Dollar Denominated Assets

I have been wondering for over two weeks now, if I should post this dream or not.

It is not the usual kind of dream that I am given. Only two other times in my life, has the Lord given me a dream where angels appeared before me, to warn me of what was coming.

When I ask the Lord what to do with it in prayer, He tells me to put it up to share with others, to see if anyone else has also received such a warning. If others have received the same message, then it is to be confirmed as coming from Him. If not, then I know that it was the evil one, who came into my dream to try and deceive me.

This dream happened on the night of February 2, 2013.

It was like any other night of usual dreams, where nothing within the dream makes much sense. Into such an empty dream, comes a very bright, intense light. I see an angel of the Lord flowing down to me from above. It stood there clothed in white before me, and looked to be neither male nor female. It was about ten feet tall. The angel reaches me, gets my attention, (which for some odd reason, was not easy, as I was repeatedly distracted,) and then gives me a stern warning. The angel repeats the same message to me over and over again, until I finally say, “Yes! Yes! I get it!” Then the angel leaves as suddenly and as brightly as it came.

The message?

To get out of your dollar denominated assets!
You must be out of the dollar by this time,
Or it will be too late!”
Do you hear me?
Are you listening?
You must be out by that time!”

(No year was given, nor number of days. Just months.)

Then the message repeats.

Now, I am SO not the one who is comfortable in giving dates when it comes to prophetic dreams! For this reason alone, the dream is questionable in my eyes. And just because it was an angel that looked to be from the Lord, is also not a reason by itself to believe the message, for 2 Corinthians 11:14 says that satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.

Yet the Lord keeps reminding me, that at the mouth of two witnesses, or at the mouth of three witnesses, shall the matter be established.
So, has anyone else out there, been given such a revelation?

(For another dream concerning the U.S. dollar, see: )

30 comments on “Dollar Denominated Assets

  1. No, the Lord has not revealed anything like this to me. Wait on the Lord and He will confirm or deny the message of your dream.

    If there is peace in your spirit, then the Lord is with you; if there is no peace in your spirit, then it is not of the Lord.

    I remember I was at this fellowship meeting in Wyoming a number of years ago. Three people went out of their way to give me a “Word from the Lord”. None of the “Words” from the Lord bore witness with my spirit. One “Word” was that I would be getting off the road very soon—that was back in 2006; the last time I did some hitchhiking was in November of 2012.

    • Hi Tim, Thanks for your comment!

      Oddly enough, there was no peace in me, till I posted it. Now I feel at peace with whatever is found with it. If it is not real, or if it is, I know I have done what God wanted me to do…

  2. not me. yeah I’d wait for confirmations also.
    The Lord knows your hearts..wait upon Him and trust in Him and He’ll show you and lead you and your family..bought with a price He’s made you His own possession, cares tremendously.

    • Hi Bread, thanks for your comment!

      I don’t think that the message was meant for my family, for we simply don’t have those kinds of resources to where it would matter. Our family has been living off of our life savings and off the odd jobs here and there that the Lord has been giving my husband to do, ever since he lost his regular job over a year and a half ago.

      The Lord is leading our family step by step, and is continuing to provide for us, despite the economy. All Glory be to Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

      Blessings to you always dear Bread,
      C. Dunamis

      • I have not had any dreams/visions about the economy perse’ but like you, my finances are literally day to day and totally dependant upon Yahusha. Praise Him, He is SO good to my sister and I and He always sends a way for us to survive. I pray that we all have the strength, courage, wisdom and faith to stand strong until He comes or removes us…whatever His will is. All glory to HIM!

  3. I have not been given a dream or vision such as this, but I know others who have. They describe basicly the same thing, I’m not sure there was a definite time period except that it would be soon. The vision I was given, was about the 2nd coming. In my dream I was watching a man I knew to be Jesus, and he was clearly distraught. Crying and in anguish, and I remember saying, Oh I’m going to see the crucifixion and I just can’t, I can’t, and He turned to me looked me in the eyes, and said “I’m coming soon.” I know for a fact by talking to others, they are getting dreams and visions like yours and mine. God is talking to His people trying to prepare them. I know alot of people are downsizing and putting their assets into Gold and metals. If God is leading you in this direction, you will know it, and you will receive confirmation. God Bless you. Praying for Knowledge, wisdom and guidance for all. Maranatha.

    • Hello! Thank you very much for taking the time to comment.

      I would love to have those that you know have had dreams/visions on this, share their testimony on it! I really don’t think the message was for me our my family. (We don’t have those kinds of funds to where it would matter.) It almost felt like I was being given this message, to pass on to another.

      Others in my family have received warning dreams about the collapse of the US dollar. So we know it is indeed coming…


  4. I keep thinking what was meant by “dollar based assets” includes savings accounts/bank accounts. It has been pressed upon the heart of my husband and I to remove our money from the bank. We are waiting on the Lord as to what to do with it from there. No doubt about it, He will lead all of His children, if we listen to Him, no matter how strange it sounds. You are wise to be discerning in all matters concerning the Lord.

    • Thanks for commenting Prariemae,

      I envy you and your husband, having the strength to do that! With what little interest is earned these days, I’m surprised more people aren’t doing this.

      Other currencies also seem to be following the dollar downwards, albeit at different rates. So simply moving it into another currency isn’t always the best answer to this problem either.

      I have heard of some people investing in nickels, because they believe the US can’t keep making them for very much longer like they currently are, because the nickel content in the coin is worth more than the five cents that is stamped into it. Some believe that the treasury will begin substituting some other cheaper metal in its place. To me stocking up on nickels seems a bit ‘small change’ to really get into as an investment, but it does seem likely to hold its value long term more than say the us dollar paper bill…

      The lord keeps reminding me of what HE considers real money…gold and silver. To have at least some of this now-a-days seems prudent. Especially silver, since it is still historically undervalued compared to gold…

      May the Lord lead you and guide you into His shalom,
      C. Dunamis

  5. Hi C. Dunamis, Even though this isn’t prophetic, check out this article by Doug Hagmann, a Christian investigator who knows a DHS insider. It points to an economic collapse in the spring, which pretty well corroborates with your vision. I know it’s nota vision (nor have I had any words, dreams or visions about this), but I did really feel led to send this to you. I really wish that Cam would believe in this. We have enough money in stocks to pay off our current debt, but he refuses to cash it in, saying that all the “experts” would advise against it, and that we need money for our “retirement” 20 years down the road, which I pretty much know will never happen. But it’ll be interesting to see if you get anyone else’s response who has had dreams or visions about this. Love in Christ from your Sister Warrior, Kim

    • WOW. That is an eye opening article!

      Yes, I too, am married to a man who believes what all the current financial gurus are proclaiming. He has a 401K and an annuity, but so far he has refused to withdraw the funds and place them in a safer format. At this point it kind of surprises me, for thanks to Jesus and the dreams He has gifted me with, I have had a much better track record for these kinds of things than he has. Jesus, through a dream, warned me of the stock market crash. I begged my husband to pull out his stocks, but he refused. We lost around three hundred thousand dollars because of his disbelief. I told him about the dream the Lord gave me concerning commodities, (metals,) and he did not believe that one either. At the time of that dream, gold was around three hundred and twenty dollars an ounce, and silver was only around four dollars an ounce. It leaves me weak at the knees to think of how much we could have had, if he had only believed. However, the Lord has – IS – ever so gracious to us, and is still supplying all our needs to this day. I have no doubt whatsoever that He will continue to provide for us. Mistakes or not, He is ALWAYS there for His children!

      Love to you too dearest warrior sister in Christ,
      C. Dunamis

  6. I hope you are staying aware of John Paul Jackson ,and BOB JONES but the jackson update on the Coming Pefect storm is a strong warning.

    i have not gotten dates but we are praying God give us more time to prep..Some years ago I had a dream in which the greenback was dust in the Alleyway and the Canadian was still intact but it was also on the ground in the alley…maybe better,,and another dream in which in the year 2033 condos in montana would be selling for 3000 russian as there was no people around to occupy them …they were under tarps…

    • No, I was not. Thanks for the info! John Paul Jackson’s you tube videos (part 1&2,) on the perfect storm, was very good. He ministered to me with his words, and through them I could feel the Holy Spirit’s touch.

      Is Bob Jones the same one as the curricula publisher?

      This is not the first time I have had a warning dream from the Lord about the US dollar. Years ago, He had given me a dream of land going underwater because the sea levels were changing and rising. Tsunamis hit the coast line, one right after the other, and forced the people to move to higher ground. In the end, only those who followed the Lord, (and those few who had simply been lucky,) survived. The Lord let me know that the dream was a parable of the coming money crisis. Another dream I had, revealed a new bar of soap costing one thousand dollars. One of my kids had another, where our money had been converted into a world-wide currency of some kind, and the dollar had been greatly devalued/revalued.

      Hold on to the Lord. He is the one who will bring His children through it all…

    • WOW! THANK YOU FOR SENDING ME THIS CLIP! THIS IS A PERSONAL CONFIRMATION FOR ME AND MY FAMILY! The Lord told us about a week ago, to have AT LEAST one month expenses set aside, out of the hands of the banks…

    • Wow, she must be incredibly close to the Lord for her to see such things coming upon the earth and still be able to function!

      I find it interesting, that God is also sending His messages concerning America to those who live outside of it…

  7. on the John Paul Jackson update he makes a bold statement on strongholds not being demons,but thought processes…my experience has taught that strongholds are both, working hand in hand… but for the sake of the body of Christ I don’t throw out the rest of the revelation just for the little glitch in knowledge. There seems to be a disconnect between the Prophets and the Deliverance ministeries.
    But few deliverance ministers really see (in the spirit) like TBJoshua , he does get dates very accurately. Also he sees the demonic clearly.

  8. Hi. I believe you’ve heard a message from the Lord. Because I have been researching on gold, silver and other assets as the Lord has opened it up for me to do so, I have read articles from different secular investing professionals and gurus, and Terry Sacka (a Christian investor professional) that have talked about GETTING OUT OF THE DOLLAR. The dollar and all other paper currencies is FIAT and can loose it’s value at anytime. The US dollar has lost 90% of its purchasing power from what I have read in different articles. The only thing that is keeping the US dollar from going under is the BELIEF IN THE MINDS OF THE PUBLIC that the dollar is still valuable. Gold and Silver have always been real money and has been money when the fiat failed. You can do research yourself on all of this. You can start here: this is the very first info I came across back in 2004 when the Lord had me begin my study on Gold and Silver.
    If the Lord shares anymore with you regarding the dollar, please share asap because He is trying to prepare His people like in the day of Joseph and the famine 🙂

    Bless you

    • Hi Tessa,

      (I love your name!) The post titled “Tidal Waves’ is one that I was given a while back, (but just recently posted,) on the demise of the U.S. dollar:

      I added it to the post also at the end.

      In the Tidal Waves’ dream, the dream was given to me before the first recent stock market crash, when everyone was living high on the money and it looked like the stock market would go on climbing upwards forever. The dream repeated itself twice on two consecutive nights. Both times the dream did not alter at all, but remained the same. I knew in my spirit, that this was a really big message for His people, so I shared it with my friends and my church at the time, but no one took me seriously. They all laughed and thought it was simply a case of repeated indigestion.

      When I went to the Lord about its meaning, He told me it was a financial message, and revealed it to me over the course of several days. The online articles that He led me to read on the economy made my skin break out into goosebumps, for the terminology used in those reports seemed to often refer back to my dream. I had no idea of what was to come economically to the U.S., so these economic lessons surprised me greatly!

      It was a dream foretelling the future of the US dollar. At first, everyone was enjoying being on the beach, so close to the cool welcoming water. (Just like in real life, it is nice to have some money to use, or to get a line of credit when you need it.) But then a wave came in, wiping out many who were at the water’s edge. Many then began searching for safer investment forms, that they could shelter in. But many did not realize the severity of the tidal waves, for a ‘sea change’ would take place, causing all that ‘liquidity’ to rush onto our shorelines, causing tidal waves of money to flood out the land. This then caused the loss of those buildings that were close to the water, and that were not very tall or strong. The glass buildings were other forms of investments that did not rely on the US dollar for its value, and the tall, solid looking brick building that the glass houses were placed on, was a bank that dealt with IRA investments or annuities or other monetary future paper-based investments that are generally thought to be safe investments for retirees. The men in black fatigues carrying those odd-looking guns were from the Federal Reserve, and their guns controlled precisely the amount of dollars that flooded out the land at any given time. Those tall strong-looking brick buildings simply dissolved in the end, from all the pressure of the waves of money that were coming in against it. (I believe that more banks in the future, will ‘dissolve’ and become insolvent.) Many people’s houses would also be ‘underwater’, without hope of ever being on ‘dry land’ again, for once the water surged over the land, it did not recede back again. The seas themselves had changed.

      There is a video interview on the future of the U.S. dollar from that you might find interesting:

      It was quite an eye-opener for me…

      One dream that one of my kids had more recently, that I have not yet posted, was of a store re-opening up for business, like a Target store or something similar. When it re-opened, many flocked in to see everything marked with a different monetary symbol, that represented the new money for America. (And for the world?) In the dream, my kid asked me to buy a package of Pokemon trading game booster pack cards, as the price was only one ‘dollar’. (In reality it was not a ‘dollar’, but was priced in the new money symbol and denomination.) But I told her no, for the item as it was priced, was still way too expensive. This kid didn’t understand, for in his mind, the old price was twenty pieces of paper, and was now available for only one bill. (In dollar terms, the item had once been priced for twenty dollars.) So through this dream, we were given a bit of insight on the inflation level and when this monetary change might take place…

      Blessings be upon you as well,
      C. Dunamis

  9. It’s time for the people of God to learn about different forms of assets for investments… hard ones like precious gems, land, gold and silver coins/bars, antiques, rare stamps, etc… The Lord would not have His people ignorant. Those who have an ear to hear will UNDERSTAND AND FOLLOW HIS DIRECTIONS to prepare. I have no doubt that that warning was from the Lord. Bless you.

    • Hi Tessa,

      Some have told me that this is definitely a message from the Lord, and others have said it is not. I guess only time will tell.

      I have been frustrated before, with the mainstream churches, and how they still stick with the mainstream investments for their people. They refuse to think outside the box man has put them in. Thrivant Financials for Lutherans comes to mind off the top of my head. I told one of the reps there about my tidal waves dream and how the dollar would place most of the U.S. underwater, and he actually laughed at me.

      Rare stamps I had not heard of. I would shy away from them simply because water could destroy them so easily. (I’d have to find a way to make sure they were really waterproof first.)

      I pray that more people would look to God for their instructions, instead of man…

  10. Even in the day of famine during Joseph’s time, Jacob had money (GOLD or SILVER BARS or COINS) to PURCHASE the grain they needed. Genesis 42 and 43

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