Jesus Could Save Them From the Radiation

A dream…

The dream began with a nuclear bomb of some kind suddenly going off. The bomb was many miles away from where I, (a young female adult believer,) stood. The area was very flat, with no hills around it to hide the city from view, so I could see the mushroom cloud quite clearly. The earth shook and trembled under its force, and I had to steady myself lest I fall. This explosion was not the white fluffy mushroom ones I had seen before on television; it was black and the mushroom part was deeply red colored instead. The sky was dark, though from the time of day or night or the bomb itself, I could not tell for sure. (I sensed it was night time.) The earth roiled and changed colors like smoldering coals in a fire, first charring everything black, then suddenly blowing back to life with red hot fire, before returning to the black color once again. This red fire rippled outwards like a pebble thrown in a pond, till the end of its reach left spots of black char among the untouched ground.

Then from among this vision, came a person, walking away from the bomb blast. She was followed by others, trickling in, trying to get as far away from the blast as they could. Some dropped and died as they walked, while the survivors kept walking, wanting so very badly to get as far away from it as possible, despite knowing that for them it was probably too late and that they also would end up dead.

God’s people reacted totally different to the devastation; they had the attitude that as they were not dead yet, they would keep serving and following God till they no longer could. Those Christians whose faith was weak, succumbed to the radiation and died. Those who believed that Jesus could save them from the radiation survived with no side effects from the radiation. It was as if they were somehow immune to it.

These Christian survivors tried to witness to others, and the way these believers remained in good health was a visual reminder of a miracle that could be theirs too, if they came to Christ. There were a few who turned to Christ and were saved, (from both the radiation and from hell,) but most turned away from the good news and died, for they simply could not bring themselves to believe in such a miracle or in the God that gave it to His children.

My heart ached to see those people die without Christ.

Farther out from the blast, people were panicking, and running to the stores to buy provisions. I found myself outside a Target store, looking at the long lines of people waiting for their turn to get in. Target employees were trying to keep the people in line and orderly. Many people were buying odd stuff, like masses of paper towels, that would not be of much use to them over the long haul. You could only buy as much as you could carry, for cars and other motorized transportation was not working. Walking was the only way to get from place to place.

You could tell who were the real believers and who were not, simply by the look on their faces. Those who were believers in Jesus Christ, had positive thoughts, and this was reflected outwards towards others. There was a peace about them that stood out from all the chaos around them. Those who were not believers were in shock, and walked around as if in a daze, unable to think clearly.

I was not able to tell how the people buying the stuff payed for it, or if it was simply given away to them. You still had to wait in long lines to check out your items, but even the watches on peoples arms had stopped working, so I did not know what other kind of mechanics had been left in working condition, to charge the people.

I woke up and felt both sad and hopeful over the dream. Sad that such a thing had happened, yet hopeful having witnessed the believers being immune to the radiation. I wondered if this was a warning dream, and I wondered if it might actually happen one day. I wondered if in the future I would get another dream to confirm this one.

I then went back to sleep.


(To be continued…)



One Of Us pt. 2

I Continued on in the same dream.

This time,
Me and this woman were together again,
Making a trip into the heart of the city.

I can’t remember exactly what for;
All I can remember, is that it was for a job
That she had gotten, and she needed
some nice new clothes to wear,
as part of the job description.

So we went down together,
And stuck together.

She found what she was looking for,
Bought what she felt she needed,
And as we were walking back to the train,
A gang of teenagers overtook us,
And tried to take our bags of clothes.
With struggle, we managed to stop them,
But the clothes had been scattered about
During the struggle, and were now full
Of mud and grime.

We wondered what we should do;
Bring them home as they were,
And wash them there,
Or find a place to wash them in the city?
She chose to wash them in the city,
For they smelled too bad
To bring on the train.
(She feared we would get kicked off,
Trying to Carry in something like that.)

So we found a Laundromat
That was still open, and
Proceeded to have it done there.
The attendant seemed a bit on the shady side,
But I sensed that he would not harm us.
It was one of those places,
Kind of like a one-hour-photo place is now,
Where you deposited your clothes Into a chute,
Were given a receipt for them,
and then they were collected & washed
somewhere else, & then returned
all pressed and folded, to the same place.
Once you showed the attendant your receipt,
You were able to collect them.

We stuffed the clothes in their chute,
And went back up front,
To await our receipt.
But the guy who picked them up
Did not have all our clothes,
Only a few of them.
So we did not get a receipt.
We went back to the chute
To look for them,
And found they had gotten stuck
Half way down the pipe.
We tried to push them through,
But only a few more went down.
(I took a look into it deeper,
And found that she had put
Her clothes in, FOLDED,
Causing them to get stuck
More easily.)

We went back down stairs,
And told the attendant what had happened,
And he told us that the last load of the day
Had just left, and that he was unable
To call him back up, to pick up yet another load.

So it looked as if we were stuck there for the night,
Without all our new clothes, dirty or clean.

We tried to reach down & pull back
The clothes that were still stuck in the chute,
But only managed to get a few.

So I went back to the front of the store,
To speak with the attendant again.
I pleaded with him, but to no avail.
“I understand,” I told him, through my tears,
“I know that if you could, you would help us out.”
(I was angry at him, but sensed
That he really was a good guy underneath it all.)
I softened my voice to him.
“I know you’re doing your best…”
I pulled out a tissue, and clung to it with my fingers,
After drying my eyes with it.

I sat there, wondering what I was to do next,
When I got the distinct impression,
That someone was looking at my purse.

Remembering all my friend had gone through,
I brought my own purse towards the front of me,
And held it close to my stomach.

Then the guy I sensed watching me,
Came into the store.
I wondered if he would try to take my purse
And the clothes on my body from me,
But figured he wouldn’t, couldn’t,
Cause the attendant would be a witness,
And he wouldn’t want that.

But instead, the guy came up to the attendant,
Asked him a general question,
And then when the attendant turned to answer him,
The guy stuck a gun in his face,
And told him to give him all the money.

I couldn’t help it; I gasped.
The criminal turned to look at me then,
barely sparing me a glance.
But he motioned to me with his gun,
& told me to open my purse
And get out my wallet.

So I did.

I was sitting on the front stairs of the shop,
With my purse on an upper stair.
I opened my brown purse,
Letting the flap fall open, back towards me,
And then took out my wallet,
and spread it open on the step below it.
(And below the open flap of my purse.)
The robber seemed happy enough with my actions,
And so turned his attention back to the attendant.

Keeping my eyes fixed on the criminal,
And still crying into my now used tissue,
I slowly removed the larger bills from my wallet,
That were easiest to reach.
The criminal did not notice what I was doing,
Cause the top flap of my purse was still open,
And partially covering  my hands & the wallet.
Crumpling them up in my hands like my tissue,
I pushed them one by one under my thighs,
So they would be hidden from his view.
(I just hoped he would not have me stand up!)

I had crumpled & hidden only a few bills,
When he finished collecting all the till money
From the harassed attendant,
And suddenly turned to look at me.
I still held a bill, hidden in my hands,
So I stuffed the tissue in front of it,
And cried all the more, using the tissue,
to wipe my eyes and nose.

The thief quickly reached down
And grabbed my wallet & my purse,
And stuffed it all into the pillowcase
He had carried with him,
Along with all the other money from the till.

He then frisked the attendant,
And finding the guy’s wallet on him,
Took that & put it into his bag.

The attendant was still trying to plead with the guy,
To please not take it all away from him again,
for he would now have nothing left to survive on.
(Apparently, the place had been robbed
Several times before.)

The thief gave a quick look around behind him,
Pulled out the guy’s wallet,
And upon opening it, pulled out a twenty
And handed it back to the attendant.
“Here,” he said, sounding gruff & course,
“Don’t ever say I didn’t have any mercy on you!”

The thief barely spared me a glance,
As he turned to leave the store.
I sensed that even a peep from me,
Requesting mercy from him,
Would send him over the edge,
And result in my death.

So I remained silent,
Softly weeping into my tissue,
As he took all and left.

The poor attendant must have been in shock,
For he mumbled to himself,
And seemed to not make much sense.
After a few moments,
I began to recognize some of his words.

“My God! What am I supposed to do now?!?
They’ve just taken the last of my money;
The money that was supposed to go
To pay for the rent on this place!
Now I will go out of business for sure!
No one will extend me any more credit;
I am in debt enough the way it is!”

He turned slowly, to look at me.

“And why would he take all I have,
But then turn around & throw me a twenty?
It just doesn’t make any sense!
A twenty isn’t going to help me!”

He starred at me then,
as if he expected an answer.
So I told him, “Maybe he didn’t want to see you
Go out of business. After all, if you go out of business,
Who can he rob then?”

The attendant looked at me as if I was crazy.
“But a twenty isn’t going to make or break me
At this point! They have robbed me so many times,
That I can no longer pay my expenses!”

“Well,” I said to him as an afterthought,
“I doubt the thief has any idea,
Just how much money it takes
To run a business. Maybe he really thought
He was giving you a break…”

At this, the attendant sat down in his chair,
And began to openly weep.

“What am I going to do? Where will I go now?
Everything I had, was sunk into this place.
Now it has all been taken from me.
I have nothing left to even live on!”

“Oh,” I said to him,
“I think I can help you with that.”

He frowned, and starred at me.
“What do you mean?”

“I think I can hook you up with someone,
To help you get started up again,
Though it’d probably be somewhere
Other than here…”

“No, you don’t understand!,” said the guy.
“I couldn’t even BEGIN
to take on another loan!
No one in their right mind,
Would even give me one!”

“I wasn’t talking about a loan…”

He frowned even deeper at me.
“Then what were you talking about?”

“I was talking about someone
Who could GIVE you the money.
Free. As a gift.”

He just looked at me, and said
“You’re crazy lady!
Nobody would ever do that for me!”

I shrugged, and told him
“I know someone who would.”

“I might be able to get enough
To buy shelter for a night, but…”

“You are welcome to come and stay
With me and my friend at our place,
Outside the city.
At least you would have food and shelter,
Till you got back on your feet again.”

He starred at me. “Are you straight up?”

I grinned & nodded yes.

“You would actually bring me to your home
And help me out?!?”

Again, I nodded yes.

“Oh No!” I exclaimed, suddenly realizing
That the thief had taken more
than just my money and my credit cards.

“What?,” the attendant asked me.
“Don’t tell me; You’ve changed your mind,
And won’t be able to help me.”

“Maybe not,” I said to him with sadness.
“I just realized that the thief
also took my identification card!
Without that,
I won’t be able to board any train
At ANY price!”

“Oh that,” he answered me,
Brushing my concern off with a wave of his hand.
“That’s no big deal.
I have a friend in the police department.
All I ‘d have to do, is show him the copy
Of your identification card
That I have here on file.
That, and my witness,
Should be enough to get you
At least a temporary pass,
To see you back home.”

And that is how it all worked out.

All three of us arrived safely home,
And the laundry attendant/owner
Stayed with me and my husband in the guest room,
Till his new Laundromat opened up
In a nicer part of the city.

Who was the other person
Who gave him the money?
Jesus, through His children,
Including me and my husband.

Because of this,
The attendant/owner guy,
Became more curious
About this Jesus we worshiped.
And in the end,
just like the other woman,
he too, came to know Him
and follow Him as his own.

I then woke up.
In this future world
Seen in my dreams,
having a formal identification card,
is the ticket to life in general.
You can’t travel without one,
And you can’t buy anything without one.
You need one to survive.
The government
Intentionally makes it hard,
On those who insist
On not having their ID
Injected into them,
under the skin of their forearm.
They hope that you will be persuaded
To use their preferred ID;
Their Digital Implantable ID microchip…

*  *  *  *