The Versatile Blogger Award (2013)


Versatile Blogger Award

I am honored to have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Caddie of Check out her blog! She has a heart for the Lord that shines out from her writing. She shares her testimonies, dreams, and visions with us. She lives in South Africa, which gives her blog a unique and interesting viewpoint. A recent post I found most refreshing, was: .

The Versatile Blogger Award was started and is now maintained by bloggers who want to support each other.

The rules are:
• Thank the blogger who gave the nomination/award and link to their blog.
• Share seven things about yourself that people may not know.
• Give this award to up to 15 bloggers (and link to them).
• Comment on their blogs to tell them of the award.

Thank you Caddie for the award! I love the chance to share the links of those new (new to me,) bloggers I have most recently discovered and have enjoyed during my internet travels. (As always, please mimic the biblical Bereans and check out what they say with the scriptures.)
I usually don’t like to give too much information about myself over the blog, because I like to stick to what is most important, which are the dreams and testimonies of me and my family. But the Lord has reminded me, that sometimes the testimonies can have an even deeper meaning for some readers, if more background information on the writer is given. So below, I share some information about me.

The 7 things:
1. The Lord has had a few of my earlier testimonies published in Christian magazines, (this was before the internet really got going,) monthly newsletters, and has even had me write (and perform) scripts and plays for our local church. Writing isn’t what I do, it is a part of who I am. Like breathing, I write because I must, even if it is only for myself.
2. I am an intensely personal person, and tend to care deeply about people. My husband is always amazed at how quickly I can become close friends with those I just happen to meet.
3. Like Caddie, I too, am an introvert. I am rejuvenated by spending time alone or with just a few people at a time. I can find crowds exciting for a short period of time, but after a while, I find they tire me out.
4. I am very creative. Art was my favorite subject in school. I consider myself to be unconventional and unique. Often I am one of the first ones to think outside the box.
5. I love to sing. Not just in the shower, but anywhere and anytime. Sometimes when there are no lyrics to sing, I will sing in tongues. (This has done wonders, by the way, for period cramps. Satan doesn’t like me singing in tongues and will even stop giving me cramps just to shut me up!)
6. My mother discovered when I was four years old that I was a nature lover. I came home with furry moving caterpillars all around the bottom of my dress, and asked her how she liked my new fur trim on my outfit. She screamed “ish!”, (a nature lover she is NOT!,) and marched me right back outside to remove them. I cried and petted them, as I said goodbye and placed them back where I had found them.
7. I love thunderstorms and rain. I used to bring my kids out in the summer rains, so we too, could be “Singing In The Rain”! (This is also one of my favorite movies, along with “The Sound Of Music”.) My neighbors thought I was crazy for doing this, but my boys just loved it!

I would like to pass on this Award to: (as always, they are in no particular order:)


May the Lord bless you, may His face shine down upon you, and give you His peace…


7 comments on “The Versatile Blogger Award (2013)

  1. You truly deserve it! So glad Caddie nominated you… and how so kind of you to think of Journey of Joy! Now that our move is finally done, my hope is to ease my way back into writing every week again. Truly grateful for you!! Blessings & ((Hugs))

  2. BTW: meant to say I thoroughly enjoyed reading more about you; SO glad you chose to share/open up. all 7 things are quite unique and tell so much about you. thank you for sharing I am so glad to know all 7 things about you; maybe you might give us more? 🙂

    • Hi Journeyofjoy,
      There is soon to be another award I plan to accept on the blog, and in accepting it, I will be answering a set of questions that go with the award. Hopefully this will add a bit more interesting info about me… Thank you for being so encouraging! 🙂

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