Thankful For The Food I Had Been Given

A dream…

I was going to meet a friend of mine
So we could spend some time talking to each other
And get caught up on what was going on in each others families. (To hear the latest news)

She asked me to meet her
At the local food bank
For that was the only time she had open.
(She had young children.)

When I pulled into the parking lot,
I could see it was very busy. There was just one or two spots left for a car to park.

I found one not too far away from my friend’s,
And caught up to her as she was walking up to the building.

There were many people waiting in line
To receive their free food,
And we were towards the end of the line.

We talked and chatted,
Until we were close to the food.

Then my friend was next.
She reached down and grabbed her box of food,
And as I was about to follow her,
A man stopped me and insisted that I take a box of food.

So I took one, feeling like a fraud,
For I still had enough food to last us for another week,
Or maybe two if we didn’t eat too much.
After that, I’d be out of food just like everyone else.
But I still had hope that my husband would find a job
So we could get some money to buy some food.
He’d only been out of work for about a year and a half.
We had been living off the food we had stored up,
When we had the money to put into it.
But I kept thinking that there must be others there,
That needed the food far more than I did.

As we both walked back to our cars,
I could see the police man watching us,
Watching everyone,
And I felt a moment of fear,
That I would somehow be caught,
And prosecuted
For taking food while I still had some.

But no one was checking for identification,
Nor asking for proof of need,
So we continued on
Till we reached our cars.

I found myself wondering if I looked that poor,
That I would need such items.
But I then realized with a sinking heart, that I was indeed, thin and gaunt. I had thought that to be so thin was in fashion, but I sensed then, that I had become too thin.

I felt shame at this, for I could well remember the days when I myself had donated food to the food pantry,
Or given them money to buy whatever food they had needed to help feed the poor.

But I never thought it would be our family
That would need the help.

When my friend and I came to her car,
I offered her the box of food that had been given to me.
But she insisted that I keep it for myself.

She drove off, waving to me,
While I still stood there holding my box of free food.

I looked down at the box,
And realized that there was enough to keep a family of four going for only about three days or so.

Most of it, (all of it?) was dry goods.
Rice, beans, boxed side dishes that needed water added to cook it, pancake mixes and other such items. There was even an opened bag of white flour, rolled closed and taped shut. There looked to be about three cups of the flour inside it.
The box was an open pallet type box, that might have once been used for fruit or vegetables,
But there was no fruit or vegetables in it now.
Fresh produce of any kind, was hard to find.
I realized, that they had put all the items in the boxes,
So that everyone could see that everyone was getting the same thing as everyone else. (They feared food riots otherwise.)

I then wondered, if my friend knew that I’d probably have to be there next week, to ask for the free food right along with her, and figured that I could probably use a head start.

I thanked her in my mind, (and resolved myself to thank her next week when I seen her here again,) for giving me the nudge I needed.

As I was putting the food into the back of the car,
I seen that they were putting out some fresh baked goods,
As an added bonus for the people.

Many of the people had already left,
But there were still enough people left,
To receive the handout.

So I walked up to where they were giving out the bread,
But by the time I got there,
All the loaves were gone. A man there offered me to have three cinnamon rolls (dry and stale ones,) in liew of the loaf of bread. I gladly accepted it with thanks.
He gave me a brisk hug, and then told me to come again, and get the free food, and to not suffer so because of my pride.
(He reminded me of a dear elderly gentleman that I had once known in my church, who was always caring for and helping out others.) He then motioned to me to get in line for the cinnamon rolls with icing on them, that they would be handing out next.

So I did.

They gave me a huge piece of green plastic,
(not quite as thick as a tarp,)
But I was confused and went back and then told them that I had wanted the roll instead. (I realized that the plastic was given out to those who didn’t even have a roof over their heads or a tent to shelter in. We were not that bad yet! We had a nice tent waiting for us at home if we needed it.)

But by this time, the workers were in a battle between themselves, concerning some trivial matter of who said what to whom, and left the food to go argue it out inside.

The people were left there, waiting for the food.

I got tired of waiting for them,
Even though I was next in line,
(I had already waited for over a half an hour,)
So I lunged forward towards one of the tables that had a roll with icing on it, (not the ones with lots of icing on it that I had hoped for, but one with some on it all the same,) and was able to pick up the one on the corner of the tray.

Gasps of the people closest to me could be heard,
(and one saying “Hey! That’s not fair!”,)
But I walked back to my car, licking my fingers from the icing, and quickly, thankfully, devoured the entire roll.
(I think some of the others behind me in line, also tried to grab a roll for themselves, while the workers bickered away the time inside the building.) The workers finally came back out and finished helping the people, till all the rolls were gone.

I drove home, my stomach no longer growling at me, thankful for the food that I had been given.

I then woke up form the dream.

When I went back to bed,
I dreamed that I had somehow been given,
(inherited?) a bunch of rabbits and a pair of hamsters.
Even the cages were now mine.

I knew how to take care of them,
For the one who had them before me,
Had been teaching me how to care for them.
He was an old, old man, with no relatives left to care about him. He had recently died in his sleep, and left them to me.

The rabbits were quite big in size,
And I knew that they would fetch me a good price if I wished to sell them. But I vowed to do things just like the old man did, and not sell too many off at one time. I needed to retain enough good stock to keep the rabbits breeding.
I also needed to keep enough for myself.

The pair of hamsters were due to have a litter any day now. They would grow quickly, and also be sold to others, though maybe not as quickly as the rabbits.

Most people could handle the thought of eating rabbit.
But not too many could handle the thought of eating a hamster. The hamsters were enough to flavor a pot of soup though, and for those who could afford little else, it was still edible meat.

Some purchased a male and a female rabbit from me,
Just so they could start their own tiny rabbit farm in their back yard. Others wanted one to eat. I charged them extra, to kill it and skin it for them. Most found a way to do it themselves, for they did not have that extra money. Sometimes they paid me to do it in front of them, so they would be able to do it next time by themselves. I didn’t mind showing them. If I knew I would be killing one soon, I would let them know so they could come and learn for free. I wasn’t one of those charlatans who was out just to gouge their customer. I (and the old man before me,) were ones that the people trusted.

There were those of course, who still greatly struggled with the thought of killing a rabbit for food, but sooner or later, their bellies would growl louder than their conscience, and they would break down and buy one to eat. I would try to sell them the older ones, telling them that they had already lived a good long life in rabbit years, and would soon die of old age before too long anyways. They seemed to appreciate this thought.

I also stretched the skins out and scraped them clean, and then sold the pelts later to be used to help keep one warm. (I was not a good sewer, but I was good enough to piece some together for me to stay warm enough in the winter.) Some people didn’t want to be bothered with the skin, and I then told them that I would buy it back from them, for a little bit of money. It would take me quite a bit of work to clean up the fur, but if they had done a half way decent job of skinning it, then the work left was not too much for me to do. I could then sell it for a small profit, or keep it myself to use.

The pelts were not as big of a seller, as the rabbits themselves were. The meat, the protein, is what was in the highest demand.

I then woke up.

* * * *

10 comments on “Thankful For The Food I Had Been Given

  1. Its frightening to think of but this time is no doubt looming ahead of us all. I would be one of the ones buying the old rabbits:) Great post sister, thanks for sharing! Many blessings.


    • Hi Sharon,

      Just keep in mind: The older the meat, the tougher it tends to be…

      I’d be the one asking the person to teach me how to properly preserve the skins. (Though I think I’d also be the one to pay him a bit extra to do the killing for me…)

      Thanks for commenting, and many blessings to you as well…

  2. A few years ago I also had a dream of a famine that had spread across America. I remember feeling quite surprised when I went to my pantry and there was barely anything in it. It was a very detailed dream and I still remember it vividly. Thank you for sharing yours.

  3. pastors wife here had a similar dream a few yrs ago except it was these many people lined up after service to eat. we eat everytime but there aren’t many there ..small church, maybe some don’t want to sit through service? anyway there’s another church nearby that has food 3 day’s a week and is packed, but has just a short prayer beforehand except on sunday’s when they have sermons etc. Anyway her dream had a sense of great need among people and hard times too.

    ..those rabbit skins would make great glove and boot liners.
    might be something to have..a lined pair of rubber boots. I have a pair I can hike for miles in, most straight rubber boots slosh around and make blisters after time so having a pair of lined hiking type might be useful.
    another trick for warmth is glove liners using latex gloves. Does keep the moisture in so when taking gloves off make sure and dry hands quick if real cold, but keeps the heat in fairly well. keeps moisture next to skin, doesn’t wet the actual gloves so is ok

    In rev 7:14-16 it describes a group (not described as souls, nor as having been killed, as in rev 6:9 and rev 20:4) who came out of the great trib(last 42 months portion) and tells a little of the conditions, hungry and ..outdoors sometimes? sunburned..cold too? anyway describes hardships…but say’s they came out and are then before the throne of God. They appear in verse sorta just suddenly (rev 7:9)..I’ve wondered and prayed about the 4 different groups(rev 15:2 also shows a group, maybe the same group as rev 6 and rev 7 now combined?) and how they relate to the catching up…anyway I don’t know, just interesting and but hardships are described so. :)) Praise God right on through the hardships!! Going home we are!

    • Hello Bread,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment.

      It will be an interesting time, to see if the church will return to one of her historical ‘uses’, as in feeding the poor. Now days, most people just go to the government for their freebies, and bypass the church with a look of disdain in their eyes. But I have sensed that the government will run out of food for the people at some point, and that is when I think the people will turn back to the church.

      Interesting tip on the latex gloves helping to keep hands warm. I’ll have to try that next winter…

      Thanks also for sharing your pastor’s wife’s dream. With so very many believers having similar dreams on a coming famine, it does seem most likely that it will happen. I pray that we all will stay in Him no matter what!

      Shalom dear friend,
      C. Dunamis

  4. Hello beautiful sister, Just wondering if you have considered the meaning of rabbits and hamsters in the Bible? A rabbit in the Bible is a Coney. See: Lev 11:5, and Deu 14:7. The closest animal to a hamster that I could find in scripture is a mole, see: Isa 2:20. Perhaps this dream is a warning. In Yeshua’s Love, Selina

    • I look upon it as a warning dream. Some dreams I receive from Him, are about other believers from the future. But often times, I also get some that are about NON-BELIEVERS. I would definitely put this one in the later category…

    • VERY interesting! I did not know this. It makes sense though. One of my kids that is able to see clearly into that unseen world, struggles to see into that world when he has not eaten in a while…

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