I do not often re-blog things from other sites, but I thought this one was worth the extra read…

Exiting Egypt

It’s been quite a while since I have updated anything on this blog. It feels as though it has been several years though I see it has only been a few months.
A lot has been changing and happening here in our little world. I believe I have already mentioned us now raising meat rabbits. We feel incredibly blessed to have them as a part of our lives. Right now we sell most of them to other people looking for breeders to have of their own to raise meat for themselves and their families, but they also make wonderful pets. Most of ours are incredibly sweet, even if a bit skittish or not wanting to be handled much.
We’re currently dealing with a terrible ear mite problem, which I hope and pray will end soon.

We also now have a small aquaponics system going with several fish that dirty the…

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2 comments on “Update

  1. Hi,

    I was reading an older post on you website where you said you had some inflammation. Not sure what you think of herbs, but turmeric and ginger might be a healthy way to curb that. I’ve been taking the turmeric everyday for a few months which seem to benefit me and I take ginger here and there too. Turmeric seems to have lots of benefits but both are mostly known for reducing inflammation. I’ve had liver swelling issues in the past from Hep-c I think, and I heard turmeric helped with that too, which was how I started on them. Then I learned of all of the other benefits it has too. But ask the Lord Jesus and see what He says of course. There’s lots of info online about it too.

    God bless you… Jim Notaro

    And your website has been blessing for me thank you! Praise Jesus!!

    On Wed, Jun 14, 2017 at 3:17 AM, Dreams Of Dunamis wrote:

    > Dreams Of Dunamis posted: “I do not often re-blog things from other sites, > but I thought this one was worth the extra read…” >

    • Thank you so much Jim! Tumeric hasn’t helped me when I did take it, but that could be because at the time my blood sugar was so high. I will ask the Lord and see if He wants me to try it again. Blessings be upon you! C. Dunamis

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