Seeing My Mother On Mother’s Day

(I am hesitant to share this post, but the Lord is telling me that there is someone out there who needs to hear it…)

May 13th, 2007 Mother’s Day.

I seen my mother last night in a dream. (She has been dead now for many years.)

I was crying,
Over the stress in my life,
When I said out loud,
(still in my dream,)
“I wish my mother was here!
She’d know just what to say,
To make me feel better!”

And then suddenly,
There she was,
Before me,
With her arms open wide,
Welcoming me back in.

“Oh Mom!” I said to her, still crying,
(But now they were tears of relief,)
I’ve missed you SO MUCH!”

She wrapped her arms around me
Tightly, hugging me back.

She looked younger and full of vitality,
But I knew she was still the same mom that I knew.
I spoke to her about the problems,
And told her of my fears.

“Oh my child,” she said to me in response,
“It’s O.K.; God has us in His hands…”

I sensed that she spoke
Of the time line of eternity,
With ‘us’
Being the line of our family,
Which included my husband
And my children.

I then spent some time there
within her embrace,
soaking up the memories
of what it feels like
to hold her and touch her again.
I breathed in her comfort,
For I knew it might be a long time,
Before I’d get to see her again.

When my spirit was comforted
And at peace,
She left my presence.

I then,
Still in my dream,
Got down on my knees
Right where I was,
And spoke out loud to my God,
Thanking Him
For letting me see and be
With my mother again.

I then woke up.


God can send His comfort to us in ways we least expect…


2 Corinthians 1:3-4 (KJV) “Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God.”

Deuteronomy 31:8 (KJV) “And the Lord, he it is that doth go before thee; he will be with thee, he will not fail thee, neither forsake thee: fear not, neither be dismayed.”

10 comments on “Seeing My Mother On Mother’s Day

  1. So you really believe that was your mom and not a familiar spirit attempting to trick you? Because I was of the understanding that this was a big taboo and was practicing necromancy. I am not being critical so much as asking your opinion on the matter…you know I do trust your judgement:) God bless sister so glad you found the peace you needed!


    • In order to pratise necromancy, one would need to use spells found in witchcraft, to call forth the spirit one wanted to communicate with. As this was just a dream, and no spells were ever done to call forth a spirit, I do not consider it a form of necromancy.

      It also would have been quite counterproductive for satan’s kingdom, to send me a dream that renewed my faith in Christ and removed the stress and panic that he had tried to yoke me with. There was great peace within the ending of the dream, and usually that does not happen if the dream is an attack from satan.

      Could it have originally been from satan but God turned it to serve His purpose? That I do not know…

    • Necromancy is the supposed practice of communicating with the dead, especially in order to predict the future. THIS IS NOT WHAT WAS HAPPENING HERE AND IN HER DEFENSE AFTER I LOST MY MOM ABOUT TWO OR THREE MONTHS AFTER I HAD SIMILAR DREAM AND I THOUGHT IT WAS A DREAM AND I WAS TALKING TO MY MOM AND IN MY SLEEP I WAS TALKING AND MY SAME DAUGHTER WHO SENT THIS TO ME WAS 8 YRS OLD AND SLEEPING NEXT TO ME IN A HOTEL BED AND TRIED TO WAKE ME UP AND SAID “MOM MOM WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO? YOU KEEP SAYING MOMMY WAIT DONT GO MOM COME BACK.” And I told her about my dream of my mother seeing her in heaven and that it was like she was right there with me talking with me hugging me and I in my heart til this day believe God because I was grieving her loss so much allowed her to visit me as an angel of some sort. And my daughter believes now that I wasn’t dreaming but I was talking to my mom in some angelic form NOT DEMONIC OR EVIL SPIRIT OR WITCHCRAFT because from that point she left other little signs at my house also to give me a message of comfort that only she would have left.
      The Bible says we entertain angels unaware. I thank God for my wonderful daughter Danielle sharing this I hope she enjoys me here and now instead of the heavenly or in a dream but I love you Danni!

      • When I was pregnant with my last daughter, I was sick through most of the pregnancy. One night, I dreamt of my hubby’s mother. I had never met her, she passed before we met.
        In the dream, she told me that when she was pregnant with my hubby, that she was sick also, and she had a pill bottle in her hand, and I looked at the date on the bottle and the date was 11/26/1966 which is my hubby’s b day (he’s 11 years older than me, I was born in 77). Anyway, in the dream, she took me into a store, it was a small store, but you could buy anything imaginable in this store. She said the store was for me. (a year later I started selling online, and have done very well with this- not thinking about the dream until about a year ago). Finally, as she was leaving in the dream, she said to me ‘I wish I could take you and the girls with me, but you cannot go where I am going’. And then I woke up.

  2. Just thought you would like read this; it is from my High Plains Drifter blog:

    Christian Exodus from California

    II Corinthians 13: 1: “In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.”

    A few days ago, I was hitchhiking out of Mountain Home, Idaho and I got a ride with a guy all the way to the intersection just south of Bellevue. He told me that the Lord told him to move out of California ten years ago. He now lives with his family in Idaho Falls.

    The next ride going north, this guy said that the Lord told him to pick me up; he gave me a ride to Hailey. He told me that he used to live and work in San Diego and had planned on retiring there with his wife. But then his wife began to have these dreams. In the dreams, she saw these Chinese soldiers attacking people in the United States (California?). So he and his wife left California a year ago and now live in Hailey. I asked him if the Chinese soldiers in his wife’s dreams were part of an invasion force. He said, no, that the Chinese soldiers were already here in the United States.

    Yesterday I was walking out of Stanley, Idaho when this guy with a pickup and trailer stopped to give me a ride. His pickup and trailer were jam-packed with stuff, so it would have been hard for me to ride with him; I told him that I would get another ride. He told me that he was leaving Burney, California permanently and moving to Salmon, Idaho.

    The Lord has been moving Christians out of California for a number of years now. I was hitchhiking in Idaho a few years ago and this guy from Winchester picked me up. He said that he had heard of many Christians leaving California for eastern Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana.

    (I hitchhiked out of northern California on the 12th of May. I had been working for some friends for the past several months in Modoc County. Maybe that is the last time I will be in of California.)

    • Ah Tim,
      I have asked the Lord Jesus if He wanted us to move out of California, but He has said no, not yet,” so we remain for now. We will remain here until the Lord leads us elsewhere. I am not afraid to die in His Will. It is being outside of His Will that scares me.

      The Lord has given us several warning dreams of pending catastrophic incidents in California. The wildfires (yes, plural,) were but one. A great earthquake that shears off half of California into the ocean was another. Along with it was a tsunami that snakes its way up river. But in each of these situations, the Lord kept us safe.

      Perhaps the Lord is keeping us here to be here for those who will also survive the incidents, I do not know. One more warning dream showed us all packed up and moving to an undisclosed area, where the Lord told us there would be other Christians that we were to go and work with. It was almost like some kind of commune, where everyone worked to help each other out. There were skills that my family had that was needed there, so when we arrived, we found that we were expected and wanted. God had told them He had sent them help and that we were it.

      I greatly appreciate your concern for me! I ask for your continued prayers for my healing and safety, and that I would complete the task the Lord has set before me. I ask that the Lord would keep you safe as well!

      I send you my love dear brother,
      C. Dunamis

  3. To be in God’s perfect is the best place of protection for a believer.

    I was in Cedarville, California (Modoc County) from mid July till the 21st of August. I was staying with and working for some friends there. If I am hearing from God, then I believe that will be the last time I will be in California. Right now I am in Montana.

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