The Letters J And H, And 3 Visions That Have Come True

Does anyone know of a government-owned historical building with the letters J and H in its name?

One of my kids came to me a few weeks ago, (the one who foreseen Obama becoming president,) and told me of a vision within a dream that they had. They seen some kind of government-owned historical building being destroyed, and the invasion of troops that surrounded it. This child said it had the letters J and then an H in its name. (Frustratingly the child couldn’t remember the full name.)

This child is not comfortable with some of these kinds of disaster visions/dreams, for the child feels like all it really does is to predict people’s deaths, and doesn’t see them furthering the kingdom of Christ or helping God’s people. I am hoping that by posting this out here on this web site, (BEFORE it happens,) that it WILL serve as a warning to others, and will somehow even end up preserving their life!


Some have asked me, about some of the other dreams and visions that have come true. At first, I thought there could be no value in such sharing, for it is always easy for someone to come forth after the event, and then claim that they knew before hand what would happen.  Yet I am sensing that it would still be good to share some of them, to reveal just how some of these visions/dreams were given. It may provide an insight to others with a similar spiritual gift. So this week, I share three of them below:


The one predicting Obama’s presidency (As yet, only half of this vision has come true.)

This was a vision, not a dream. The vision lasted only moments. A newscaster, with shoulder length (or around that length,) blonde hair, was wearing a pink-toned business jacket or suit of some kind, and was speaking into a microphone that she held up to her mouth. Behind her, was a low one-story red brick building. Suddenly, the doors to the building opened up, and a group of people came out. The reporter spoke. 

“President Barack Obama and his cabinet members have just exited the building…”

At this, a flurry of flash bulbs went off around the reporter, and other reporters tried to get the attention of the President, but the President just gave a quick nod and a slight smile at the cameras and reporters, and kept walking forward, surrounded by his cabinet members and helpers.

The reporter then continued. “We have been told that the President’s geo-engineering solution has failed, and that they were going to go back to the drawing board to begin the search for another solution to the problem…”

And at this, the vision abruptly ended.

A few days after this vision, the Democratic National Convention was trying to decide who they would back as their candidate for president, and they showed a picture of Barack Obama as one of the contenders on the TV screen. As soon as this child seen Obama, they boldly spoke up and told us that this man would be the next president of the United States. When I asked this child, “are you sure?” They shrugged and said “if not this election, then maybe the next one. But at some point, that man will become the president of the United States.” It was then, that the child told me of the vision.


Japan’s 2011 Tsunami

This one was also a short vision. Huge tsunami waves were seen inundating what looked like well-tended farm lands, barns, and roads. When the waves reached an oil refinery, explosions of fireballs broke out, shaking the ground with its tremors. One of them almost looked like a mushroom cloud. Then the vision ended.

This child gave me this vision, a few months before the Japan Tsunami. For every day that nothing happened, we both had that eerie feeling, that something bad was going to happen. But neither of us sensed where it would take place, and as there were no tell-tale voices within the vision, we could not tell where it would hit.

When the Tsunami hit Japan, our whole family watched it as the TV news reports came in, showing the devastation. When the oil refineries were shown exploding, this child looked at me in shock, exclaiming “it’s exactly what I had seen in my vision! Exactly!” Then my child left the room, clearly upset. “I don’t want to see anymore,” this child told us. “I’ve already seen it anyways…”  


Haiti’s 2010 Earthquake

This one was also a short vision. All this child could hear and see, were people screaming in terror, their voices suddenly being silenced, and at the same time seeing people running and all the buildings within view, wobble and then collapse in heaps on the ground. Despite the fact that my child had no idea what language these people were speaking, my child could tell that the survivors were crying out for help. This  child knew it was not in America, for most of the people were darker skinned, and looked like they lived in a warmer climate. 

My child did not know where or when this quake would strike, and the urge to somehow warn others was strong, but without more information, felt that they could not. “Besides,” this child thought, “who would take such a warning from someone like me seriously?”

When the news footage of the Haiti quake played over the television, this child sat there watching it for the first few moments, crying. “That was it,” the child told me. “That was the quake I seen in my vision…” 


An Angel Of The Lord Led Us

Another dream…

We Christians are being rounded up and kept in a fortress. No barbed wire, but banks of earth surround us, placed there by the government. It was not kept locked; you could come and go from its entrance, but there really was no reason to go elsewhere, for there was nothing outside of it except desolation, or more compounds just like it farther away.
I kept trying to warn those around me, that this government would one day start killing us, (because we were Christians,) but they thought me crazy, and no one really believed me.

Then one fine bright sunny day, on a government-declared holiday, (similar to America’s Fourth of July,) a girlfriend, (somewhat,) came running up to me and my family, just as we were about to step out into the busy public picnic area, calling my name frantically. When she reached us, she told me that I was right; the government was going to kill everyone in the compound, and that she had just seen (and overheard) the pilots talking as they filled up their planes with the poisons.

These were the same three planes that had been scheduled to take part in an acrobatic air show, in honor of the mandated holiday. 

She described the poisons as being in two parts, one was a gas the pilots called ‘krylon’, (I could be spelling that wrong,) and the other part was some kind of microscopic computer kill chip that was suspended in a mixture of synthetic blood. This chip was designed to penetrate the skin within moments, and would then be transported directly to the heart, where it attached itself and detonated a powerful electric charge, thereby causing the heart to stop beating. It could travel, (given enough time,) and was programmed to seek out all human life forms within the contained area. When all the people had been killed off, the chips self-destructed and became inert.  

We heard the roar of the planes engines as they took to the air. We knew that they would soon be circling round to dump their spray onto the unsuspecting people, as they gathered to picnic out in the main park. 

There was no time to run back to warn anyone, nor retrieve any of our belongings, so we started running towards the outer embankments of the compound as fast as we could.

When we were in sight of the embankment, we seen three large planes begin to descend towards us, but I yelled at everyone to keep running. (They were about to give up, thinking it hopeless, but the Spirit of God kept pushing me forward.)

When the planes were almost above us, I seen them open up their bellies, and begin to spray the reddish-brown fluid down upon us and the city. They thought they had gotten us with the poison, but instead had just missed us by a moment or two, thanks to an odd gust of wind that kicked up as we ran.

As we neared the embankment, I searched for one of the tunnel openings, (like an under-pass of a freeway, but with a shallow stream of water beneath it,) and found one not too far ahead. As we ran to it, we heard the planes circle around for another pass, and hid in some bushes nearby, till they passed over us again. (They did not try to spray us again, for they did not see us.)

Then we scrambled over the rocks and water, as we climbed up and out of the tunnel opening. I had gone last, and just as my foot crossed over it, steel-poled gates fell down from the top of the tunnel, sealing everyone else in. We were all surprised by the gates, for no one had even known that they were there.

The Holy Spirit quickly led us out into the ‘desolation’ area, and away from the compound, towards another compound nearby, that had not been scheduled yet for their ‘altercation’. The ‘desolation’ area was called this, because it had no stores or homes in it, and had been ‘returned’ to its ‘natural’ state. But there were scrub bushes, trees, and some patches of grass around us, so it was somewhat simple to remain hidden from prying eyes, as we traveled to the next compound. (There were no real roads to speak of; air travel had become the preferred way to travel. That or subways beneath the earth.)

As we entered into this next compound, and tried to blend in, we realized that we stood out somewhat, in that our dress was just a little different than the others there. So we still kept to the shadows and the greenery, hoping to blend in enough to pass.

I need not have worried. As we entered, an angel of the Lord appeared before us, and led us through the town, to a place where we were told would be safe for us for a while.

As we passed through the center of the town, we went by little kiosks of food snacks that people were selling to the passer-bys. The angel of the Lord led us close to one of them, and asked us if we were hungry, (we were famished, but just realized this at that moment,) and then motioned with his hand to the buckets of snacks, and said, “Eat.”

The nearest bowls of snacks held confections that were a swirled mix of white and milk chocolate, shaped into small sea shells. We each grabbed a handful or two, as we passed on by, being careful not to cause any to be spilled, (which would get the seller’s attention,) and thereby raising an alarm.

As we passed, I looked back to see how much we had taken from the seller. I was concerned that we had taken too much, and did not want the man to take a loss on his product, as I knew he was just trying to make a living by selling them. But when I looked closer, I found that the baskets were just as full as they had been before, with maybe a few more to top them off. I was relieved.

I kept thinking that we could be seen, and indeed were seen, but somehow, the angel of the Lord shielded us from being seen by those who might mean us harm.

When we reached the ‘safe’ houses, we were split up into different homes, so it would be easier to hide us from the authorities.

In the home I was placed in, one of them understood my problem and wanted me there, and her mate did not. They had one teenage son who was ill with a sore on his neck, and in bed.

Someone nearby, became suspicious of the house I was hiding in, and went to the local authorities. Soon, the government was at the door, to search the house, so I had to find a hiding place.

The first few times of this, was simple, for their search effort was only half-hearted; they came in mostly to question the mom and dad, and not really to search the whole house well to find me. But their visits became more frequent, and their searches more intense. At one point, I went downstairs, and was told by the Holy Spirit, to take a half-full (huge) box of blankets, and dump it over on top of me. When they came downstairs to search the room, they slit open the top of the box I was hiding under, pulled out a few blankets, and then left, figuring I was not there.

The couple was worried about their son, concerned they would be denied help cause of me, so I asked them if they wanted me to lay my hands on the wound. Slowly, with uncertainty, they said yes.

When I went to go wash my hands first, God told me no, and to hold them up to the red heating lamp in their bathroom instead. But I felt this would not sanitize them well enough, so I went over to the mirrored sink and began washing my hands. But the voice inside reprimanded me. “You are not doing what I told you to do.” So I stopped, but it was too late; I had been seen by a police man.

He ran around front to get me, but I ran out the back door and away from the house.

Soon many were out searching for me, so I went underground in the subways to hide.

The subways of this city amazed me; they were so perfectly covered in glossy light blue-green square tiles, reminiscent of the color of water. They were on the floor, the walls, and even the ceiling.

As I made my way down, every so often God would tell me to hide, or press myself into the halls alcove areas that were spread out at regular intervals, and remain still. But after a while I began to question this, for I never seen anyone else in the tunnels. I was about to not do it, when God let me know that I was to do so, for the tunnels were watched by remote sensors that picked up movement, every few minutes or so. The Holy Spirit was helping me avoid the motion detectors, by having me duck into the little ‘doorway-like’ alcoves whenever the sensor was trained to where I was. So I followed the Holy Spirit’s nudges as I made my way through the tunnels.

At one point, I could have taken a right turn, yet I sensed it would only lead me down into further trouble, as it clearly sloped downwards as far as I could see, deeper into the earth, and I could hear the faint sounds of voices and human habitation echoing off the walls in the distance. In that hallway, there were no alcoves, and I sensed from the Holy Spirit that there were no motion sensors there either.  


Then my alarm went off, and I woke up.

*  *  *  *

Further Down The Line

A dream…

I am a young mother, in my mid to late twenties, with shoulder length maybe longer, wavy/curly black hair. I’ve been married to one man for about three years or so,
And we have one sweet little girl, less than two years old.

The weather is brisk, as it is getting closer to nightfall, so I had dressed my daughter in one of those cute little white and blue colored bear onesie sleepers, with the fake fabric ears sewed on top of the drawstring hood, and fake paw prints printed on the plastic footed booties, and fold-over hand covers.

People everywhere were gathering; all walking towards the signs that promised “free food”, and following the arrows pointing them towards the waiting lines. We followed along with the crowd, as the guideline rails that had quickly been put in place
Began to narrow further, till they were the width of only about four people wide.

Some of the people dropped and could go no further, for they had gone without food for a long time. Most however, made their way into the long lines of waiting people, in the hopes that they would be fed soon.

As the line slowly moved forward, We found that the barriers alongside us, became metal poles and fencing, funneling the people into one direction. At one point, some of the people decided they didn’t want to be forced to go in one direction, but when they turned to go back, they found armed officers of some kind, (claiming to try and keep the peace,) pulling out their guns, and ordering those people to keep moving forward.

Some moved back into the line, But there were those who refused, and still fought to be free. They were shot and killed.

This changed the mood of the people watching the exchange, and they started to ask more questions. “Is there even any food to be had? Or is this just a scam?”

The officers said that they would indeed receive food, but that they just had to keep moving along in the line. Others then asked “When will we be able to eat?” But that question wasn’t really answered. The only thing they would say is: “When you’re further down the line.”

At this point, there was another group of people jostling and fighting, and the guards quickly pressed the crowd apart into two different lines that funneled apart from each other. They then shot those who were resisting. Their bodies lay on the ground, and those behind had to walk around them. Those that refused to move forward and instead stayed behind to mourn their deaths, were also shot. Some who were shot, were still alive, and were crying out in pain, asking for help. These people were shot again, (this time through the head up close,) effectively silencing them. 

My arms had weakened, from carrying my little one for so long, so I had given her over to her father to hold for a while. She was such a sweet baby, seemingly content with the little that my body could give her. She was a spot of sunshine in our lives, and I thanked Jesus for her frequently.

Now, suddenly, to my great distress, I found myself being pushed forward, and separated from my family. The armed gunmen divided us up as if we were cattle, without regards to family ties. I tried to say something to one of the gunmen, but he looked right through me. I looked at my husband still holding my child in the other line, and as our eyes met, I could see the desperation, love, and hopelessness, within me reflected in his. 

We were given no time to say goodbye. The line with my husband and child moved forward with a surge, and my eyes followed them till they disappeared from my view.

My grief was overwhelming. I thought of never being able to see my baby’s sweet face again, and I wanted to die. What value was there in living now? As the line I was in began to move forward once again, I knew I could simply cause a struggle, and I would soon be shot, putting myself out of my misery. But something kept me from doing so. Then that  voice within, told me that He still needed me, and that I was to keep moving forward, despite my grief. He told me that He still had work for me to do for Him. I wondered how I could be of any use to Him with this grief, but His voice within me was insistent.

So I stumbled forward with the rest of the crowd, without much will or strength left, till we found ourselves herded into a long dark metal box. They packed us into this container tightly, leaving no room to spare, and then swung the door shut, locking us in.

The container was then lifted by a crane, onto a ship of some kind. We heard the sound of the boats engine shuddering to life, and felt the rocking motion of the boat upon the water. I spent hours upon hours in that darkness, with heat, bodies, and the stench of urine and feces around me. Then our container was lifted up in the air again, and was deposited on solid land. Shortly after, the doors swung open.

A gray light filtered through to where I was still standing. People rushed forward, almost falling out of the box. Those that had died along the journey now fell to the floor, and the others stumbled over them to reach the door.

As I moved forward, I could see that it was day, but there was no sunshine, just pouring rain. All around was dark, dreary, and gray. A group of people, larger than ours, stood off to one side, huddled under a corrugated metal overhang, silently watching. We stumbled towards them, as the foreign-looking gunmen, speaking in a strange language I did not know, pointed their guns in this direction. But their guns seemed out of place, for no one fought anymore. Resistance had already been removed from us.

I could see that our box had been placed next to some other boxes, and that they were actually overseas shipping containers, the kind that had filled up the ports and stockyards of the USA to overflowing. Foreign countries overseas had used them to ship goods and products over to America. Now I sensed that they were being returned to their owners, filled to the brim with American slaves. I knew then, that I would never set foot upon my beloved homeland again.    

Just then, a high-pitched squeal filled with happiness and delight, sounding so out of place, rang out into the cement courtyard. I looked up and could see a tiny figure struggle to be free from being held, dressed in blue and white, break from the others and run towards me. My heart pounded with recognition, but I found I was afraid to hope. Was it really my little baby bear? Joy filled my heart and tears flooded my eyes as I listened to my baby’s distinctive voice cry out “Me ma me ma me ma,” as her little feet pounded the pavement. She ran into my arms and we embraced. My mate then came up to me as well with tears in his eyes, and hugged us both. “Thank you Jesus!” I whispered under my breath, as I embraced my family once again. 

I then woke up from the dream.