Read Me

August 1994

As I closed my eyes for sleep, the last thing I thought, was if and when the world ever does come to an end, at least the Lord will take me and I will be His.

Then I began to dream…

The Day Of The Lord is near.
It is nearer than I realize.
Its time will be revealed to me without warning; it will simply happen and appear.
God spoke to me, as I tried to out run the devil and get out of his way.
He told me, “You must read of Me, or I will surely loose you, and you will loose Me. Draw near to Me and read, ma petite, for the days grow nearer, and as we stand, we are loosing touch of one another.”
The rest of the dream, was trying to somehow escape satan in all his animal forms.
I looked to Jesus, and pointed to the Catholic Church, and to their priests, and cried out loud to my Lord, “HOW could one be close to You, and live in the Word, with these setbacks?”
But again, He looked at me in earnest, and simply said, “Read Me.”

I Then woke up.
*  *  *  *