The Best Way To Pray

The Lord has just told me, that the best way you could pray for anyone, (including me,) is to PRAISE HIM for answering our prayers!

(This is called ‘Shabach’ – praise that is given before the answer, and ‘Towdah’ – is praising Him despite the problem.)

Another good praise song:

Please Pray For Me!

The Lord Jesus is telling me to go ahead and ask you, dear readers, to pray for me.

The demon of diabetes is trying to attack my vision. It has attacked several other parts of my body before, but I had not asked the Lord Jesus what to do about them; I had simply cast the pain out whenever it afflicted me too much. The lying symptoms would go away upon the blessing of the oil, yet would return later on. Now He has told me the names of my enemies, and I am casting them out and claiming in His Holy Name of Jesus, that I am HEALED!

Normally demons leave immediately upon being cast out, yet this one has been slower to leave; it has been with me for a long time.

Please pray that this squid demon, with its ten tentacles would be removed from my body, that my eyesight would return to normal and I will not go blind or even need eye surgery, and that all other lying symptoms would be removed from me as well. Pray that I would be completely healed! Pray that the Lord Jesus would give me great peace and faith in Him while He does it!

Thank you VERY much for your prayers,

C. Dunamis