Questioning The Name Of Jesus

For several weeks, I had been questioning the name of Jesus, wondering if this name was of pagan origin, and did not even represent my true Savior and God. My heart was heavy with the thought, for I have been calling my God by the name of Jesus since I was a wee child. How long would it take me to stop calling Him Jesus, and start calling Him Yeshua or Yahshua?

This has been a searching struggle for me, as I wish for God’s real truth, and not just man’s traditions. Yet I have found that the passing of time has clouded what was once clear. Finding the truth sometimes feels like finding that needle in a haystack.

I have learned that the Roman Catholic holidays, such as Christmas and Easter, are actually pagan in origin, and have many demons attached to them. So our family has stopped celebrating them. Instead, we celebrate the Passover, Feast of Tabernacles, and a seven-lamp menorah version of Hanukkah. Yet this caused me to begin looking at other things that may not be of Him also. Soon I began to wonder if the name ‘Jesus’ was also Roman Catholic in origin, and not really Christian. Was His name another thing I needed to change?

Well, several nights ago, I felt the demon of sickness trying to attack me, as I lay in bed for the night.

I knew I had to cast it out right away, before the lying symptoms it was trying to tempt me to accept upon me as being my own, became more pronounced.

So I began to speak:

“I cast out the demons of sickness, especially sore throat, swollen glands, and hurting to breathe, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth…”

But then
I felt a moment of doubt,
(was this really His name? Wouldn’t using his real name
be even more powerful?)
So then I added on His Hebrew name “Yeshua”,
Just in case.

The moment I said those words under my breath, a spiritual door opened up above me through the ceiling, and a large, heavy spirit swung in downwards and arched over me, and suddenly paused right above my head, like some sword of Damocles waiting to fall upon me.

It was about three feet by three feet, and was long, for it still had its body going through my ceiling, and beyond, to wherever it was anchored to. Its color was a dull dark gray, and it reminded me of those statues on Easter Island, all dark granite and slate like. It even had a similar face chiseled into the front of it.

Instinctively, I knew that the demon was very very heavy, for it was made of a very dense and solid stone.

The stone square-like pillar held a man’s dour face on it. The expression on the spirit’s face, opened up, and its stone eyes opened up as well, along with its mouth. Its expression was one of stern and absolute unforgiving total condemnation.

I gasped.

I asked the Holy Spirit within me, what it was, and the answer I received surprised me.


I new right away what had opened such a door for this spirit to enter and attack me. I sensed that I should not have added on the other name of Yeshua. What had I been thinking? The name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth had always worked before, to cast out demons. Why change it?

So under my breath, (I admit I was still a bit scared upon seeing such an opressive spirit,) I asked the Lord to forgive me. The Holy Spirit then told me to cast out the demons of sickness like I usually do, using the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

So I did. I also cast out the spirit of the law in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

As soon as I stopped speaking, the face of the huge gavel closed back up, and it then swung back up into the place where it had come from.

I gave a huge breath of relief.

The way it left surprised me, for this was the first time an oppressive spirit left my presence (after being cast out,) that did not try to lunge forward to try and get in one more attack.

The Lord then continued to speak to me.

“Did you really think, that saying My name in Hebrew would give you more or better power in casting out demons?”

I heard Him give a slight sigh.

“Oh Ma Petite!
I answer to My name, in WHATEVER language it is spoken in! You speak English, so to you, I am known as Jesus Christ of Nazareth. To others who have a different language, they say it in their own tongue. But to My ears, they are all calling out My name. I know when My name is called upon. Do you really think it matters to me if you say it in Hebrew, Greek, or English?”

“Oh Ma Petite, do not add more translations to My name, or change My name to another tongue, thinking that this will make it more effective! THIS IS THE WAY OF THE LAW, and I have set you free from that burden. Do not go back under it!”


The next morning, as a confirmation, I came across this article on another blog:

And during my research, I found a few other web pages that rang true for me in the Spirit, that discuss the different names of our Lord:

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12, KJV

* * * *


21 comments on “Questioning The Name Of Jesus

  1. Hi sister,

    I agree with your revelation though I prefer to call the Lord by His Hebrew name Yeshua when I come to Him alone and during group intercession for Israel because that’s how He called Himself when He came to me in a vision in one early morning of Nov. 2011.

    I just came home from the Sukkot Feast in Jerusalem at that time when I woke up to such a vision. I was half awake when I saw myself in the Old City in Jerusalem. I was standing/looking at the sign post that says, “Via Dolorosa” which the RCC believes is the place where He was crucified and buried. As I stood there the Lord asked, “Who is their Christ?” Before I could answer He said, “It’s not Me, I AM Yeshua.”

    Even then, I never felt condemned if I use Jesus for the sake of those who do not know and are not comfortable with His Hebrew name that’s why you can see in my articles both Jesus and Yeshua. And yes, the Lord hears me whichever name I use.


  2. Sister, I believe the attack was not because you added the name Yeshua, but it was your ‘doubt or confusion’ which name is more effective that opened the opportunity for the attack. I use Jesus and Yeshua interchangeably and there’s nothing wrong with that for both His English and Hebrew names have the same effect on demons. Just allow no room for doubt or confusion.

    • Hi Cynthia,

      There have been times when I have used the name Yeshua as the Holy Spirit has led me, usually when speaking about Him to someone who is Jewish. I have also referred to Him as Yeshua during prayer, as a form of special endearment. So it’s not that I should never refer to Him in the Hebrew language. I had begun to wonder if using His name in Hebrew, would be more powerful when casting out demons. THAT is what was wrong. That, and thinking that I really shouldn’t refer to Him in my own language. If I had kept on believing that, it would have been a step towards adding onto the law, just like the Pharisees added on their man-made stipulations.

      It was a big relief for me, to know that I can continue to refer to Him as Jesus. Just the thought that I might have to change such an ingrained habit, was overwhelming for me…

      Shalom dear sister,
      C. Dunamis

  3. I agree that there is no condemnation on using either name and I do believe He honors both equally. However when I have heard Him, I have heard Him as either Yahshua or Yeshua…frankly its difficult to say which exactly I heard.

    The reason I have tended to pick and stay with Yahshua is that I discovered through research that Yeshu without the a at the end means “may his name be blotted out”. I asked Michael Rood from Rood Awakenings about this and he agreed that Yeshu does in fact mean just that. But he added that putting the a at the end changes it. Okay, maybe that IS true. But here are MY thoughts on the matter. I cannot see the Great “I AM” naming His only begotten Son something that is THAT close to saying “may his name be blotted out”. In fact I cannot even see Him naming His Son anything that even has that in it. Can you?

    The creators name is Yahuah, not Yahweh, I can provide videos of Hebrew experts explaining that if your interested:) Since Jesus and the Father are one and the same and since I think I heard Yahshua…that is what I call Him. But everyone is different and we are all being instructed in different areas by the same Holy Spirit.

    The other thing with the translation of Jesus that bothers me, and as I said this is just me…is that we are taking His name from Hebrew, translating it into Greek and then translating the translation into English. Talk about a round about way to get a name…lol. To me, I think He was Hebrew, His name was Hebrew, I am not Greek and saying that translation makes no sense to me. So I use His Hebrew name as I have heard it. That is just me and at times I do use Jesus because not everyone knows any other name and I do believe He honors both names:)

    Great article, as per usual sister:) Yah bless.

    • Hi Sharon,

      My Complete Jewish Bible written by a Messianic Jew calls Him Yeshua and that is exactly what I heard from Him, that He is Yeshua. This article below explains how ‘Yahshua’ came to be. It is not an original Hebrew name but a result of mistransliteration. Here’s an excerpt from the author:

      “Dr. Daniel Botkin explains the Hebrew linguistics of the names “Yeshua” and “Yahshua” and how “Yahshua” is a mistransliteration by Sacred Name advocates to fit an erroneous interpretation of John 5:43 and how “Yeshua” is far more accurate. He also clearly establishes the fact that the English name “Jesus” has absolutely no pagan connection and is simply a derivation of “Yesous,” the Greek transliteration of “Yeshua.” Most important, Dr. Botkin addresses that slander and criticism surrounding the name controversy in entirely non-Scriptural and not glorifying to the Holy One of Israel.”

      The proponents of the Yahshua form claim that the Messiah’s name was the same as Joshua’s, written [vwhy or [wvwhy (Strong’s #3091). The only problem is that neither of these Hebrew spellings of Joshua’s name can possibly be pronounced “Yahshua.” The third letter in Joshua’s name (reading from right to left) is the letter vav (w) and a vav cannot be silent. The letter vav must be pronounced as either a “v” or an “o” or an “u.” (In the case of Joshua, it takes an “o” sound, giving us “Ye-ho-SHU-a.” Strong’s confirms this pronunciation.) For a name to be pronounced “Yahshua,” it would have to be spelled [wv–hy, and no such name exists anywhere in the Hebrew Bible. You don’t have to just take my word for it, though. Dr. Danny Ben-Gigi says of the Yahshua form that “there is no such name in Hebrew” and that “people invented it to fit their theology.”[1] Dr. Ben-Gigi is an Israeli and the former head of Hebrew programs at Arizona State University. He is the author of the book First Steps in Hebrew Prayers, and he designed and produced the “Living Israeli Hebrew” language-learning course. Dr. David Bivin, a Christian, says that the Yahshua form “is rooted in a misunderstanding.”[2] Dr. Bivin is a renowned Hebrew scholar and teacher and author of Fluent Biblical Hebrew.

      I do not know of a single individual that knows Hebrew well enough to actually read it and understand it and converse in it who uses the Yahshua form.”

      The entire article is here:

      My sharing this is simply to clarify what seems ambiguous to many. His Name is far higher than any other name, in whatever language it is expressed.


    • One thing I have learned about the Hebrew language, is that many times, just one letter added on, will completely change the whole meaning of the word. A part of me wonders if this was a foreshadowing of His coming. You know, just add Him into the mix, and all is forever changed to the better… 🙂

      If you want to post the links to those videos, you are welcome to do so.

      The Lord made it very clear to me, that He knows each of His children, and knows what His name sounds like upon each of their tongues. Whatever language they use, He knows His name.

      May Yah bless you too,
      C. Dunamis

      • Hi Dreams:)
        It seems the Fathers name is pretty cut and dried and I don’t see much variation on how His name is said…here is that video on this subject:

        Its when it comes to Jesus, Yahshua, Yeshua, Yahusha…its crazy! How can there be so many different versions? Obviously its the enemy attempting to confuse us and disarm us, no doubt. Well I have made the decision I will be sticking to Jesus and Yahusha. All I can do for the Hebrew is the same as I can do for the Greek and this is to take someones word for it since I am not a scholar and He definately knows that…lol. There is a man who makes the argument that His name is Yahusha very well and all that he says makes perfect sense. I will be getting an interlinear Hebrew Bible to check out what he is saying. Perhaps there is one online, I will have to see. I cannot call him Yeshua…something in my spirit knows that is not correct, I’m sorry. I know that Yah would not call His Son by a name that has “may his name be blotted out” anywhere in it. Just my opinion:) But check out these vids if you get a chance.
        Many blessings to you and Cynthia both:)

  4. Thanks for sharing that! Whenever I’ve heard stories of people who have had Jesus appear to them in visions (like Muslims in other countries), they always say that He identifies Himself as “Jesus.” My sister heard a testimony recently of a Messianic pastor who encountered Christ in Jerusalem, and He said He was “Jesus.” So, obviously, either name works!

    Interesting what the spirit of the law looks like – depressing and gray, sounds about right!

    Anyway, I’ve had that question different times, too, so that really clears it up for for me!

    Thanks, C. Dunamis – you’re always a blessing!

  5. Dunamis, what I received from your experience is that you have a fear of not saying things the right way which would cause you to lose out in the intervention of God in your circumstances. If that is the case, at least partially, I can certainly relate.

    Many times I worry that I didn’t say something the right way in prayer or in some other situation and because I wasn’t perfect then God won’t hear me and He will not answer or respond. This is definitely a legalistic problem as God has shown you.

    God through the Holy Ghost has spoken through my mouth and commanded a couple of demon to come out of me and He used Jesus’ name. I personally only use the name of Jesus. Of course, when I pray, I pray in the name of Jesus.

    But it ministers to my heart to say the name of Jesus Christ in the Hebrew tongue (I am not mentioning it here because I don’t know how to spell it).

    I don’t speak in tongues yet but one day I will. Sometimes I thought I would like for my prayer language to be Hebrew. To me it is a beautiful language but, of course, it is for God to decide.

  6. What a wonderful testimony!! Thank you for sharing! I too had gone over this in my walk b/c in years past I had always said, JESUS and HE helped me. The LORD knows our hearts, more than we know them and we are suspended in HIS grace and mercy (that is away from the law!). A lot of times when I pray I say KING YAHSHUA b/c HE Is the king.
    Thanks again!

  7. Good you shared the vision and causes some thought. We should check ourselves as to the reasons/motives why we’d change name used. in this case it was doubt and an attack on faith..unsure, you changed name used but it was not of strong faith..?

    it also reminds me somewhat of that saying-the power of prayer. There’s no power of prayer, there’s power in the Lord Jesus who we pray to. Otherwise those people who pray to tree’s have power in their prayers lol. (they might but it’s from the enemy!) or an unsaved one praying for gains will receive those gains as the prayer has the power.
    also another, they searched the scriptures daily and thought that in them they had life, but they pointed to the Lord Jesus .
    and another, the prayer of the immaculate heart (?, I think that’s what it’s called) anyway looking into this prayer, it’s a dividing of the Lord Jesus and praying to His heart as a separate ..entity, and not the whole Him. (you can find it under catholic mysticism articles)
    Or those guys who tried to cast out demons in the name of Jesus who paul preached..

    so thinking there’s more power in the hebrew name over the greek/english is like isolating the name of the Lord from the Lord Himself.

    I suppose those in a religion or law think the practices done have some form of power in and of themselves etc..forgetting or bypassing the Lord and knowing Him.

    ? I don’t explain it well but I hope that makes some sense :))

    anyway good for thought and glad the Lord steered you away from stumbling and now you can share this so we all can pray on and consider on.

    I don’t use the hebrew as I don’t have enough understanding of that nor have been led of the wouldn’t be of strong faith for me. be led of the Holy Spirit and let things be done in faith

  8. What an excellent post!! Thank you for sharing this!! That must have bee such
    a horrifying moment for you to actually see that thing!
    Dunamis, do you find that every time you cast out a spirit of sickness it goes away?

    • Yes, Kingintraining, it was definitely shocking to see it!

      As for your question…Are you asking if the demon always goes away, or if the symptoms of sickness that they brought in always goes away?

      it is much easier to defend oneself from an invasion, than to reclaim previously lost land. When I catch the demons at their first strike, then yes, they ALWAYS leave, and take their illness symptoms with them. Fighting off the enemy once they are ensconced however, is a far different matter for our family. I find then that I must repeat the casting out, quoting scripture, and keep claiming my health, until it it is seen in the natural world. I am not sure if this is just that my own faith in this area is weak, or if this is simply the usual struggle/way of reclaiming lost territory.

      I used to be well only about two weeks out of every three months or so. Sickness seemed to be a usual state with me. At one point, the doctors had given up on me, and had given me just a few months to live. At one point, I was taking many many vitamins and supplements, over forty five pills a day. But if I missed only one of those pills, sickness would enter into me again. (Even if I had not realized that I had missed a pill until several days later.) I spent a fortune on these supplements, yet was not healed. Instead I found myself enslaved to these pills.

      When I took a leap of faith and went off the pills, I then discovered how demons can attack you with sickness, and how one could fight them off. Since this insight, I have only been sick a few times in the past several years. And in those three times, two I was not obeying my Lord, and in one, I was attacked by a strong coven of witches. (Their tricks were new to me at the time.) I no longer take all those supplements, and am still in good health.

      I like to think that the demon of sickness always leaves when it is cast out. Yet the symptoms that those demons brought in, may take a few days afterwards, to completely leave. At least for us, sometimes it takes a few days for the real world to catch up to the spiritual one…

      Blessings and health to you,
      C. Dunamis

      • Thank you for your excellent answer. I ask because my daughter is always sick – she suffers from allergies and falls ill every month. I rebuke, cast out which sometimes works but most often not. I like your explanation of them being entrenched. Thank you for your insight – I will warfare on!

  9. Yes, I too went through a trial and error process. I personally believe this whole agenda smells of sulfur.
    What better way than to discourage a Believer? To convince them not to use HIS Name? Smart, but devious just the same.
    I was convinced when I used it in this context, such as yours. Casting out demons MUST include the Holy Name of Jesus Christ and this is a severe disclaimer for the dark side. Shame on them.
    I was appalled at the very notion that they have charged mankind with these accusations against HIS Holy Name,when it originated with them, and myself for believing in their schemes.
    Peace & Blessings-V

  10. I have read this book, from the prophetesses Susan Davis and Sabrina De Muynck:

    Here is the quoting –
    ” I, GOD, your HEAVENLY FATHER, call on everyone to pray from today in the Name of YAHUSHUA, MY Beloved SON. The reason for this is that the antichrist will use this name: ‘Jesus Christ’ as his identity in the tribulation, once MY bride
    is gone. It will be hard, hard times, as never seen on this earth. I have already called many of MY bride to pray in MY SON’S original Name: YAHUSHUA. Make it a habit MY beloved, the Name YAHUSHUA has much strength and is extremely pleasing to ME”

    Here your post says –
    “Do not add more translations to My name, or change My name to another tongue, thinking that this will make it more effective!”

    I am confused. I sometimes pray ending with the name of Jesus and sometimes Yahushua or Yeshua. Would the prayers still be heard by the Lord?

    The two quoting above ones says “the Name YAHUSHUA has much strength and is extremely pleasing to ME” and the other to me feels like that all languages in the name of Jesus have the SAME power and equally pleasing to God, is it?

    What do you think?

    • Yeshua is the Hebraic name for Jesus.

      The Lord has told me, that when I call out to Him as Jesus, He will hear me and come to my aid. He has told me not to change this to Yeshua, thinking that it holds more power than Jesus. It does not. His name is His name, and He knows it in all the languages. He can read our minds and our hearts as well, so He knows full well when we are calling out to Him.

      Interesting point, that the anti-christ may come in the name of Jesus Christ. Personally, I think that the anti-christ will come in many names, Jesus being just one of them. However, this is why when I refer to Jesus Christ, I often add on “of Nazareth’, for I believe there is only One that can lay claim to that particular title…

      Blessings to you, strangerintheland!

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