A Miracle: My Children Were Fed

When I was a young mother, I suffered from horrible migraines. They left me dizzy, sick to the stomach, and unable to see. I had applied to the government for disability, but they denied me. I worried about how I would care for my children when one of them would strike me.

Then one day, one of them hit me hard. I wasn’t able to balance myself enough to move, and I was unable to see. I lay on the floor of my bedroom, not knowing what to do.

I cried out to my God for help.

I stayed there praying for about an hour.

Then my oldest boy came upstairs to see me. He was about five years old.

I told him that I knew how hungry he must be, and to be patient; at some point I should be able to go back down stairs to feed everyone.

He told me not to worry, and that he went ahead and fed everyone.

I was dumbfounded.

“With what?” I asked him. I thought maybe he had given everyone some cereal or crackers, though I balked at the thought of him climbing up that high without supervision to get them. They were stored in the upper cabinets far out of their reach.

But what he did give them astounded me even further.

“Oh,” he said, as if it was no big deal, ”I made them pizza.”

“What?! How did they manage to eat it frozen?” (My mind was still trying to wrap around the thought that my son was able to dig through the big flat freezer to find one, much less that he would think to try and eat it.)

“I put it in the oven just like you do, and cooked it for them.”

“But how? You don’t know how to work the oven yet!”

“Yes I do. I watched how you did it, and I did what you did.”

I was floored.

“Is there any left?”

“No,” he said. “We ate it all.”

He must have cooked it well if everyone ate it.

Then I realized; God had answered my prayer in a way I had never anticipated.

This was the child that had a disability; he had been diagnosed with severe Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Oppositional Defiance Disorder, as well as some learning disorders. In my son’s case, these were fancy names for some nasty demons, though I did not come to this realization for some years yet. But for this child to behave as he did, was a miracle in itself. He was the one I would worry over; his impulsivity had gotten him into trouble many times before. For him to behave so responsibly and helpful, was quite unexpected. He had even managed to turn the oven off when he was done cooking the pizza!

After this incident, I no longer wondered if I should give up my children to Child Protective Services. God was telling me to keep them, and I knew then that He would indeed provide the way for us.

In the end, He did even better than that; he removed the migraines from me!

During Hanukkah, we recall the miracles that Christ has done in our lives. This was one of them.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you greatly and give you His peace!

C. Dunamis

The Couples Scriptural Prayer

Our family reached another one of those ‘milestones’ this past week, and in retrospect, I found myself marveling at the miracle of our family still being together and in Him. When I wondered at what had caused us to receive such a blessing from Him, He reminded me of this prayer that He had given to me, during one of the hardest parts of our struggles. It is one that answered my question, “But Lord, what do I pray for?” It is a prayer that I have said, many, many times. So, in honor of one of my children’s graduation from high school, I would like to share it with you:  (Note: The numbers refer to scripture listed at the end.)


Dear Father in heaven, (1)
compassionate & gracious, slow to anger,
& abounding in love and faithfulness, (2)
From You comes all deliverance! (3)
Thank You Lord, for giving me
my spouse and our children! (4,5)
But most of all, thank You for the faith we have in You,
And for the changes this has brought to our lives! (6)
Help our family be united, of one heart
& mind, and focused on You. (21,36)
May Your will be done, & not ours. (50)
Soften our hearts to You & to each other,
And let us each hear Your voice within us today! (49)
Equip us with every good thing for doing Your will. (15, 26)
Gift to each of us, Your Spirit of wisdom & revelation,
& most importantly, the fruit of Your Holy Spirit, (42)
so that each of us, & even those around us,
will all come to know You better & better. (17,19)
Help us Lord, to put aside our own desires
so that we will become patient & Godly.
Help us to let go, be humble, & trust in You
so that You can have Your way with us,
and enable us to enjoy & like other people,
& finally grow to love them deeply. (25,38,45)
Bring health & nourishment to our bodies, (39)
When we lie down, remove all fear, & gift us with sweet sleep. (40)
Help us to go on our way in safety, and for Your sake, (27)
Gift us, our children, & our children’s children, with Your salvation,
long life, prosperity, honor, humbleness, contentment, pleasantness & peace. (34,41,45)
Fill us with Your mighty, glorious strength
So that we can keep going no matter what happens –
Always full of joy & thankfulness to You & the Father (22)
Turn to us & have mercy upon us (9) 
Forgive us of our sins & grant us life in You! (7,8)
Help us to forgive each other,
& to stop judging one another. (8,11)
Help us to not do anything that might cause another
to stumble or fall, but instead help us to do what leads
to peace & mutual edification in You. (29)
Help us to be affectionate & accepting of each other,
giving preference to each other in brotherly love,
in order to bring praise to You & Your name. (20,48)
Be a shield around us & guard us Lord; (28,10,32,26)
Protect us from all that is worldly, (46)
and help us to keep our eyes focused on You. (47)
Increase our faith; make us firm & steadfast in You. (16,44)
Flood our hearts with Your light (24)
So the spirits of Satan can not abide there. (23)
Preserve us, sustain us, comfort us & guide us;
do not let us stumble or fall. (35,33,26,10,32)
Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us
from the attacks of Satan & his legions (18)
Be with us always, keeping us from all evil & disaster! (37)
We ask these things in the holy
& powerful name of JESUS. (43)

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2. Psalm 86:15                                                        27. Psalm 122:6-9
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4. 1 Thess. 1:2                                                          29. Romans 14:19-20
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*  *  *  *