5 comments on “A Short Video Clip About Christmas

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I loved it! It’s all very true… I wish more people would see the Truth. My family doesn’t understand or care to listen, which can make things complicated and frustrating. All I can do it pray though.

    Hope you guys are doing well. Please keep me in your prayers, been going through a difficult time over here lately. (Also, if you see spikes in your stats that’s because I’ve been reading some of your older posts, which I find very informative and helpful to me!)


    • Hi Lindsey,

      Thank you for your feedback!! Nice to know I am not the only one who doesn’t celebrate the holly day.

      Lord, please help out Lindsey in whatever her needs are. I stand along with her, according to Matthew 18:19, and ask that it may be given unto her.
      Thank you Jesus!

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  3. After so many revelations I had during this period in my life trying to process horrible events of my childhood I had yet another revelation. Due to what I think are ptsd related symptoms I was very anxious a few days ago (I keep waking up anxious). Out of the blue I think this: “I’ll never celebrate Christmas again” and my anxiousness subsided. Where did this come from? Today I threw my christmas decorations out following this gut feeling and then started to google what Christmas really is about. I already knew certain things, but I always deemed them innocent. My gut feeling was right.

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