A Marked Difference

Between that moment, of being awake and asleep, 

the boundary
Between this world
And the spiritual world,
Had opened up a wall of some sort,
Kind of like a portal,
That had opened up
Just for a few moments.
It wasn’t a portal that one could see into;
It was a portal where one could hear
What the enemy was plotting against us.

A great and powerful general
A commander way high up in the ranks,
Who was the head of infirmities
For our principality,
Boomed out his communications
To his army of minions beneath him.

“A door has been opened!”, he proclaimed.
The demons listened up with rapt eagerness. 
“We are to enter and attack this family with illness!”
And then the commander gave out his orders,
assigning specific demons to attack.
Congestion, watery eyes, sneezing,
Runny nose, coughing, infection,
Each was a specific lower caste demon
Sent out to attack us with their lying symptoms,
In the hopes that we would buy into their lies,
And accept their baggage upon us as our own.

Here I had been wondering,
Asking my Lord to tell me some how,
If this illness is of natural origin,
Or if it was still from satan.

The next morning,
After MUCH claiming, praising, and casting out these demons with scripture,
I found that the severity of the symptoms
Had greatly subsided. 
Even my love noted with surprise
To see such a marked difference in me
In just one day.
(Usually these things would hang on
With great severity in symptoms,
For weeks and weeks and weeks!)

Now I find myself wondering…
What was the ‘door’ that had opened up?
Fear? Doubt? Distractions,
Pulling me away from my Lord?
These are all demons, too.

Or was it a physical imbalance of the body?
Just how much of sickness on this earth,
Is caused strictly by demons?

*  *  *  *