Tidal Waves

A dream…

A tidal wave rolled in to the shoreline, surprising many, even though they had been warned that one might come. Some scoffed, (“That’s nothing!”), others became concerned, for they seen the loss that the wave had brought.

We knew that the place where we were now, would not sustain another wave. So we grabbed what we could, (a change of clothes; a special outfit, some odds-n-ends,) and sought a different shelter.

Many others were seeking shelter in the places that were thought to be the strongest, and it was suggested that we go there too, but I kept telling my children, “No, I will go where my God has told me to go.”

Panic was beginning to sweep over the people, as they watched the next tidal wave come in. People rushed to their shelters, some running to and fro, not knowing what they should do. Some nearest to me had heard what I had said, and then decided to go where we were going, because “If God has told her to go there, then it must be safe!” (They didn’t understand; survival was not my reason for seeking this particular shelter; I went there because God told me to. If it were God’s will for me to die, then at least I would be in the right place at the right time for that to happen.)

We found one of the tallest buildings in the city, (a big high-rise made of brick,) and then went up to the very top, where glass rooms were layered, forming the top floor. We went in, (it was crowded already, but God made room for us,) and then He led us into the next one, and the next, till we could go in no farther. God then told us to make sure all the doors and windows were shut, and then bid us to wait.

We watched the waves as they kept coming in, slowly wiping out the shorter buildings below us. The panic we all felt, was severe. We watched water level slowly rise around us, and feared we too, would drown if we stayed where we were. So we looked to get out and move inland, but when we turned our eyes out to that direction, we seen three men dressed in black fatigues, pointing strange guns at us. I sensed the guns were the cause of the tidal waves, but did not understand how. Then I seen a huge tidal wave coming towards us from behind them, and I wondered, “why in the world would a tidal wave be coming from inland?” The wave advanced along with them, like a well-heeled dog following it’s master. I realized with shock, that they were forcing all the people to stay where they were.

So we remained in the glass house, (the room reminded me of a 10 gal. aquarium,) and watched as wave after wave rolled in, each one washing away more people and more shelters, till the waves reached up to our level. The first wave to hit us did no real damage. The people on the floor cheered. But then the next wave came, ripping off the outer glass section, and carrying away all the people within it. Wave after wave came, removing each of the layers of the glass floor, till there was only our container left. I watched as the last wave formed its hump out over the depths of the ocean and thought, “now it is our turn…”

When the final wave came in, it was more like a swell upon the ocean, for the water was already up to our level. Like a big hand, it gently lifted us up, as the building beneath us dissolved into the water, and carried us along in the wave at great speed, until we found ourselves gently placed far inland, on lush green land. We then looked around and found that only those that had survived by ‘chance’, and those that had listened to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and done His will, had survived. As we climbed out of the shelter, I woke up.

* * * *

18 comments on “Tidal Waves

  1. Wow! So much going on
    There and a lot to think about.
    When you mentioned the three,
    I immediately I thought of the false
    Antichrist- the coming deception as
    spoken of in revelation. Lots to think about here. I was wondering if you sensed a location?

    • From what I could tell, it was somewhere on the West Coast. It affected the whole length of it. Yet the inland tidal wave that came from the opposite direction, was just as high as the ones that hit the coast, but this one was well controlled by some kind of odd-looking gun that those military men in black uniforms were carrying. Those men were just slowly marching across the land at a steady and fearless pace. It was really chilling to see in the dream!
      In the end, I sensed that we had traveled back over the whole of the US, and had landed somewhere where the land was covered with a thick and tall grassy marsh land. So the whole of the US was definitely affected by these waters…

  2. Maybe the tidal waves in your dream represent the tidal waves of wickedness that have spread all over the United States since Obama came into the White House.

    A while back you mentioned that you moved to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California because of the coming earthquake/tsunami that will hit the west coast. I just got a very interesting comment on my post “This is Sodom! This is Sodom!”; it is in response to my post “California Earthquake”:

    “mr. Shey, I have been told of a massive quake to occur on the san andreas fault near Cholame California ,east of paso robles ca. exactly where you had your dream about a quake breaking the telephone pole on mar. 27, 2008 while you were camping. I saw where you had posted this dream after I had already been given the imfo from the Lord months before I saw your post on the net. Contact me and we can share more about it. It is prophetic confirmation of what is to come. I will e-mail you the e-mails I sent out warning people about this quake to come out there back last year. Bill Ford.” [20 July 2013]

    “This is Sodom! This is Sodom”

    “California Earthquake”

  3. yeah like Tim I was thinking spiritual wickedness tidal waves..the worlds..and our own, all mounting up and flooding over.

    I dunno, a form of gun, and men , of authority/authorized in task, marching forward or along the nation with these forms of guns..what is that..mandated imposition of more wickedness, or bad things which the many now call good?

    I liked how you said-they didn’t understand=we didn’t come here to save our lives (tent bodies of flesh) but because the Lord told us to come here! That made me actually laugh and is a true statement. Lots of preppers are just on all about that 1 thing, saving their flesh tent body..will they fail to be saved and also fall to the mark seeing how they love and focus first and most on the tent of the flesh body…

    • Hi Bread,

      So true! I was surprised to find so many unbelievers that were preppers. At first, I had actually assumed that most of them knew our God, because that is who warns us and prepares us for what is to come upon the earth. I was disappointed when I realized that many did not know Him. After all, knowing Him and His Will for us, is what real preparing is all about!

      Actually, the Lord wanted me to post this dream at this time, and He told me that His people will take it in the way He wants them to take it. Only after several days, was I to share what its meaning was for me.

      The dream was given to me before the first recent stock market crash, when everyone was living high on the money and it looked like the stock market would go on climbing upwards forever. The dream repeated itself twice on two consecutive nights. Both times the dream did not alter at all, but remained the same. I knew in my spirit, that this was a really big message for His people, so I shared it with my friends and my church at the time, but no one took me seriously. They all laughed and thought it was simply a case of repeated indigestion.

      When I went to the Lord about its meaning, He told me it was a financial message, and revealed it to me over the course of several days. The online articles that He led me to read on the economy made my skin break out into goosebumps, for the terminology used in those reports seemed to often refer back to my dream. I had no idea of what was to come economically to the U.S., so these economic lessons surprised me greatly!

      It was a dream foretelling the future of the US dollar. At first, everyone was enjoying being on the beach, so close to the cool welcoming water. (Just like in real life, it is nice to have some money to use, or to get a line of credit when you need it.) But a ‘sea change’ would take place, causing all that ‘liquidity’ to rush onto our shorelines, causing tidal waves of money to flood out the land. This then caused the loss of those buildings that were close to the water, and that were not very tall or strong. The glass buildings were other forms of investments that did not rely on the US dollar for its value, and the tall, solid looking brick building that the glass houses were placed on, was a bank that dealt with IRA investments or annuities or other monetary future paper-based investments that are generally thought to be safe investments for retirees. The men in black fatigues carrying those odd-looking guns were from the Federal Reserve, and their guns controlled precisely the amount of dollars that flooded out the land at any given time. Those tall strong-looking brick buildings simply dissolved in the end, from all the pressure of the waves of money that were coming in against it. (I believe that more banks in the future, will ‘dissolve’ and become insolvent.) Many people’s houses would also be ‘underwater’, without hope of ever being on ‘dry land’ again, for once the water surged over the land, it did not recede back again. The seas themselves had changed.

      The Lord wanted me to share this dream at this time, for the tidal waves are due to arrive on America’s shores soon, if they haven’t begun to arrive already. He also wanted this message to go out to those who live in the Portland, Oregon area, for that area has also been prophesied to be hit with a tidal wave that will hit far inland, even swamping the Portland airport. Those reading this note, who live in the Portland area, and are feeling the Holy Spirit’s nudging upon them, wondering if they should indeed move and leave the area, this is a confirmation of that warning spirit.

      It also does look like it might also be a message of the incoming filth of the sins invading the land. I had not thought of it that way before, but that is one thing I am learning through this dreams web site; there are many ways to interpret dreams!

      Blessings be upon you dearest brother,
      C. Dunamis

  4. the first waves came from off shore-other places in the world…
    the guns (or actions done?) were the cause of the waves from other parts of the world…

    the guns also made a wave from inland/from themselves, turned against average folk/it’s own people,..forcing them to remain where they were and they were then swept away

    was thinking about babylon and the destruction later, we’re shown the beast and the 10 horn/kings hate her..will the lesser power brokers hate her too? most likely for sure. so they’d not have any qualms about turning waves against ..what others might have thought up to that point -their own-….a globalist mindset shows their not beholden to any one land also.

    do you think it could have any ties into the time when babylon is devoured ..prior times and or leading to that time…?

    anyway interesting dream..the guns somehow made the first waves..the waves coming from off shore, other parts of the world back at these shores, struck me, reminded me of the verses on hatreds and actions done to babylon. And spiritual wickedness still fits as even a physical events then will always have the spiritual floods of wickedness too, so the world floods it hatreds and this countries own floods of wickedness result in more floods of wickedness..til even it’s own supposed caring leaders take a hand in it’s being destroyed. A lesser hand then the beast and the 10’s hand, but still imagine those with the means and ties will be against the woman and play their part.

    • Hi Bread,

      Yes, I thought it was interesting that the waves came from off-shore, from a different land, say maybe China? It would make sense, as they have the most of our money in reserve, and we owe them the most.

      I also definitely think the dream ties in to the end times and when Babylon is destroyed. I think the Federal Reserve has done a lot of damage to many countries, not just the U.S., through its over-printing of the U.S.dollar. I think the end of the U.S. dollar will usher in a one-world-currency that will affect everyone no matter where they live. The U.S. dollar has been the reserve currency for many countries, and I think these other countries getting fed up with the U.S. policies of the printing press is what will ultimately cause those waters (money) to return to our shores. This will cause the world to cry out for only one world-wide currency, and of course, this one currency could then easily be controlled by the anti-Christ. I did sense in the dream, that there were those like the Federal Reserve men, and others who were well off, that knew what was coming upon the land, and had moved out of the way, onto dry land elsewhere. It was indeed, the common man, that got affected by those waves the most.

      Of course the dream could be taken in the sense that you describe as well. Heaven knows all the filth and wickedness that is flooding out our lands, especially through Hollywood and the media. They make it seem so normal, which amazes me…

      There is a video interview on the future of the U.S. dollar from usawatchdog.com that you might find interesting:

      It was quite an eye-opener for me…

  5. Hi Dunamis. Yeah the QE and other programs will come back to roost. It flows out to all other countries and they have to deal with this hot money as it harms their economy ..currency wars going on right now. I’m glad the Lord showed you the first and above all meaning so we can keep watch, people been waiting for the house of cards to come down since the first shaking..no one knew they’d go to such extremes to hold it up with all their money easing QE and bailouts and more
    ..without the continuing “flow” input into the system the system will fall down but the effects and durations of time their actions actually effect the economy are shortening and shortening til now they pump billions and it lasts weeks and no longer months. And the stock market is run by programmers with their “bots” and is no indication of if things are working although the MSM would have many think it is.

    The people at the sea shore..can picture it, sunny day, calm sea’s lapping at the shoreline..never believing or looking up to see the onrushing danger heading towards shore.. ..looking up, alls they need is to look up even beyond the horizon but higher, up to heaven with faith to see things and hear the Lords warnings about way more then the economy..

    I’d heard a prophecy about a tidal wave hitting portland few yrs ago, the one I heard involved an large off shore quake resulting in a tsunami which flooded the coasts and went up the columbia river to portland and flooded that, also the dam up river of portland had suffered earthquake damage in this one I heard and it burst and flooded downstream after the tidal wave, so that city was flooded twice in a short time.
    I read the dream on the prophecy site and it was similar except the dam part. Also some others have had visions/dreams of ..maybe the same earthquake?..effecting puget sound and seattle area heavily.

    well keep looking up with a much better hope and love and joy and peace and patience and…:))

  6. I was listening to Ann Barnhardt last night (again) and one thing she said was, “If you are not willing to lose everything (lay it down), it is a gaurentee you will lose everything!” She also said something about the financial things “splitting the nation”. She was a broker and basically pulled a John Galt. (While I don’t agree with everything she says, she is very smart and knows what she’s talking about.)

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