Faith In Action

     This is a collection of dreams that I have had over the years, dreams of other believers, as they face their challenges in the coming end times. It has been fascinating for me, to see the world through their eyes, to discover just how some of these believers think, especially those opposite of my own personality. They have taught me many things about the power we as believers have been given, such as being able to part a wall of water with a spoken Word of God, lead another out of danger and into Christ, or even bringing a dead little girl back to life. I knew that these things were done back in biblical times, but I had no idea that even small un-important people ( like me,) had also been given the same miraculous power through the Spirit Of Truth and His Living Word, in THIS day and age! Their faith in such adversity has humbled me as well as encouraged me, and I have been comforted by their stories, especially when I hear of all the chaos being unleashed through out the world. When I read these, I realize that I am not alone. There IS a remnant, and we ARE a part of it. My hope is that you too, may find comfort, direction, and hope from their stories as I have.  Maranatha!

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