The Praises Of One Little Believer

A dream…

I found that I had a few hours to spend by myself,
So I wandered down to the ocean,
And found an inlet opening,
That was bound on either side by huge cliffs.

I was relieved and excited to find that I could see
No other person on the beach.
There were huge boulders sticking out of the sand,
That were taller than me, so I listened for the sound of another person beyond them, but could hear nothing.

I was alone.

I gave a great exchange of breath in relief,
Enjoying the salty tang of the air in my lungs.
I looked out before me,
And seen the vast view of water, sand, space, and sky.

I knew that the Lord was with me,
So I began to talk to Him, right out loud, as if He was right there beside me, just listening to me.

I told Him how thankful I was to Him,
For bringing me here to this place, and for loving me the way He does, despite my faults and sins. I thanked Him for my children, my husband, and the faith they hold in Him. I thanked Him for the shelter we have, and for the little jobs that were coming in, that was helping us to stay afloat. (My husband had been out of a steady job for the past year and a half or more, having been laid off at the end of his contract. But the Lord provides enough work to still help pay the bills.) I thanked Him for many things. For all that I had, and for all that I did not have. Mostly, I thanked Him for loving me anyways, and for talking to me.

Next, I began to share with him, my fears and concerns, asking Him if we should still remain where we’re living, or if we should move to wherever my husband might find his next work contract. But the Lord reminded me, that He had provided for us, and will still provide for us, and to not go chasing after the job, but to keep our eyes focused on Him. When the time came to move, He would let us know.

This reminded me, of the great earthquake, fire, tsunami, and flood, that has been prophesized by others to come upon the West coast. Even my own children have had dreams of this happening.

I looked out upon the now calm waters of the ocean,
And realized that one day this water would rise far above my head, and engulf the people of the bay area.

For a moment, fear hovered near by at such a thought,
But I realized that I was safe at this time, and that it would not happen while I was on the beach. So fear left me. But in its place, came a great sorrow, that filled me up, as I thought of those who would die, without ever knowing my God as their very best friend.

So my knees fell into the sand and dirt, and I began to pray in earnest to save the people of the bay area. I prayed that they would give up their god of money, stuff, power, and positions, and work instead to follow Him. I began to cry, tears overflowing my eyes so that I could hardly see. What will these people do, Lord, when they see the high waters come for them? Would they repent even then?
I prayed for them a little while longer, and then moved on to other more personal topics.

I then asked the Lord, to please continue to bless our family, and to keep holding us in His hands. I thought yet again, of all that He had done for us, and the joy that filled me, overflowed. I found myself wanting to break into song.

So I stood there, as the sun was just beginning to set,
And sang songs of praise to my God.
The songs caused me to break down in tears again at one point, crying tears of thanks and joy. But I would not stop.
I got back up to my feet, and began to walk around, as my voice rang out clear and true, echoing off the cliffs around me, and flowing out into the ocean.

I even sang songs that cast out satan,
That bound all the works of the devil,
And ended in giving all glory to Jesus.

Suddenly, from out of the corner of my eye,
I seen a flash of red movement, coming from up the beach a ways, behind me.

I stopped singing, realizing I was no longer alone. For a moment, I felt embarrassed, but figured it was a public place, and I knew that I had an o.k. voice, so at least listening to me sing would not have given them an earache.

I expected some kind of comment from the person,
(I really had been singing loudly, and they were not too far away,) but the person remained silent.

The person came closer to me, still managing to keep a good clear distance from me, and tried to leave the beach area,
By walking past me from behind, keeping as close to the cliff as they possibly could.

I could see now, that the person was wearing a full cape, that covered their head and body in the color of red blood.

Then another came from behind him, following the same path as the first. Their robes were trimmed in some kind of metallic braid, and the cape looked to be made of fine velvet. They refused to look at me, and kept their head averted from my direction, so I could not see their faces. They kept their hands in their bell shaped sleeves, like the monks of old would do, and slowly but methodically walked forward and up the inlet behind me without saying a word.

A third just like them followed their path, and then I realized, that more were coming from behind them. I began to count them as they passed me, one by one.

I heard a sound from the other side of the inlet, and turned to see more of the same kind of people, walking out of the inlet and off the beach. They were all dressed in the same blood red hooded velvet cloaks. They were too far away for me to see any of their faces, and they kept their faces downcast and averted like the others, so I could not tell if they were even male or female.

I then realized with a start, that these were practicing satanists of a higher order, and that I must have interrupted their time of spell casting and worshiping satan along the public beach.

One of them broke apart from their exit path, and came towards me, while the others continued to exit the area behind him, and behind me.

I could tell by the way this person walked, that it was a man and that he was the leader of this group.

His cloak parted as he walked towards me, revealing clothes that were black in color, with the imprint of a bleached white skeleton upon them. The face was also painted all black, with the skeleton form painted over his face in stark white. He was speaking something under his breath, but I could not hear it.

As he came towards me, I began to feel dizzy, so I cast out the demon of dizziness from me in Jesus name.

The man paused there at the opening, and raised his hand towards me like a stop sign.

I could see his hand was all gloved in black, but had the imprint once again, of a white skeleton hand covering over it.

The dizziness increased, so I began to speak in tongues from under my breath, hoping that this would remove the dizziness.

It did.

The man was still holding up his hand,
And as the last of his people filed out from behind me and him, he turned slightly, still facing me, and began to also walk out of the inlet. He walked completely out of the inlet backwards, not willing to turn his back to me for even a moment.

I was astounded and shocked, as I realized the truth.


Me! Little miss nobody from nowhere!
They were afraid of me!

This coven of satanic witches,
Thirteen robed figures in all,
were afraid of me!

It felt as if my heart leapt with joy, as I seen the leader’s skeleton face finally disappear among the inlet’s crevice.

My God is so big, that just the praises of one little believer has the power to chase away a coven of satanic witches!

I gave thanks to the Lord, for using me to disarm this coven. Then I began to sing again, a song of praise unto my Lord.


I awoke, with the song still ringing clearly in my mind.

It was “Hallelujah” from Handel’s Messiah.
( )

(Or with lyrics: )


“But thou art holy, O thou that inhabitest the praises of Israel.” (Psalm 22:3, KJV)

“…I will bless the LORD at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth” (Psalms 34:1).

“By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name” (Hebrews 13:15).

“The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever.” (Psalm 23, KJV)

“And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God: and the prisoners heard them. And suddenly there was a great earthquake, so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s bands were loosed.”
(Acts 16:25-26, KJV)

“Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightest still the enemy and the avenger.”
(Psalm 8:2, KJV)

(See also 2 Chronicles 20)


While working on this posting late one evening, I decided to do some quick research on the topic of satanists or witches using red robes during their ceremonies. (I didn’t think witches wore them too much, but I found that they could. Satanists sometimes do, but it is the illuminati that mostly uses the red robes that are trimmed in gold or silver embroidery. ) During this search, I was unaware that the pages I had opened on my computer, to do the research, were letting great satanic demons into our household. I sensed, during one of the page visits, to close the window, cast out those demons from that page, and to close the door that had opened by my visit, which I did. But apparently, I should have done this to every page I opened on that topic, for some of my children reported to me the following morning, that they had experienced demonic attacks (the attacks woke them up from a deep sleep,) and were being awakened almost every hour on the hour for the entire night by the satanic demons.

Some of these topics, are clearly dangerous to explore on the web!

* * * *

A Reality Game Show

Another dream…

In this one, I am a mother, with a husband and our three teenage boys.  Our family was traveling, along with a large group of other people, when we were all ‘chosen’ to be in a ‘reality game show’ of some kind.

We were given no choice In playing it or not, but we were all told (by someone,) that if you were really Christian, then you would be fine.

Almost everyone there, breathed a sigh of relief, for most of us considered ourselves to be Christians. (Those who were openly not, were suddenly very scared.)

We started out being told that there would be a nuclear bomb going off (in the distance,) in ten seconds, and that we were to program this countdown into our computers, and watch it on the monitor as it imploded.

We all did so, some hitting panic and going insane, but our family did not see it as real, so we did not panic. Instead, my children did not obey me, and did not program their computer clocks for the countdown. So they watched mine instead and then looked up at the monitor right when the explosion took place. After this, I warned my kids, that they MUST follow my directions, or they could die.

Then we were told to quickly move on, following the only path that was open to all of us. 

They herded us out of there so fast, that I ended up forgetting my pillow and my purse. When I turned back to go get them, those in control of the show physically prevented me, telling me how I would die from the radiation if I did not immediately do what they were telling me to do.

Finding myself blocked from returning, I told them that I’d better find it safe and in secure hold for me to retrieve from them once the game was over. (They nodded in agreement, willing to tell me anything, just so they could get me to go along with all the others.)

So I returned to my family, and we, (our group,) all continued down the path placed before us by these producers.

All along the path, we had to make choices, and do whatever the producers told us to do. When someone didn’t do what they told us to do, they would ‘die’, and then be removed.

As we traveled, our numbers slowly declined.

As we went along the path, a wide ‘slide’ that you could slide downwards on, I was able to go more slowly, over the bumps, thereby helping my kids to do the same. Because of this, I managed to ‘catch’ a pair of souvenir coffee mugs, to remind us of our journey.

Others were not so fortunate; they went so fast down the wide slide, that they flew right off the edge, and disappeared.

We found a place to rest, out of the way from the rest, a small room filled with people, who were all listening to a lecturer talk about silver dollars and how they had tracers somehow on or within them, that allowed the government to know where they were, and that the only way to get rid of the tracer, was to put the coin in your oven on high heat. This heat would then deactivate it. I asked him, (them?,) if this would ruin the value of the coin, because it left the coin blackened with soot, and one would need to remove this dirt by polishing the coin. (And polishing it would cause the coin to be less valuable.) But the guy told me that there were other ways
to make the coin look like new again, that did not damage it or remove it’s value. He spoke of how beautiful these silver dollars were, and looked to me for my agreement. I told him that my grandfather had given me my first silver dollar, and that I have liked them ever since. “Well then,” said the man speaking on the platform, as I watched his eyes begin to calculate, “You must have acquired quite a collection of them by now.”

“Oh!,” those nearby began to chime in, “how many do you have now? You must be really rich!” I shook my head back and forth slowly, looking at the one who said I must be rich, indicating to him and them, that I was not.  Besides, even if I did have some, I knew that coins did not make one rich. Our family walked away from them, with me still sadly shaking my head.

We arrived to a place that reminded me of an airport or a transportation terminal, and we were forced to enter along with all the others. Inside, my husband was directed to a different path from me and the kids. I noticed this immediately, and went back to turn around, for I most definitely did not want to be separated from him. Once again though, the directors refused to let me go back to where he was. I was about to make a big fuss over it, (to me it was worth dying over,) but suddenly the voice within me calmed me down, and promised me that He would make sure that we were reunited again with each other very soon, and to go ahead and go where they were directing us. So I did, and just a few minutes later, our paths were somehow directed, so that I found myself (and the kids,) along side my husband once again. 

Our group worked its way through the busy terminal, and found ourselves walking along side a cliff, that had a slight overhang to it. We had paused to rest for a moment, when I suddenly sensed from my God, that there would be an earthquake. Not part of the staged production, (not planned,) but a real one. He told me, that only those not sheltering under the side of the cliff will get hurt. So I told everyone else there, and many of them took the shelter, but some were stubborn and refused to take my advice. I warned them again that they would die, but they ignored me or laughed at me. When the quake happened just a few moments later, all those that had not believed and sought the shelter, were killed by the falling boulders.

It was at that moment that I realized that we had to FOLLOW GOD, NOT MAN, if we were to survive.

Next test on path, we were told to move forward onto a platform that was just ahead of us, if we did not want to be shot and killed by bad guys. (No one could turn back, For that way was now blocked by the fallen boulders.)

Everyone started to move forward into the platform container, but I stayed behind, for I felt God telling me that we were to remain where we were. I called out to everyone and told them to stay where we were, if they wanted to remain safe.

Everyone except my family and those closest to us, rushed quickly past us and onto the platform.

The producers then lifted up the walls of the platform, and locked them into place, leaving only a small door, open.

“Anyone else care to go into the platform?,” the producers asked those of us who had remained behind. “It is the only way you’ll have a chance of being safe. You will surely die if you remain outside the platform.”

At this, everyone else except me and my family and a few others, went into the platform.

My family argued with me, demanding that we, too, go into the platform, but I remained where I was, stating firmly that God had told me to stay where we were.

So my husband and kids remained with me, though I think they still doubted. (My kids didn’t want to live without their mother anyways, and my husband couldn’t live with the thought that he’d be the only one to survive from his family.) So the platform was sealed off, leaving us and a few others behind.

Then I sensed from God to duck. So I called out to everyone to duck, and all except a few, did. Shots rang out over our heads, and those who had not ducked, were killed.

Next I sensed that we were to jump. So I told everyone to jump up as high as they could, when I gave them the signal.  Moments later, I gave the signal, but only my family jumped. As we were in the air, shots rang out beneath us, leaving those who refused to jump, dead.

Next I felt God tell me to have everyone jump and widen our legs apart, like jumping-jack exercises. So I told them, but one of my kids didn’t do it fast enough, (I think he got tired of believing, and began to doubt?,) so he got shot in one of his legs.

The platform in front of us then began to heat up like an oven, glowing red and shaking, and slowly make its way forward, allowing us to do the same.

But my child was still laying there on the floor in his pain and panic, wondering if he was now going to die, and fearing we were going to leave him, but we stayed.

I got down on my knees before him, and went to my God in prayer. I Asked Him to please help me heal my son’s leg.

So my Lord told me to very gently suck on the wound. As I did, I spit out lots of blood. God then told me to stop and to VERY carefully remove the bullet from his leg.

I looked and seen the bullet right at the surface of the wound. It was unlike anything I had ever seen. It was made out of some kind of plastic, somewhat clear and transparent, filled with some kind of greenish fluid, but still in the usual bullet shape.

“Put it very gently aside,” my Lord told me, “and have no one touch it, for if it breaks open all of you will die.”

I warned my family of this, so we left it alone and lived. I then removed a strip of cloth from my shirt, and bandaged up my son’s leg.

The platform had been moved, off to one side, and was no longer in front of us. It had opened up its walls again, and as we passed it, we looked inside, to see if anyone was left, but we could only see piles of ash and smoke. We could tell, by some kind of clue or sign that had been left behind, that all those who had entered it had been killed.

We were the only ones from our group to have survived.

We went along by ourselves, till some soldiers came upon us. They demanded that we go with them.

We refused.

Then they demanded that we renounce our God, and follow them instead, or be beheaded.

But we refused.

My husband came to stand along side me, put his arm around me and hugged me, giving me his sign of support.

“As for me and my house,” I told them, “We will serve the Lord.”

They then turned to my children, and told each of them, that they would die if they did not renounce the God of their parents.

I looked at them, my grief and sadness overwhelming, for how could I possibly tell them and convince them now, that it would be better to die at the hands of these men, than renounce their claim to God and try to live without Him? I sensed that their answer had to be given in scripture, or God’s spiritual protection would not be upon them. How could I tell them this? There was no way. I knew, that if I spoke, we would all be killed. So I held my breath, and waited for their answers.

My youngest spoke up first, his voice ringing out clear and firm, quoting some bible passage that was too long and complete for me to remember. I think a part of it, contained John 3:16.

My other son then spoke up next, standing there tall and proud, as he recited the first part of The Lord’s Prayer. “Our Father, who is in heaven, HALLOWED be HIS name!”

Then they turned to my oldest, and I could feel my heart sink, for I could see that he was struggling, still undecided in his faith. After a pause he looked up to the heavens, and all he could get out, was “I believe Lord; help my unbelief!”

But to our great relief, it was enough!

We gave a sigh of relief, as the men then threw us into one of their prison cells, and told us to get ready to die, for we were now scheduled to be beheaded at the first morning light.

But hours later, as we all huddled together in the small dark cell, we heard a big boom, and wondered if a bomb had gone off. We found that whatever it was, it had removed the lock from our prison cell door, and killed off all our captors. It reminded us of what had happened to some of the apostles when they awaited death in their prison cell so long ago. 

So we stumbled out of our cell, thanking and praising our God for His protection and deliverance, and then continued on our way.

I then awoke.
*  *  *  *

Odd Hunches

Another dream, where I am someone else…

Me and my family,
Are waiting at the airport,
To try to catch a flight
To bring us back home.

We were on a vacation
(or did we do some work
While we were here, too?,)
On a tropical island
Surrounded by the ocean.

While we waited,
I found someone’s bag,
(was it addressed to me
By mistake?)
When I opened it,
I knew right away
That it was not mine.
It was a catalog purchase,
Of odd items;
Two toys for a toddler,
And some silver items
For the dining room.

“Go ahead Mom,”
My son goads me,
“Take them!”
The temptation was there,
For I loved the silver items
This person had ordered,
And even though
I did not have a toddler,
I wondered if my
Handicapped daughter
Might still enjoy the toys.
But I knew that my God
Would not want me to,
So I told him no.
“Think about those
Who are waiting for these things.
How do you think they’ll feel,
When they get their order,
And find some stuff missing?”

“Aw mom! They’ll just call up
The  catalog company to complain,
And then the company 
Would send them replacements!”
I nod in agreement.
“But just think of all the hassle
They’ll have to go through,
To get the replacements.”

So, with others watching us,
I hand the bag
Back to the authorities,
And let them know
That it’s not mine.

I could tell that my family,
(especially my son,)
Was miffed at me
For not taking at least
some of the items.
But to me, it was just another
Form of lying,
And I valued
my clear conscience
even more.

I sensed
That some of those next to us
Felt the same as my son,
And thought me stupid
For not taking the items.
But I also sensed
That there were also a few there,
Who did not judge me so harshly.

After sitting there for a while,
Watching the huge big screen T.V.
In front of us,
The program breaks,
For an important news flash.

In several places around the world,
Alien spacecrafts have appeared
Claiming to have revealed themselves
To us, ‘The human race’,
Because we had now, finally,
Proven ourselves ‘evolved’ enough
To handle their truth.

All eyes were fixed on the T.V.,
As the newscast showed video clips
Of their flying vessels,
Darting about from city to city,
And hovering over our planet.
Some even used their powerful
Pink-colored laser beams
To ‘help us out’,
with our demolishing work.
I was more disgusted by it all,
Than anything else,
For I already knew
That these ‘aliens’
Were just demons of Satan,
Come to help deceive
The whole world.

As I watched with the rest,
I felt my God tell me
To go look through
One of those fancy
telescope binoculars,
that sat overlooking the ocean.
These were the ones you could
Look out of for a few coins,
To help pass the time.

When I did,
I seen one of those
Enormous alien spacecraft,
(or were there several
That simply couldn’t fit
Into the visual screen?,)
come up seemingly
from the very depths of the ocean.
The ‘flying saucer’ shaped spacecraft
Appeared to slice halfway up
through the water, vertically,
at an odd angle, before stopping.
It paused for a moment to still itself,
And then swung the part of it
That was now out of the water,
Swiftly and firmly backwards.

The resulting wall of water
Quickly grew in height
As it rushed towards me,
Blocking out my limited vision.

I ran back to my family,
And told them that there was
A tidal wave coming,
And that we needed
To get to high ground, NOW.

So enthralled were they,
Starring at that T.V.
With all its alien spacecraft
Flying around,
That they ignored me.

So I raised my voice and yelled at them,
Repeating my message of warning.

But still they ignored me.

I had to physically put my body
between them and the T.V.,
(thereby blocking their view,)
Before they would hear me.

At this point,
Some of the people nearby,
Began to openly question
Weather or not they should call
Airport security to remove me.

I turned to them and told them,
That we would be leaving now,
And then in a loud voice,
I told all who could listen,
That they needed to get
To higher ground immediately,
For I had seen a tidal wave,
Through one of those fancy
Pay-for-view binoculars,
And it was headed our way.

As soon as I said this,
Others laughed at me.
But some, those who had
not judged me so harshly before,
Took heed of my words, and quickly left.
I could tell that my family
Also did not believe me.
But they felt forced to leave,
Cause they were with me,
And if they did not leave,
Security would be called.

So I quickly left the airport,
And my family followed me.

We got back into our rental ‘car’,
(a vehicle that could ‘hover’
Over the surface,)
And I began to drive.
My husband refused to believe me
Till he seen this wave for himself,
So in frustrated, hurt anger,
I told him “Fine!”,
And drove to the side of the island
Where I knew the wave
would first appear.

We skimmed over the surface
Of the waters, and wove in between
the tiny islands with their palm trees,
and just as we rounded the bend
to the other side,  we seen
The towering wall of water
Racing towards the island and us.

I quickly turned the hovercraft
Towards land, and drove
Straight up the sheer cliff
That was in front of us,
As fast as our little hovercraft could go.
(Driving up the side of the mountain
Like this was illegal, but at that point,
I didn’t care. It was the only high place
left to go.)

The cliff was what remained
Of a long-extinct volcano.
The outer layer had worn away,
Leaving the inside plug of rock behind.

As we raced straight up the side,
The wall of water behind us
Gained speed.
As we fell upon the leveled cliff top,
The roar of water splashed over us
Leaving us damp, but safe.

We looked around at the place
That many had spent the day
climbing up and onto, before.

Now we were the only ones there.

We looked over the country,
Seeing for the first time,
The devastation
That the huge wave had caused.
Over half of the buildings were gone,
Completely wiped off their foundations.
Dead bodies hung in tree tops,
And a few still floated through the water.
In some places, the water had remained,
Filling in the valleys, and turning them into lakes.

My husband then took over
The driving of the hovercraft,
Stating that we needed
to get back to the airport,
so we could catch our flight out.

As he drove, I told him o.k.,
(I knew there was no way
At that time, to stop him,)
But that I refused to go
Where it was wet,
For another wave was soon
to come upon the island

We made it to a place,
Where a group of the living
Had gathered.
An official, the governor of the island,
Stood above the people,
Making a speech,
In honor of the nine dead children,
Whose bodies they had managed
To recover.
Among the small crowd,
there were those who were crying,
mostly mothers for their children,
now dead and washed out to sea.

I began to cry along with them,
So grievously, that it was assumed
That I had lost a child of my own.

Little did they know,
That I cried for all the lives lost,
Because it was so needless.

I already knew
That the aliens would simply  apologize,
And claim that they didn’t know
That their spacecraft could cause a tsunami.
And of course, the people would believe it,
For these aliens seemed to be so friendly & helpful.
But I knew that it was done on purpose,
To help finish off, the ‘cleansing of Mother Gaia’.
I knew that these aliens, so greatly 
Excelled in mathematics and physics,
That they would easily know what to do,
(or not do,) to give rise to such a wave.

But I knew no one would believe me,
So I remained silent, and cried.

I sensed it was time
To get to higher ground again,
So I tried to gather up my family.

But my husband (and my son,)
Did not agree with me.

I tried to reason with them,
But it did not work.

Finally, I simply had to beg them.
“Please!,” I said to them.
“Could you do this just for me?”

My husband paused.
“We need to get back to the airport.”

“Service has stopped at the airport.
It would take some extra work to arrange
a way to fly back home today.
I’m sure by tomorrow,
It will be easier to catch a ride home.”

But still, he paused.

“If we stayed here for another day,
We might even be able to be of help
To someone who really needs it. Besides,”
I said, pulling out my last thread of hope,
“Would it kill you to stay here another day?”

“No,” he replied reluctantly.

I smiled at him & hugged him,
And then told him “thank you.”

Then I said, “I’d like to go back up
to the top of the mountain,
and take a look around again. From there,
I figure we could get a better idea
Of where we’d be needed most.”

He agreed with me,
For the thought of helping out others in need,
Was much easier for him to accept,
Than it was for him to believe
in one of my ‘odd hunches’,
as my ‘hunches’ were not logical.

We drove back up to the top,
(This time taking the long way up,)
And then got out of the craft to look around.

Then we seen it;
Another wall of water headed our way,
But this time, from the opposite direction.

We all stood there and watched in horror,
As this final wave wiped out
What had been left there before.

The water rose and splashed up to the cliff,
And the end of Its spray rolled over us,
Causing the others to gasp with fear.

But I stood my ground,
For I knew I belonged to my God,
And as such, was in His hands.

The water continued to churn for some time,
And when the night came and went,
The morning sun revealed a smaller island
That had been wiped clean of man’s presence.
No airport, no cottages, no cars;
No sign of any living thing.
Just us and a few others
Who had made their way
to the top of the cliff
before the final wave hit,
had survived.

My husband left a text message of our need
To a pilot friend of his. And so the next day,
We finally got our ride home.
I then woke up.

*  *  *  *