Spirit Guides

My son was not feeling well, and had been fighting off a flu-like sickness for the past few days.

In his college gym class, they had a section on Tai Chi presentations. One of the students presenting that day, chose the topic of how Tai Chi connects to tarot card reading through Chi power.

He was not surprised to see that this girl was presenting such a topic, for he had sensed before that something was not quite ‘right’ spiritually with this girl.

Now, over twenty demons were seen hovering around this girl, as she introduced herself as the tarot card reader.

Each demon was attached to her, with a thick dead tan/brownish fibrous rope, covered in places with blackish muck.

To my son’s surprise, among these twenty or more demons attached to her, was a Catholic demon. It was dressed in priestly vestments, just as a Roman Catholic priest would wear, complete with the ancient Dagon god ‘fish hat’ that the pope wears, but this demon had an odd staff that had a triangle at the very top of it. The triangle was covered in jewels, and had a silver snake sitting on the triangle, with the end of its tail coiled around the staff.

He sensed that the girl would call forth this demon, to help her in her tarot card reading. This was what the majority of the demons were attached to the girl for. They were her ‘spirit guides’.

One of the other demons looked like an old hag/crone, (old woman,) with shriveled up leather-like skin, and bony fingers that had the signs of the zodiac tattooed upon her fingernails.

And yet another demon was a satanist occult demon wearing a black hooded cloak that was somehow pristine, (flawless,) but was darker than any color of black ever seen by my son on this earth. This demon wore many rings upon its fingers, yet its fingers were just wisps of black smoke.

There were so many demons vying for the girl’s attention, that it became almost impossible to really see all the other demons clearly.

These demons were all struggling with each other to be the next one to whisper into her ear. They would whisper certain words or thoughts into her mind, or implant specific emotions into her.

She was bragging to the class, how she could read anyone’s aura. She even gave a reading example from one or two of the other students in the classroom.

My son, out of curiosity, almost went up to her to ask her what she seen in him. (He wondered if this girl could ‘read’ or see the light of the Holy Spirit that was around all true believers.) But the Holy Spirit abruptly stopped him from doing so, and told him that this would be asking for trouble. The demons would then have had a legal right to reach out and purposely attack him.

So he remained silent.

After this girl’s presentation, the girl returned to her seat, which was right next to my son’s.

Then one of the demons attached to the girl,
Came forth and lunged towards my son.

This time, instead of simply binding up the demons like he usually does, he sensed from the Holy Spirit to read Psalm 91 instead.

As he began saying this under his breath, the demon trying to attack, shrank back in sudden horror.

As my son continued to recite this Psalm, a demon from him, (!) came out from his body (to his great shock and distress,) and reached out towards this other demon eagerly. This demon that had come from my son, embraced all the girl’s demons like long lost friends, and once attached firmly to one of this girl’s demons, went directly then into the girl.

All this happened without him even touching her.

My son was really upset to find that this demon had been in him, so he quickly asked the Holy Spirit what the demon was.

“A spirit of sickness” was His reply.

He felt bad at first, that he had given the demon to the girl, thinking wow, that’s all this girl needs, is another demon, but the Holy Spirit quickly informed him, that this girl WELCOMES ALL demons into her life, and that it was the demon itself that had made the demonic transfer to the girl. He did not give it to her by choice. All he did, was follow the Holy Spirit’s advice, and state Psalm 91 under his breath.

After he finished saying Psalm 91 out loud, the angels of the Lord encompassed him, turned their backs to him, held out their great bright shields before them, and then linked them together to form an impenetrable hedge of protection all around my son. Then no more demons were able to even try to attack him.

From that moment on, he began to feel better, and not as sick as he had been before class.

The class listened with great interest to the tarot card reader explain how she can read the people. Not once did this girl ever mention any demons.

My son wondered what would be the reaction, if a believer gave a talk on how they are led by the Holy Spirit, and could also ‘read’ the souls of the people, and even cast out a person’s demons and heal them. Would they listen with such rapt attention as they gave the tarot card reader, or would it be said of them that many miracles did not happen there, because of their unbelief?

Within a day or two of loosing that demon, my son was completely recovered from his flu-like illness.

Sadly, the tarot card reader girl was absent the following week, and when she returned, she told the class she had been sick with the flu, and that she probably caught it from a babysitting job she had on the same day of her presentation on Tai Chi.

My son remained silent, convinced by the Holy Spirit that this particular tarot card reader would not be open to hearing about how she really became sick with the flu…

Our family still continues to learn more about the unseen world through these gifts the Holy Spirit has given us. These are the main lessons our family learned from this experience:

1. Sicknesses like the flu, are caused by demons.
2. Even true born-again Holy Spirit-filled believers can have a demon.
3. One can ‘catch’ a demon of sickness from another without touching them.
4. Instead of casting out or binding up attacking demons, Psalm 91 can be used to fight them off.
5. The completion of Psalm 91 calls forth several of God’s angels to protect you.
6. God’s angels use their large shields to make an interlocking hedge of protection around you.
7. It is VERY important to memorize Psalm 91!
8. Tarot card readers have many demons attached to them.
9. These demons ‘read’ the person, and then whisper this knowledge to the reader.
10. Satan can perform what some may see as ‘miracles’, by using his demons.
11. Consenting to have a tarot card reader ‘read’ you, can open you up to demons.
12. Tarot card readers can use many different religious demons to help them.
13. Always follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit within you. Our God always wants the VERY best for His children!
14. Our God is more than willing to protect His children ANYWHERE. All we need to do is ask and follow Him!


Psalm 91, Recovery Bible:

We live within the shadow of the Almighty, sheltered by the God who is above all gods. This I declare, that He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; He is my God and I am trusting Him. For He rescues you from every trap and protects you from the fatal plague. He will shield you with His wings! They will shelter you. His faithful promises are your armor. Now you don’t need to be afraid of the dark any more, nor fear the dangers of the day, nor dread the plagues of darkness, nor disasters in the morning. Though a thousand fall at my side, though ten thousand are dying around me, the evil will not touch me. I will see how the wicked are punished, but I will not share it. For Jehovah is my refuge! I choose the God above all gods to shelter me. How then can evil overtake me or any plague come near? For He orders His angels to protect you wherever you go. They will steady you with their hands to keep you from stumbling against the rocks on the trail. You can safely meet a lion or step on poisonous snakes, yes, even trample them beneath your feet! For the Lord says, “Because he loves me, I will rescue him; I will make him great because he trusts in My name. When he calls on Me, I will answer; I will be with him in trouble and rescue him and honor him. I will satisfy him with a full life and give him My salvation.”

* * * *

22 comments on “Spirit Guides

  1. Thank you for sharing your son’s experience.

    I agree with 2,6,8,9,10,11,12,13,14.

    1 is sometimes true and sometimes not.

    3 is true but it is not limited to sickness; it can be other demons as well. The Lord told your son that this tarot card reader received the demon because “this girl WELCOMES ALL demons into her life, and that it was the demon itself that had made the demonic transfer to the girl” The demons know that she welcomes demons in her life and they don’t hestitate, I am sure, to take her up on it.

    4: Ps 91 will only work if God directs you to use it. He may use other methods like commanding demons in the name of Jesus to leave, pleading the shed blood of Jesus, repeating the name of Jesus several times. If it is on a private matter then sometime confessing a sin is necessary and then commanding the demon to leave. It a person picks up a demon because of they were hurt by someone then forgiveness is necessary. It is important to follow what God says to do in a particular situation and not depend on a methodology.

    5: God sends forth angels to protect you but you don’t have to quote Ps 91 to achieve it.

    7: It is always nice and profitable to memorize scripture but memorizing and repeating it outloud may not achieve what you are hoping for. If God has directed you to repeat it, silently or outloud, then it will achieve His intended purpose(s). Otherwise, it may not or it will have limited benefit.

    Demons can have entry ways into our lives by many different methods some of which are 1) participation, even just once, in certain sins like homosexuality, murder, the occult, use of mind altering drugs, abortion, rape, suicide attempts, 2) habitual participation in certains sins like drinking alcohol, smoking, lying, stealing, gluttony, masterbation, participation in occult role playing games, 3) through the sins of someone else in their relationship with you, 4) by inviting demons into your life, 5) through generational curses. This list is not complete but gives you an idea of different ways a person can come to have a demon living inside of them whether they are a believer or not.

    • I spoke in generalities and in simplicity about how you get certain kinds of demons and under what circumstances. The dynamics are too complicated to describe.

      For deliverance, I have found that just applying a method that worked one time doesn’t mean it will work the next time.

      The important thing to remember is to look to God for what He would have you do and obey Him in it. Timing is important. If God isn’t ready for deliverance to come your way then nothing will work until He says it is time. He will direct your steps when He says it is time. You have to obey His voice though.

    • Hi Pat,

      Thank you very much for all your comments!

      When me and the kids were studying the Old Testament Tabernacle, we learned that the priests would say Psalm 91 out loud, to scare off any demons or evil spirits that were near by or tried to enter. So when this happened to my son, it was like a light bulb moment for us, for now in the New Testament, we as believers, are the temple of the Holy Spirit. How fitting for the demon to come out after reading Psalm 91!

      Some in my family, has had difficulty in being able to memorize Psalm 91. Yet this incident stressed even more so to us, the importance of having it memorized. And as we (believers) are now the temple of the Holy Spirit, like Sharon’s comment on this posting, I’d like to start reciting it every day, to help cleanse the temple. I believe that scripture is never wasted, and it always achieves what it was sent out to achieve; it never returns empty. (Isaiah 55:11) Perhaps someone else, a brother or sister in Christ happens to be in need of it even more than I. I hope and believe that it would be sent out to them instead. So even if I do not feel it right away, I choose to trust and believe that somewhere someone is feeling it and rejoicing in it!

      Often times, our family has found that reciting pieces of scripture in different places in our home and land, has chased away the demons. This is especially true for us at Halloween! We found that if we waited until they were numerous, then it was more work to chase them all away. When we kept up with it, then they never really got a foothold in our home or our lives.

      So far in our family, the Lord has had us cast out satan in several different ways. Several have been posted on this blog for all to read. (Others are still awaiting to be transcribed.) One of them, https://dreamsofdunamis.wordpress.com/2012/12/25/all-the-christmas-stuff/ I believe you recently read. In this posting, we had to give up the idols, for the spirits of Christmas to leave us alone.
      In another posting, I screamed the name of Jesus out loud at the top of my lungs, in order for satan to finally leave me alone… https://dreamsofdunamis.wordpress.com/2012/11/19/414/
      And in this post, the Lord freed me from the demon of depression, through claiming and the use of a televangelist on TV…
      Another incidence of using Psalm 91 and blessed olive oil to do battle with a demon…
      And in this posting, we discovered that a bad odor can be a demon, and it can be bound up and then cast out in the name above all names..
      And in this posting, the Lord told me to use songs of praise to be rid of the demon…
      In this post, several people reading the scriptures, and smashing the foreign idol is what was needed to be set free…
      And in this case, I had to cry out Jesus name, and recite scriptures, forgive my husband, and pray to God to be freed…
      After this incident, our family began to treat all illnesses as if they were from satan. (Better safe than sorry…)
      We also plead the blood of Jesus over our land and all that reside within it…

      You are correct; the methodology is not what is most important. Listening to God is…

      One of my favorite web sites for dealing with demons is http://www.demonbuster.com. One still needs to check everything out like the Bereans, but for the most part, it has been eye opening, to say the least!

      Do you have experience in doing deliverance? It would be great to share your testimonies with others! Perhaps the Lord is nudging you to do so? Starting your own blog isn’t too hard. And if you are not comfortable with this, there are blog sites out there, who are there specifically for others to share their testimony with others. One of my favorites is: http://sharetestimonies.blogspot.com/.

      May the Lord bless you and keep you under His wings,
      C. Dunamis

      • Dunamis,

        Thank you for what you have shared.

        I have found that you don’t have to memorize scripture, repeat it outloud or silently, or even know of their existence and still the Lord will cover you with their truth. For example, I was livng in a rooming house back in 1989 and the manager was into ESP. He used it on the residents. Several weeks later he saw me outside talking with some of the residents of this rooming house. He told me that he was into ESP and told me that I was the only one he couldn’t control. When he said it I knew that it was the Lord that protected me from him. Yet, I didn’t know anything about Ps 91 at that time.

        I have a few experiences with deliverance. I don’t feel led to start a deliverance blog or share my experiences other than on occassion like at your blog, at the Christian Post, or with someone in private.

        I debate theological issues with other posters at the Christian Post as star2 and I started a blog with them called Living for God which I decided not to continue, at least at this time. I have 3 other blogs on blogspot.com which I am not much interested in doing any writing for mainly because I have to fast and pray for it and I don’t want too.

        I have shared one time on an article written by someone in regard to Christians and homosexuality. Many truly born-again Christians who are homosexual can’t seem to be free from the temptations of homosexuality and still feel drawn to men and not women which would be normal. They still view themselves as homosexuals and they didn’t become hetrosexual when they got saved.

        I believe and suggested that the reason why is because they are possessed with a spirit of homosexuality.

        I gave my reason why by sharing that a person I knew that had repented of the sin of masterbation was still tempted to masterbate though she did not yield to the temptation but when the Lord commanded the spirit of masterbation to leave her the temptation to masterbate left and it didn’t come back.

        There is another poster who is a Pastor that has a problem with pornography. He started entertaining it before he was saved and after he was saved he still had/has problems with its temptation. His wife helps him stay away from it. I believe his problem is that he still has the spirit of pornography indwelling him and he needs deliverance.

        Pastor Jack Hayford said that he looked at something pornographic just one time and the strong hold it had on him was tremendous and it took a long time for him to be delivered from it. He said that when he looked at it there was like a spirit that came off the page and took hold of him.

        Looking at pronography, even if it just once, can result in someone being possessed by the spirit behind it and if not possessed then oppressed.

        I use to have a ministry to skid row bums and all their alcoholic friends. These people use to sit outside under a tree on the property they lived on during the day if the weather was nice. When I passed by they would invite me to come over and spend some time with them.

        This particular day I was spending some time with them and one of the guys who couldn’t understand why I was not sexually active went to go to the store to get some cigaretts and probally a bottle of wine too. Any way, as he was near the road he called out to me and said “Look!”. I turned to face him. He pulled down his shorts and underware, giggled his whole body, and laughed. Though I only saw him for a second or two the image of seeing him naked took many days to disappear from my mind. After that experience I could understand or appreciate a little what Pastor Jack Hayford shared about the power of pornography.

  2. We are in the end-time. Demons are being unleashed upon our society more than ever before. No one will be immuned from their influences. Your article is timely and is important to take note of in these last days.

  3. Deuteronomy 18:9-11
    King James Version (KJV)

    9 When thou art come into the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations.

    10 There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.

    11 Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

    “My son, out of curiosity, almost went up to her to ask her what she seen in him. (He wondered if this girl could ‘read’ or see the light of the Holy Spirit that was around all true believers.) But the Holy Spirit abruptly stopped him from doing so, and told him that this would be asking for trouble. The demons would then have had a legal right to reach out and purposely attack him.”

    Christian need to hear this. A number of them go to palm readers, have someone do their astrological charts, play with the Ouija board, go to crystal ball readers, attend seances, go to tarot card readers, and etc. for fun or they are looking for answers and knowledge about the future. They walk away beliving what they are told, they become in bondage in some way, their relationship with the Lord is diminished or even dies, and etc and they don’t even know why. They need to be warned. They need to repent. They need to ask God for forgiveness. They need to command the demons to leave in the name of Jesus. They need to recommit their life to Jesus, make Him Lord, and walk in obedience to Him.

    Demons know the future too and can accurately predict it at times. Don’t let that fool you. Stay away from people who rely on the spirits of darkness to tell you about your future, and what you should do. All it does is open you up to demonic control.

    Christians need to look to Jesus for what is going to happen in the future, they need to look to Jesus for answers to their problems and not to people who get information from the spirits of darkness.

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  5. HA! I LOVE confirmation from within Yahshua’s family:) I have been lead to recite Psalm 91 before going to bed every night AND I have it written and rolled in scrolls above each doorway and in my car! Praise Yahshua for His love and protection of His children! EXCELLENT post sister…thank you and God bless:)

  6. Thank you for sharing this because I have been praying about doing a post on spiritual warfare. If its ok with you, I will either post links to your sight or put it in the body of the post.

    • Which ever would be easiest for you is fine with me. I’m glad this will be going out to more believers than just those who read this blog!

      I’ve also suggested to Pam, (or anyone else who reads my response to Pam’s comment,) to submit their spiritual warfare testimonies to a sharing blog, and I gave your blog address as an example. I believe as the days grow darker, the spiritual warfare believers will experience will increase. Having examples of what others have done to fight such battles might be of help. I know it certainly has been for me!

      Blessings to you as well dear Deirdre,
      C. Dunamis

  7. Awesome. Psalm 91 is the psalm that Jesus Christ personally gave me. I’m supposed to use it each night but at time I have forgotten to do so, which is not a good thing. I definitely agree with the memorization part. Not many Christians are realizing that memorizing Scripture will save during these end times. This is the time to get it together and study the Bible like never before. May Abba Father bless you for your boldness in sharing stories. I had been looking for folks like myself on the net but couldn’t find many. I came across ElectSister777’s blog and Jesus Christ began to minister to me about her and others. I am sure you are doing Him proud.


    • Yes, it is really hard pt find others who blog about spiritual warfare. I found your blog just recently, when I did a search for ‘spiritual warfare blog’. Sadly, it was easier to find those blogs fighting for the other side, than it was to find those who are true believers. But even then, there were not that many hits. Only a few on the first page of the search. I have a feeling, that this may change as the days grow nearer.

      I have struggled with all forms of memorization, for as long as I can remember. Psalm 91 always seemed too long to even attempt, but after this incident in our family, I have decided to put forth the effort. Even if I can only remember parts of it, I believe some will be better than none at all.

      Two other noteworthy blogs that have some spiritual warfare topics in them, is http://legionbegone.wordpress.com/ and http://mysteryoftheiniquity.com/ .
      The last one you may need to be careful in viewing; our family has been attacked by demons before, through viewing some of the photos Virginia includes in her posts. Praying for protection before viewing, is sometimes called for when exploring her posts.

      I was VERY thankful to have found your blog!!

      Shalom and blessings to you as well,
      C. Dunamis

    • What a post! I think it is excellent of your son being so young and so Spirit-led! You dont find that often with young people today. Did the holy Spirit ever reveal why or how he even contracted that demon of sickness in the first place?
      Thanks for sharing!

  8. Over the years, I have probably been delivered of hundreds of demons. I went through several deliverance sessions back in 1988-89. Later, I found out that whenever I obeyed the Lord in something He told me to do, I would be delivered from a demon or some demons.

    Obedience to the Lord is key to destroying the works of the devil.

    • Tim,

      When you say that “whenever I obeyed the Lord in something He told me to do, I would be delivered from a demon or some demons.” Please be specific about what the Lord told you do in the sense to what was it in reference to. Did God tell you to do something so you could be delievered from demon activity in your life or was it in reference to what God wanted you to do in service to Him?

      Also, was the deliverance a temporary freedom from demon activity or was it permanent?

      Were these demons that you were delivered from external to you or internal?

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