home from school,
Along with all the others,
To go live with her family full time,
As the schools themselves had closed up,
Because they no longer had the funding and the supplies to keep them all open.

This girl,
Had been mostly brought up in the public school system,
(having spent her weekly days there,)
And was loyal to the system and the government, as taught by her teachers, and supported by her peers.
But now, suddenly, she was home with me.

I was still expected, somehow,
To be able to suddenly change where her loyalties lay,
And transfer that dependency on me.

But it didn’t work.

I was expected by the government,
To simply continue on the best that I could,
In continuing her devotion to the Government.

I was given full responsibility for her and her behavior,
But had no power to enforce anything.

Spanking of any form was outlawed,
And the only thing I had to help, perhaps,
To cause her to obey me,
Was the possible withholding of treats or presents.
(But even that was starting to be frowned upon by the government.)

We were told to go to a meeting of some kind,
And it reminded me of a church building and meeting,
For there were benches to sit on,
And those there in the audience, had to remain silent, and listen to the speaker talk.

Economic punishments were handed out
To those parents who had kids that interrupted the talks.

Mine just had to be one of the worst offenders in our little area.

She would whisper and talk to her friends sitting next to her,
And even laugh out loud, without any regard to the speaker,
Or others around her. She knew this would shame me.

I tried to go over and whisper to her to be quiet,
But she would then respond to me loudly,
Claiming that I was trying to talk to her about unimportant things unrelated to the service, and that “now was not the time.”

I was so mad at her, that I wanted to slap her, but knew I could not.

I threatened her, by telling her that I would withhold the treat I had set aside for her and give it to her younger brother instead, but she ignored me.

She kept on being loud and interrupting the service,
So I tried again to have her be silent,
By repeating my admonition.
She tried to get up, as if she was going to move away from me to sit farter away, but I held on to her tightly by the arm.
She yanked her arm from my grip,
But sat back down in her seat.
She then began to talk even louder to her friend next to her,
Laughing at something her friend had said,
And I reached behind her neck and grabbed a few hairs to hold on to, as she again struggled to get away from me.

Loosing a few strands of hair did nothing to stop her.

After the service,
As we piled up into my car to go back home,
I could hear my daughter talking to her friends
About how bad of a mother I was,
And if she should go ahead and make up a situation about me and her,
and then file a report on me with the authorities.

I sighed, and suddenly, as we were all driving home,
I seen my future with my daughter stretch out before me.
I’d be living in fear of my daughter, and of what she might do next to get at me.

It was quite unpleasant.

But what could I do?

I sighed again,
And began to count the days
Till she would move out on her own…


I then woke up.

* * * *


12 comments on “Living In Fear Of My Daughter

  1. Sadly I believe a lot of mothers are already living this nightmare and its going to get worse. Spare the rod, spoli the child is no longer acceptable and I have seen 5 year olds haul off and slap their moms in stores with no repercussions. We are raising an up and coming generation of monsters that the bible aptly refers to as “strange children”. They do not know God or His laws or Yahusha/Jesus and openly show contempt for any authority. When society breaks down after the economy crashes its going to get VERY ugly and scary VERY fast. I pray that Yahusha/Jesus comes for us before then and that we are worthy to go with Him but we all must face what we must with no fear, knowing that He controls everything ultimately. All praise and glory to Yahuah!!!!

    • It was a dream that I would definitely list as a nightmare. The depth of this woman’s pain and bewilderment was bottomless.

      Yes, I agree with you, that there might be some mothers out there who are beginning to live like this. It hurts the heart to witness it!

      Some of my own children do not want to have children of their own, simply because they have seen the political writing on the wall, and wonder how much longer it will be legal to school one’s children themselves. They don’t want to give birth to them, and then be forced to hand them over to the government to be indoctrinated by peers and strangers.

      I have personally found, that spending that quality learning time with my kids, has caused us to bond with each other through the years. Now that I am facing the fruit of my labors, I have found that I have been blessed WAY beyond my hope or expectations. I had hoped that they would stay out of jail, not get pregnant (or get someone else pregnant) before marriage, not get into drugs, and have at least a modem of respect for their parents. Instead, I have watched them decide for themselves that they do not want to go to parties that have drugs, or even get into situations that might lead to sex before marriage. (I didn’t have to teach them this; they seen what had happened to their relatives and friends, and decided that they didn’t want this for themselves.) And to my great surprise, I have found that they have become adults that think for themselves, are responsible and caring, and have become good friends to each other and to my husband and I. Best of all, they believe in Jesus. I NEVER DREAMED twenty years ago, that I’d be saying this one day about my children!! Who do I give the credit to for this outcome? JESUS! Many times I would stop school to go pray, and get direction from the Lord on what to do next. And HE WAS ALWAYS THERE FOR ME.

      Thank you Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

  2. It is sad but I agree with Sharon. It is already happening in too many homes across the world. 😦 The key, I believe, is establishing respect of the Lord and the parents from the minute they can crawl, full time, BEFORE our children enter the school system! If that respect continues on throughout the upbringing, then we may have a chance, but without the hand of THE ONE TRUE GOD reaching in and keeping us true to His word we will surely fail… I wrote about this topic in a post a few months back. Would love to hear your thoughts…

    • Hi Water Bearer,

      The Lord is our strength always!

      It is hard to keep that respect and love for the Lord and for one’s parents in the public school system, especially as one gets into the teenage years. Peer pressure alone, makes it difficult. And even if that wasn’t an issue, there are ways that the public school system itself works to undo the respect for the Lord and for parents that are hard to immediately see. It can be found in text books, often hidden as another religion such as evolution or humanism. These teachings are hard to discern unless one is trained to detect them.

      I strongly believe that there needs to be some kind of teaching, that provides a counter balance to the secular world’s teachings. For every area that the public schools stray away from biblical values, there needs to be a counter balance of teaching. This goes beyond the Sunday school hour lessons on Jesus. (You can’t always expect to undo thirty hours a week of secular instruction with just one hour a week of Bible lessons.) One needs to get into the same topics that the public school does.

      The ‘Answers In Genesis’ (.org) web site, has many books and videos that reveal the truth, (especially when it comes to evolution and science,) and can help counteract the secular teachings found in the public schools. Their curricula has helped my kids see through the religion part of their college science and humanities classes, and has helped them to become more critical thinkers. They have videos for the younger child, as well as for the college level student. The ones that were the most helpful for our family, were their college lecture series, taken from their Creation College classes. This collection is expensive, but worth every penny. Our whole family learned a great deal from them!

      Blessings to you and yours,
      C. Dunamis

  3. I can see this reality clearly. And the children know that they can leverage parents and the system. As I wrote about yesterday a preacher is in prison for “conspiracy” in child abuse. He preached on spanking, not sparing the rod, and one parent was arrested for “beating” his child with a “big board”. The preacher was then arrested, charged and convicted of Class H (the worst) Felony child abuse (there is no conspiracy law). They had no grounds but wanted the precedent so he was tried in the most liberal county in the state. How did they do that? They motioned for a change in venue because the county where the “crime” occurred couldn’t provide a fair trial because of media coverage.

    That’s justice in America….

  4. Hi Dunimas. Have you heard what’s going on in Scotland? proposals to assign a state “guardian” to every child, and already an implementation of questionaires and rating of parents by children on the scale of 1 to ten also questions such as whether a parent respects diversity and more…horrible stuff.

    How long before the practices migrate across the pond to here (to that scale, some is already here). One highlight point in your dream…and then file a report on me with the authorities…

    • No I have not heard of this yet. Thanks for the update!

      A state guardian to every child? Oi! It almost sounds like they are trying to break apart the family system, and put in a fake parent in its place. I believe that the majority of parents truly love their child and want the best for them. I doubt a warden would have those same loving feelings for those in their custody. This is a scary development indeed, for you are right, what is done in Europe, often ends up here. I pray it does not!

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