Cotton Balls

Cotton Balls

I used to question God, as to why He would give me a child like my oldest son. After all, I figured, how can he be of any use to God or anyone, with his hyper, anti-social, extreme ADHD behavior?

But then one day, when he was about seven years old, right before he was supposed to get on the bus to go to his special school for the handicapped, (this was before I decided to home school him,) he decided he just HAD to have cotton balls. He put up a huge fuss and refused to get on the bus, (I couldn’t even carry him onto the bus because of his kicking and screaming,) until he had some cotton balls.

I began to cry, and wondered if he had really lost it this time, and had gone completely crazy. But finally, I found him some cotton balls, and he walked onto the bus.

When he came home from school that day, I asked him (in one of his odd moments of calm,) why he had wanted the cotton balls. He told me he wanted to give them to his friend on the bus. (I figured he really WAS crazy then.) But something inside me made me ask why. “I wanted to show Steven what clouds were like.”

I frowned. “But son,” I said, using my ‘you-should-know-better’ voice, “you didn’t need cotton balls to show him that. He can just look up into the sky to see what they’re like.”

But he gave me an exasperated sigh. “No mom, he can’t,” he said. “Steven’s blind.”

And from that moment on, despite what all the experts were telling me, I knew that God must have a plan for him in this world.

This son is now in his late twenties and works for a major industrial company, and it has been many many years now since he has had those issues of extreme ADHD or anti-social behavior. Back then, the expert doctors called it ‘oppositional defiance disorder’, but in his case it turned out to be demons. Once they were cast out of him, (repeatedly,) his behavior returned to normal within a matter of weeks.

He wasn’t always a follower of Jesus, despite being home schooled. It wasn’t until he was in his late teens before he decided to follow Him.

It happened while watching the movie “Fireproof” with us. I looked over at him and seen that he was crying. He asked me, “don’t you see the angel with its hand upon my shoulders? He has just told me that I am on their side now.”

Hallelujah! The Lord had answered my prayer, and he had finally become a believer. And sure enough, from that moment on, his primary focus has been on what God wants him to do.

This is the son that can see into the unseen world through reflections, such as seeing demons or angels through a pane of glass or in a puddle of water. He has also been able to audibly hear them. This insight into the unseen world came about after he gave his live over to Jesus.

He has been feeling lonely. God has put the desire to have a family in him, so he is currently searching for his bride, and would love your prayers that he finds the one that the Lord wants him to have. So far the Lord has revealed to him that she will be a ‘ginger’, but hasn’t said much else about her.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and pray for my son.

May the Lord bless you and keep you in the palm of His hands,
C. Dunamis

A Miracle: My Children Were Fed

When I was a young mother, I suffered from horrible migraines. They left me dizzy, sick to the stomach, and unable to see. I had applied to the government for disability, but they denied me. I worried about how I would care for my children when one of them would strike me.

Then one day, one of them hit me hard. I wasn’t able to balance myself enough to move, and I was unable to see. I lay on the floor of my bedroom, not knowing what to do.

I cried out to my God for help.

I stayed there praying for about an hour.

Then my oldest boy came upstairs to see me. He was about five years old.

I told him that I knew how hungry he must be, and to be patient; at some point I should be able to go back down stairs to feed everyone.

He told me not to worry, and that he went ahead and fed everyone.

I was dumbfounded.

“With what?” I asked him. I thought maybe he had given everyone some cereal or crackers, though I balked at the thought of him climbing up that high without supervision to get them. They were stored in the upper cabinets far out of their reach.

But what he did give them astounded me even further.

“Oh,” he said, as if it was no big deal, ”I made them pizza.”

“What?! How did they manage to eat it frozen?” (My mind was still trying to wrap around the thought that my son was able to dig through the big flat freezer to find one, much less that he would think to try and eat it.)

“I put it in the oven just like you do, and cooked it for them.”

“But how? You don’t know how to work the oven yet!”

“Yes I do. I watched how you did it, and I did what you did.”

I was floored.

“Is there any left?”

“No,” he said. “We ate it all.”

He must have cooked it well if everyone ate it.

Then I realized; God had answered my prayer in a way I had never anticipated.

This was the child that had a disability; he had been diagnosed with severe Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Oppositional Defiance Disorder, as well as some learning disorders. In my son’s case, these were fancy names for some nasty demons, though I did not come to this realization for some years yet. But for this child to behave as he did, was a miracle in itself. He was the one I would worry over; his impulsivity had gotten him into trouble many times before. For him to behave so responsibly and helpful, was quite unexpected. He had even managed to turn the oven off when he was done cooking the pizza!

After this incident, I no longer wondered if I should give up my children to Child Protective Services. God was telling me to keep them, and I knew then that He would indeed provide the way for us.

In the end, He did even better than that; he removed the migraines from me!

During Hanukkah, we recall the miracles that Christ has done in our lives. This was one of them.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you greatly and give you His peace!

C. Dunamis

Waiting In The Waiting Room



I was getting ready to go into the doctor’s again
For blood work to be done,
When I kept feeling God tell me to bring my bible along with me.

“My bible?!? Why?”

“I want you to read it while you’re waiting in the waiting room.”

I thought of the other book that I had planned to bring,
But He told me no. So I didn’t.

I was about to forget to bring it, but God reminded me.

So I went to go get it.

As I reached for the Geneva one, God told me no.

“I want you to bring your red-covered one.”

“But Lord! They’re going to think I’m one of those
Weirdo bible-thumping Christians!
Anyone will be able to tell that it’s a bible!”

“Maybe I want them to see this.
Maybe some one else needs to be reminded
That even my younger generation holds believers in Me.”

So I brought it with me, wondering if this too,
Is just another trick my imagination is playing on me,
And that it’s really NOT my God telling me to do this.

When I get there, there are only two other people in the waiting room.

So, I sit down to wait.

I ask the voice within, what I am to read.
James came to mind, as that is my husband’s favorite chapter to read.

And so I began reading.
I was going to remove my sunglasses,
But I could feel the Lord tell me no,
So I left them on. (I had no make up on underneath.)

Soon after, an older woman walks in,
And to my surprise she sits down next to me.
(There were many other chairs that she could have sat on.)

Moments later, she asks me out of the blue,
“What does the word ‘infidel’ mean?”

I couldn’t help it;
I looked at her like ‘huh?!?’

“I see you reading your bible,”
She said, motioning to my book,
“I was wondering if you could tell me,
What the word infidel means.
You know; where it says in the bible
That a man who does not take care of his family
Is worse than an infidel.”

“Oh, that’s painful!,” I whispered.
I remembered well, being in that space.

“I’m not sure,” I replied tentatively.
“I can see if it’s here in the back of my bible.”

But it wasn’t there.

“I think it means ‘unbeliever’.
At least I know that’s the Muslim definition of the word.”

Then she started telling me about her husband,
Who has left her, for the world of sex & pornography.

So I told her a little about my husband,
And how we too, went through the problems common to addictions,
And I even told her about one of my older sons,
And his struggle with the demons of pornography.

All during this time, others were coming into the waiting room,
Some of whom seemed to listen to our conversation

I tried to encourage her to keep praying for him,
Especially P.U.S.H. prayer, (praying until something happens,)
As that is what has helped me with my husband.
I told her, “Just think of when he suddenly comes to his senses,
and realizes just what a beautiful woman he’s lost!
You don’t just give up 47 years of marriage
Without any regrets! There’s HISTORY there!
Many GOOD times that were shared!
That matters! It counts for quite a bit!”

“He used to listen,” she responded to me,
“to the televangelist right along with me.
He used to call himself a Christian. But now…
Well,…I’m not so certain if God really wants me
To keep praying for him and our marriage.
After all, the bible does say that we are to escape from evil.
Maybe God doesn’t want me to stay married to him!”

My heart just ACHED for her, hearing this!!

But I shook my head in disagreement.
“I KNOW that God does not like divorce!”

Then she seemed to remember the piece of scripture that claims this.
“Ah yes, it is only because of man’s heart being hard, that God o.k.’s it.”

Just then, the nurse calls for me.
So I said goodbye to her, and went in.

And I cried all the way through having my blood drawn.

Not because of the pain from the needle,
But because of the pain leaching from this woman’s heart.

When I walked back out there, a part of me was afraid
That she would still be there.

What would I say to her?
What COULD I say to her to help ease her pain?

Sure enough, she was still waiting out there in the waiting room.
Along with many of the others who had been avidly listening in
To our exchange.

“OH LORD!”, I screamed in my mind, “WHAT DO I SAY?!”

“Peace, little one. I will give you the words to say…”

And sure enough, He did.

Her eyes snagged mine, the moment I stepped out into the waiting room,
So I knew that she still wanted to talk.

So I walked over to her, and as I stood before her,
She told me more of her problem.

“It’s not just him,” she confides to me, “It’s me, too. I get so angry at him!
I try to talk to him, but he just won’t listen!”

I nod in understanding.
“My husband wouldn’t listen to me either.
The only thing that would work, is prayer.”

“I get so angry,” she continues, “that I loose control.”

I told her that Al-Anon helped me deal with my anger issues.
But I sensed she did not want to hear more about that.
I did not push that avenue, for I had just recently learned
That it was not wholly Christian.
I sensed that there must be another piece to the puzzle,
(something else believers can do to fight such issues,)
But it was one I did not have yet, so I remained silent.

I then sensed that our time together was coming to a close,
So I asked her, if I could have the first name of her husband,
So I could pray for him.
She asked me what I had just said, and I forced myself to repeat it.
(I’m not usually one to ask for names, but I do know now,
that it makes the prayers more effective.)
She told me, and then she said she would pray for my son, too.

The nurse then came in, and called for her.
(So I now have her first name to use in prayer as well.)
I wrote them down on a little sticky note, and stuck it in my bible.

Then unseeing, I walked out to my car,
And once in it, Proceeded to bawl my eyes out.

Here I am,
Wondering if he even exists,
And here he shows me
That He doesn’t just exist,

And even more, that I, sick as I am,
Can still be of use to Him!



I still wonder how that woman is doing,
If her husband has returned back home
And has been set free from the addiction.

I wish I could talk to her now to let her know
What that missing piece of the puzzle is,
For I am learning about the other tool that has been given to all believers
To fight off such sin problems and issues;
The quoting of scriptures and casting out demons in His name!

I wish I could thank that woman for her prayers,
And let her know of a victory in answered prayer,
For my son with the addiction problem
Gave his life over to Christ one evening, many months later,
(After watching the movie entitled: “Fireproof”,)
And has since been set free from that demon of addiction!

*  *  *  *