The Football Was The Truth

Before I share the conclusion from my last post, I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to comment on the blog and encourage me. You did far more than that. You are answered prayer!

For several years now, ever since moving out into the country, I have been asking the Lord Jesus to send me some  real friends. They tend to me more scarce out here in the middle of nowhere, and my old friends from the city cut off communications, stating that I now lived too far from them to get together with them.

To be honest, I had kind of given up on the prayer being answered here on earth, and began asking the Lord to have friends one day in heaven.

But after the responses I received (over 20 of them!) I broke down crying before my God, and thanking Him for the true friendships that He had just given me.

Thank You Jesus, for each and every one of you! May God bless you greatly!

And now for the conclusion of last week’s post…

(Continued from:

So I asked the Lord what the football represented. “A treasure,” He replied. “Something very precious.” It took me a few days, before I realized what He meant. The football, was the Truth.

Living in a family where others can see into the unseen world, has given me little pieces of truth, that many in Christendom have not seen. Oh, had I known then what I know now, my life would have been so very different! I would not have wasted so much time “boxing as one beating the air” (1 Corinthians 9:26).

He also let me know, where I was at this point in my life in that dream. I had just stepped out of the cold and into the bus depot.

He pointed out to me, that I had stopped posting on the blog, and was in fact thinking of giving it up entirely.
I didn’t bother denying it; He was right.

He let me know who the people were in the bleachers, watching me. They were my friends and family. This made it harder for me to just walk away, for it’s easier to disappoint a stranger, than those you know and love.

“You really think I can play football for You, Lord?”

The thought amazed me, for I do not think myself much of a football player. I dislike fame or notoriety. I have had my taste of fame early on in my life, and I did not like it. In this dream I was obviously the quarterback, and such a prominent position in the game being given to me seemed totally out of place and unwarranted besides.

“I gave you the ball, didn’t I?”


Then the Lord reminded me of that dream I had recently, about the believers who kept going after a nuclear bomb went off. ( They decided to keep serving God for as long as they could. And God blessed them with health.

So why could I not try to do the same?

He then revealed to me, that there were courts in heaven filled with people watching me, and wanting me to succeed in playing the football. This also made it harder for me to stay in the bus depot. When I get up to heaven, I do not want to feel shame at having failed my God. I want to be able to face Noah, Moses, Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth, Junia, Ruth, and all those written of in the books of heaven, knowing that I had done the best I could with what was given to me.

I knew then that I had to get back onto the playing field.

So I ask you, dear reader, are you doing all you have been called to do by the Lord, or have you given up like me? Heaven is watching us to see what we will do next…
Hebrews 12:1-2 ESV “Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight, and sin which clings so closely, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus, the founder and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is seated at the right hand of the throne of God.”

2 Timothy 4:7-9 ESV “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid up for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will award to me on that Day, and not only to me but also to all who have loved his appearing. Do your best to come to me soon.”

Acts 20:24 ESV “But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.”

Philippians 3:13-14 ESV “Brothers, I do not consider that I have made it my own. But one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”

34 comments on “The Football Was The Truth

  1. I feel like I’m alone here sometimes too, and I wish I could’ve had Christian friends who would be able to understand and encourage me at times.

    I’ve been doing what God had called me to do, and sometimes it gets upsetting because of discouragement and setbacks. Sometimes I feel so pressured and angry I couldn’t breathe..and I told the Lord one time I wish I never existed.

    Every since reading your blog, I feel really connected and intrigued about you, I wish I could give you and your family a big hug from New York. It’s really hard to find a believer friend whom you can develope a relationship with and talk to deeply about your feelings. I hope I can meet you one day so we can truly talk about our life experiences and share how we feel and as well as encouraging and praying for each other :D.

    If not, I’ll love to meet you one day in Heaven and we’ll have a great time enjoying our day with the Lord.

    • I agree, Wan Shan. I too, look for those kinds of friendships. Where I live, they are few and far between. But with the internet, the miles erase, and I hear from believers such as you. Thank you so much for responding and letting me know that I am not alone!

      I think heaven is going to be very interesting, hearing about other peoples testimonies. I look forward to meeting you and hearing yours!

      P.S., those feelings of pressure and anger are demons trying to attack you. As believers we can cast them out in Jesus name. You are a child of the Most High God! He told me He loves you and cares about you. Don’t stop fighting the good fight!

  2. Hi dunamis,

    I confirm your dream interpretation. As I was reading I was thinking of the Australian saying “I dropped the ball”, meaning I messed up or made a mistake. I thought of all your friends on the Internet as those in the bleachers and you yourself have believed you were the only one playing so you “dropped the ball”. That was pretty amazing that God warned you what might happen if you didn’t get out there and fulfill your ministry!

    It is hard sometimes when the opposing team are all bigger and smarter than you except we have the Holy Spirit as our on – board coach and Gods promises as our playbook. I hate football as much as you but our youngest son loves your football and watches games whoever he can. He gets excited about the strategies and game plans..

    We are all here to both cheer each other onand play the game with you. Let’s press on to the high calling and lift each other up when we stumble. I am waiting for the grand victory parade!!


  3. Hello. Just read your last post, they are so interesting ! I check on your website often to check for new ones, I wish there were more of them. I am on your mailing list but I check anyway because I want to know more of your continuous story and in between posts usually there is a lot of time. If you need and want another friend here I am, I consider you part of my extended family. God bless you and your family. Love, George.

    • Thank you very much, George! I am honored.
      Just when I was feeling alone, I read your comment. (Please forgive me; I am way behind in reading and responding to the comments.)
      Please Jesus, I ask You to bless George greatly, far beyond what he has asked for me.
      May the Lord Jesus keep us all in the palm of His hands,
      C. Dunamis

  4. Hi Dunamis, I am so very gladdened to hear that your spirit was lifted. The Lord has been teaching my heart things which at first I haven’t been able to put to words. I think they have to trickle upward to my mind and it takes time. I was finally able to write this one out this week . My husband and I moved from Florida to Massachusetts over five years ago after losing almost everything we had. But I must say that the Lord is bringing me into a richer existence than all those former trappings ever afforded me. I believe you are on the other coast from me, but if I could I would drive out into the country and have lovely long talks with you. I thank you for sharing your heart and personality so freely. We who love you are grateful for your friendship and generosity of spirit.


    His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. 2 Peter1:3

    If we are honest, many of us find ourselves walking through life on a persistent unresolved fleshly path, originating from childhood. We have been captured in a prison of wrong thinking. I believe the key to escaping these thought patterns lies in the truth contained within this verse. In order to take hold of this truth, we must allow the Lord to reprogram our minds to believe and to know that all we need for life in its fullest sense is contained in Christ. When, as children, we are deprived of something perceived as a need, a pattern of hunger is set up inside of us which often controls our responses and direction throughout the rest of our lives. Satan is well aware of this powerful dynamic and constantly seeks to achieve this brokenness in childhood. Unless we recognize this false thought pattern, purposefully replacing it with the truth of knowing God’s love, we will go on feeling unfulfilled, frustrated and angry, haunted by a pervasive underlying sadness. Instead of recognizing the love of another, even a mate or parent, as a blessing which we may or may not have been ordained to receive, it is interpreted as a right which we have been denied and which somehow must be corrected at all cost. Without realizing, we set the path of our life toward self fulfillment through the insecure hope of obtaining another person’s love and approval, subconsciously usurping God’s love. We place ourselves on a treadmill of failure and discontent. Satan knows this deep desire for approval and love has been built within us as a natural attraction toward our Father in Heaven. All the enemy does is redirect this need to a place which can never fully satisfy, and he has us in bondage. When the Lord healed me of cancer, He demonstrated this truth: the key to my healing was to direct my need back to Him. When He plugged me into that love, I was instantly healed. He showed me that even in its most admirable state, human love is faulted, frail, and temporary. Human love is insufficient to heal those deep woundings inside us, it cannot carry us through. We must truly and fully move in the knowledge of the Lord’s love, so fully capturing our thought life that this connection remains firm. We will then and only then reach the state in which we are unable to be hurt; hidden in the secret place of the Lord.

  5. Such an uplifting and refreshing
    Message just when some
    Doubt and past mistakes came to taunt me. I will carry on with the full armor of the lord.

  6. We all must keep on keeping on while supporting one another with fellowship and prayer. Its not easy and we will all fall…Jesus fell too and He got back up and He is our perfect example. I just pray that we can all endure and overcome in His Name…Yah bless sister!

  7. Hi, I am trying not to cry as I read this. I have given up too. The last two years have seemed to be totally fruitless–I have felt like I’ve been talking to a wall when I try to share the messages that God has given me. And I feel like my puzzle pieces are really important! But I can’t seem to get anyone to engage. So, like you, I have just stopped, and really have been considering just giving up on it completely. This is after an entire lifetime, truly, of God teaching me some incredibly painful and difficult lessons. Actually, the hardest part of it is over, and it was supposed to be fun to do this part–the teaching. But how do you teach when no one is listening?

    I have noticed that many, many bloggers have just kind of gone silent. They must feel like you do, and like I do. Thank you so, so much for this post! I have been one of the people sitting in the bleachers watching your game, and your game used to help me stay focused on my own. I have noticed that I receive energy from reading the few prophetic bloggers I follow–and now that they are silent, my own energy for the fight has gone away. Maybe we can all start gathering some energy and focus from one another once more. Thank you for coming back! I look forward to reading your blog again!

    • Do not give up! Ask the Lord how He wants you to share your testimonies.

      WoW…that’s a scary thought – to think that there might be many others who have also given up. (sometimes I tend to think of myself as the exception and the loner left alone.)

      Do you have a blog? Perhaps that could be one way to share your testimonies.

      I had some of my husbands friends over for Hanukkah. They made it clear that they were not interested in hearing about the unseen world. Oh, they accepted the angels, but not the demons. They know full well that Jesus spoke of them and cast them out, but they refuse to have anything to do with it. I had to work at not being discouraged. Its hard to see the pain that they are in, yet they refuse to accept the way out. They were definitely believers, yet they are trying to fight the battle without engaging the enemy. All I can do is to pray for them. Perhaps those you have encountered who did not want to hear you, also need your prayers.

      I too, get encouragement form other bloggers, and have noticed a marked decrease in the posts. I pray this is an aberation, and that they will return to testifying soon.

      May the Lord bless you greatly and uphold you in the palm of His hand,
      C. Dunamis

  8. Ah how I could see you and feel that biting chill of the wind! You dream has resonated deep in my soul….the Truth and heart of the matter..Yes this is where I am, running away from what God wants me to do. Always busy but not busy with what He wants me to do. I pray that He gives you supernatural strength and courage to carry on with this calling. Please carry on encouraging us!

    • Hi Larga,

      I am finding out, that if God tells you to do something, then He will make the way for you to do it! So keep trying to follow Him; I know one day we will both rejoice over what we were able to do for the Lord. Thank you for encouraging me!

  9. great dream and great question, have been thinking of similar here. Seems I was running then slowed and am now walking..(yeah walking down the field of play-in ‘football’?!).
    I got tired and have also noticed the ‘warm bus depot’, but haven’t gone over there yet, was praying and thinking of doing the opposite, being strengthened and shown to run again, so that’s what to do.
    Endurance and strength and perseverance and patience and well in myself I have none but Christ has all and in Him by Him so can I, same as that verse because iniquity abounds the love of many shall grow cold but that’s not what God wants and in ourselves we haven’t but God does and gives to us to be able to.
    As the world waxes and the blizzard gets worse so must and can the strength in Christ.

      • Hi Dunamis! Yeah I think the world is waxing worse and the blizzard but the blizzard is also the wiles/attacks of the devil apart from what the world is even doing.

        I’m still praying for you and family and eyesight and more. My eyesight isn’t always the best and I always rebuke the devil and pray and also tell the Lord how I MUST be able to read the bible, must be able to see to read! and it always gets better. Alot of times for me it’s because I’m tired some so my eyesight gets fuzzy but when I sleep enough it’s not so bad.

        Having alot of dreams about flying recently..come to find ‘flying’ equals faith in these dreams..and the verse those who wait upon the Lord shall renew strength, shall rise up on wings of eagles..

        • Thank you so very much Bread for your prayers!

          I too, keep claiming in Jesus name, that I am healed. Lately satan has tried to attack my vision with occular migraines. But when I see the lying symptoms, I rebuke him, remind him that he is a liar and that I do not believe him, and to take all his lying symptoms and get lost in a dry place far away from me. Shortly after, the lying symptoms leave. Hallelujah!

          I will remember you in my prayers as well, Bread. I thank God for you, and have done so many times. You were the first person to comment on the blog, and the first person to support the effort. When we both get to heaven, I want to give you a big hug!

          Blessings, clear vision, and all good things be given unto you dear brother,
          C. Dunamis

  10. Your website has been a blessing to me over the years!
    Just to mention one blessing: I was led to your website after asking the Lord if there was anything in my apartment causing demonic oppression and attacks. Then I found this page:
    I found quite a bit of stuff that had to go and bind and cast out the demons and anointed the place with anointing oil. Praise Jesus they left.

    A few months ago I was on a three day fast and nearing the end of it I was already thinking of what I was going to eat and then the Lord told me to fast one more day for you.
    Now I have to be honest, I asked the Lord, but can’t I include her in this three days fast?
    He said no, but to go one more day for you. So I did.

    I’ve started to write to you before some testimony’s and encouragement, but I don’t think I ever ended up sending any. Forgive me.

    God bless you and protect you and your family in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth

    • Oh Jim!

      You have no idea what your comment has meant to me! First of all, it was very heartening to hear that the method of cleaning house and land worked so well for you!

      Secondly, the fact that you fasted for four days lets me know that it is possible for me to do this.

      When I first got your comment, I was confused, for it was filled with the Holy Spirit, yet you talked about fasting. For me, fasting was always associated with the pagan religions, so I shied away from it.

      But your Spirit and your comment pulled out the Berean in me, so I went and researched it further in the Bible. I found that it was not just for pagans, but that God had ordained it for His people. Satan had simply copied what God had divined.

      The discovery came just in time too. A second opinion brought forth the diagnosis of diabetes. (181 glucose level, and my triglycerides were in the upper 800’s.) Then the neuropathy demon tried to convince me that I would loose body parts because of it, with his lying symptoms of numbness. The doctor gave me their big pharma poisons but I refused to take them for the Lord was telling me not to. I looked for recipe books to help with the diabetes, but instead the Lord directed me to buy a book called “Guide to Fasting”. He told me that there are some demons that can be removed by fasting, and these are among those. So at the moment, I am fasting. I don’t know how long I will be able to do so, but thanks to you I know I can safely do it for four days at a time!

      I have already lost 45 pounds and have another 55 to go.

      The Lord has me journaling though all this, and I sense He wants me to one day publish it as a testimony on how God heals by using the advice in His Word. Your comment will be in it. (Please let me know if you don’t want your name in it.)

      May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you above and beyond His usual blessings!
      – C. Dunamis

  11. Yeah Dear CD this year I have had many blessings in healings as I prayed for others. But a church wound just about blew me away as I was totally mis-understood and given no chance to respond to the accuser as the church board just took the complaint straight to the pastor and the other person went on vacation….I really thank God for the fact that he Gave me a vision that this would happen three months earlier and I even told the pastor about in the Email at the time of the vision…just not mentioning the name….So I yet have Good relationship with the pastor, but Have left that tent, as I could see that I needed to really walk a new pathway at least for a season….but in all these things we are more than a conqueror through HIm…..
    The tragedy in this event is so many churches are ignoring the Matt..18 :15 protocol for restoration or Adjudication….That is why so many leave church and no one knows why. Thought I would just share a little of my Life to give a bit of a face to my persona here…. by the way on nov 14 I woke to a vision of Two brand new Shiny Schwinn bicycles all decked in red white and blue,,,like an election parade bike….end of vision
    What ? so I got a word of Knowledge ” two Election cycles”
    God bless us all….and I live in Canada… Praying for America….

    • Thanks Rock; America definitley needs prayers!

      Sad to hear of the curches there in Canada going through the same thing as what’s happening here. I have given up on trying to find a church that isn’t a 501c3 member. I believe that a church that hasn’t signed their freedom of speech over to the state in exchange for tax benefits, is where truth might still be heard. There is none within driving distance of where I live. (I look at driving distance to be about an hour and a half one way.)

      That church pastor should feel some shame at how he dealt with that matter. One should be able to face their accuser and given a chance to defend themselves! Sadly, I have seen this happen before. Many years ago, I had belonged to a Lutheran church, and a good friend of mine, an avid motor biker, was suddenly confronted by the pastor about his biking ministry, and was told to stop doing it, as it was making the church look bad. The pastor told him he could only minister through the church programs. (And no, they refused to have one for bikers.) My friend wasn’t even allowed to know who his accusers were. One person had gone to the pastor with tales, and then the pastor set his mind against my friend, without hearing his side of the story. After seeing how our friend was treated, our family left that church!

      It will be interesting what will happen with the recent politics. Two election cycles sound interesting…

      Blessings to you, Rock,
      C. Dunmais

  12. I have to admit, I too have been slacking. Due to my husband having major surgery on his neck, and the botched work needing repair ASAP, I have had to go back to working.
    I was at the point with 7 surgeries that I could barely work due to pain, but I have no choice now (I am also setting up a surgery now to burn nerves in my lower back which is causing me severe pain (so the doctor ordered MRI to see clearly, only to find out today that my liver and gallbladder are swollen)…and with all that weight upon my shoulders it has become a very heavy burden upon me.
    I also have the spiritual warfare blog in which many people need help, not to mention GOD places me in areas in my life (work, etc) where people need help too.
    I am a server (by choice) and it’s a very demanding profession, both mentally and physically. With the fact that most people don’t tip much (even though I work VERY hard), I am having to look for a second job now.
    I know…excuses, excuses…right? Well, times are rough, I say…I say. Smiles.
    So, after reading your second entry, I realize I had been slacking! But, no more.
    Please know that you are loved. You are needed. You are a child of The Almighty GOD who created you for a purpose.
    As writers, we don’t realize how many people we do touch. I don’t realize it until someone contacts me and says that with the knowledge on the website which The Holy Spirit provides, their life has been changed!
    One person…is worth all we do and say.
    There are people out there that need us, and I know this is a strong demand but GOD provides what we need to accomplish these tasks which HE requires.
    True, we’re only human and we have weaknesses but our source is SUPERNATURAL!
    So, sister….I am honored to know you. You have a friend in me! Always and forever. GOD Bless you! Peace & Blessings-Love,V

    • Oh Virginia!
      You are so right! Just knowing the writing has helped even one person, makes it all worth while. And thank you for your friendship; that also makes it worthwhile!
      I will keep you in my prayers. The Lord has brought me on a journey from sickness into health, and wants me to publish my journal describing it. Satan has tried to stop me, (even caused my computer to break down mid sentence,) but I know the Lord’s Will will be done.
      I have had trouble seeing some of your posts on your web site; I hope it was just a temporary thing.
      May the Lord Jesus bless you and bring you into health!

  13. I thank God for His healing upon your life and for your recovery. I am a silent reader of your blog always anticipating when you will post a new topic to read. Your posts are really spiritual and edifying and it has helped me in my spiritual journey. I pray to God to perfect your healing. Please do not be discouraged and stop posting as people are reading. I’m from Nigeria. Thanks.

  14. Hello Dunamis, be strong and courageous! It is Lord’s command! If you are called to serve the Lord, you are called. Jesus was alone when He was betrayed. At least you have friends who pray for you! Remember, this is late hour and still dark, but the light will shine and come quickly.

    Many Christians are alone in this late hour, for they are few. Not even their close friends… and not even their family’s listen. The hour of separation is at hand and the last harvest will be there shortly after. A joy and peace shall Jesus give…

    May Gob bless you! May the Lord protect you and your family under His wings!

  15. Thank you for your obedience …I know what needs to be done but most times feel that I am all alone. No one wants to listen, and definitely no one wants to hear anything about deliverance and casting out demons. I know I need to press harder now….I’ve always known, just thanks for the push through your testimony!!! Love you Sister in Christ!

    • Dear Tarlisha,

      (Beautiful name, by the way.)

      You are not the only one who feels alone, therefore you are not alone! There is a remnant of those who still go by Mark 16:17-18.
      Jesus, please lead us to those who still go by Mark 16:17-18! Help us to fellowship with those who love Your Word above all others. I ask this in Your name, Jesus! Amen.

      I look forward to seeing you face to face one day in heaven, and giving you a big hug. Thank you for encouraging me!

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