The Face Of The Colonel

A dream…


I am up in the sky, traveling in something. (Not sure what.)

It reminds me of having just jumped out of a plane, and I’m free-falling down to earth.

There are others there with me; I am not alone.


We fly go through the clouds,

Then suddenly, I hear a voice, asking “Colonel? Colonel? I am looking for Colonel.”


We all looked at each other with blank faces, not knowing any Colonel in our midst.


“I was told the Colonel is here,” the voice said.


Then suddenly, I realize that the man is looking for me.


I’m not sure why he is calling me Colonel, but somehow I know for certain that he is referring to me.


So I lean over the thing we were in, and seen him there, under us.


He was a good looking and strong military man, having average brown hair and beard close-cut, and having brown eyes. (Or were they now blue? No.. hazel.. in the varying light they seemed to change color.) I knew that he had just died, and had not yet risen up to heaven.


“Colonel?” He asked, looking at me. “Are you the Colonel?”


I nodded my yes to him.


He then gave me a look of great relief and joy, and then he slowly starred at me. I could tell that he was slowly committing every thing he noted about me, to memory. Every line on my face, every plane, wrinkle, or crevice.


Then he let one huge fat tear roll from his eyes and fall down to the earth. He then said, “Now I can die in peace.”


He was about to fly off, when I called out to him, “Wait!”


He paused, looking back at me expectantly. So I asked him, “Why do you say this?”


Then he told me, that he had asked the Lord Jesus to show him the face of the Colonel who had helped to lead him from out of the enemy’s hands, before he rose to heaven.


As soon as he said this to me, he looked down to the ground that was quickly rising to us, and for some reason I feared that he would somehow upset the transportation we were in, and I knew that there were those with me who were not ready yet, so we could not go where he was going.


But my fears were for nothing, for he left to go where he was to go, and left us in our container just fine. We continued falling to the earth.


I then woke up.



The dream really confused me at first, for I could not make sense of it. I am no Colonel! I am a nobody! A nothing!


Then the Lord Jesus corrects me. “You are not nothing; you are My daughter.” (I could sense He was affronted by such a thought.)


“O.K.,” I conceded, “But I know I’m not a Colonel…”


“Go look up the word ‘Colonel’ Ma Petite.”


So I went and looked it up.


“Colonel (abbreviated Col., Col or COL and pronounced /ˈkɜrnəl/, similar to “kernel”) is a senior military officer rank below the general officer ranks. However, in some small military forces, such as those of Iceland or the Vatican, colonel is the highest rank. It is also used in some police forces and paramilitary organizations.

Historically, in the seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, a colonel was typically in charge of a regiment in an army. Modern usage varies greatly.

Equivalent naval ranks may be called captain or ship-of-the-line captain. In the Commonwealth air force rank system, the equivalent rank is group captain.”



Captain of a ship?


Then it came to me; I suppose I was kind of like a captain for the Dreams Of Dunamis web site.


I went over to where my wooden belaying pin is, with all the scriptures written on it. “But I thought I was just a belaying pin on a ship. Not a captain of a ship!”


And with a very stern and matter-of-fact voice, the Lord replied: “You’ve been promoted.”


I tried to ask Him what He meant, but He would not say more about it.


Three days later, the forest fire hit.



9 comments on “The Face Of The Colonel

  1. Is it possible for you to email me about this vision? I was given a strikingly similar vision in January of this year that has baffled me. Just last night I was drawn to look at it. Still confused, I set it aside. Now…I’m stunned to find your vision! Well, not really 🙂

    If you desire, you may view the manna the Lord has been sharing with me @

    Many thanks and blessings!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      After reading your post on the dream you had about the electrical fire in your laundry room, I’d be inclined to ask the Lord if I needed to have an electrician come and inspect the wiring! (Or perhaps you simply need to start claiming in His name that no house fire will ever be started in your home!)

      That dream I had, was the warning I received about the fire. It was exactly as I had felt in the dream, as if I was constantly falling out of the sky, with the ever-looming crash waiting below. Oh the adrenaline rush! I felt that way for days afterwards. I shook so badly that it was hard for me to walk.

      I can only share with you what the dream meant for me. (I will be writing more about it later.) I do not know if the Lord gave you a similar dream that means the same thing for you. Talk to Him. Has He said anything further to you about it?

      I enjoyed your blog;
      Good writing Colonel my friend!

      May the Lord Jesus Keep you in the palm of His hands,
      C. Dunamis

  2. The pronunciation of colonel reminded me of the word ‘kernel’
    Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn (kernel) of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. -John 12:24

  3. I had to look up “belaying pin” on Wikipedia; it is used on sailing ships. I thought that was interesting because I just saw the film “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” starring Russell Crow. It is a great film.

    After your dream, the big fire hit. Obviously, your prayers protected your family and your property from destruction. It reminds me of Psalm 91:

    verses 7-8: “A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee. Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.”

    The fire is both destructive and redemptive. It also reminds me of the three men in the fiery furnace in the Book of Daniel.

    • Hi Tim,

      Yes, I had to look it up when I first ran into it in a dream. The Lord let me know that in His case, a belaying pin can be used to help defend the ship, and to help hold its course, with the sails.

      Interesting what you said about the fiery furnace in the book of Daniel. I had always wondered how one could hold back the fire in what was basically a fire pit. Now I know! With God, all things really are possible!

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