Battling The Demon At Gull Lake Lodge

For the past two weeks, our family has been off camping in the hills of California, for our yearly family vacation. After camping out at one of the local campgrounds for several days, we had planned to stay in a motel for a few days, to get cleaned up and rested, before continuing on in our journey. What we found there surprised us, and furthered our lessons in spiritual warfare.

We had reserved a spot in a motel called ‘The Gull Lake Lodge’ located in June Lake, California. They were like a small one bedroom apartment, with two double beds in the one bedroom, and had a futon sofa and a futon chair in the living room. A bathroom and a small galley kitchen with a nook dining room completed the layout. But the best part, (besides the price of the room,) was that they accepted pets. This meant we could take our pets with us, and not have to leave them with our neighbors back home.

I had read some of the reviews on line about the hotel, and they seemed to be really good, with just a few that were really bad. After what we found there, it would not surprise me if we had stumbled on to the underlying reason for those few discontented reviews.

After scouting out the room, one of my kids called me over to where he was standing. “Mom,” he says to me, “You have got to see this!”

There, on the left side arm of the living room’s main sofa, were drawings of an open ended pentagram, and a sliver of a moon, carved into the light wood of the arm. Other odd markings were also beside it, and I knew that they could be remnants from some kind of satanic ceremony. So I went and got out my blessing oil, (simple pure olive oil, prayed over and set aside for anointing purposes,) and applied it over them, claiming in the name of Jesus, that whatever was there, would stay there, and would not be able to come out and bother us.

Oddly however, even after blessing the satanic markings, we realized that no one, not even our pets, would venture over to that corner of the room. We didn’t think too much of it, until bed time.

Twelve midnight, and all was not well. The boys were arguing over who had to have which bed, and one of the other kids was silently crying in her bed. When I asked her why she was crying, she shrugged her shoulders and mumbled something about it all being so hopeless. (VERY unlike her.) The arguing boys soon worked out their decision, but their problems did not stop.

The boy sleeping on the sofa, was struggling greatly just to breathe. His sinuses were clear, so we knew it wasn’t that causing the problem. He said that his heart was racing severely, and he felt like he was choking and could not breathe. This happened only when he was laying down on that sofa futon; the same one that had the images carved into them. When he walked away from the sofa, his breathing cleared and his heart stopped racing.

So we took the futon’s mattress off the wooden frame, and laid it out on the floor, on the other side of the room.

But still, the problems persisted.

I was about to go pray, not knowing what else I could do to deal with the problem, when one of my other boys stopped me.

He told me that he could clearly see the demon, still there in the room, and that is what was troubling my other boy lying on the mattress.

This boy that seen the demon, was the boy that often chooses to not see into the spiritual world, for sometimes what he sees disturbs him. But this time, he insisted on describing to me what he was seeing in great detail, for he felt it was very important to do so.

He could see two large feet trying to balance and touch the floor. They were gray, with four inch long darkened pointed toenails coming out of the feet. He could not see the head. So he looked up to the ceiling, and saw a gray rope with a hangman’s noose on the end of it.

On the back of the demon, there were many items sticking into it, many knives and swords of varying sizes and lengths. My son tried to see the face more clearly, but could only make out red eyes. The rest, God told him, He did not want him to see.

The demon’s feet, was by my other son’s head, the one who was supposed to sleep on that mattress for the night. We thought that sleeping at the other end of the couch might be better. But it wasn’t.

The demon was looking at the boy who was telling me all this, and not at the one trying to sleep on the mattress. It was becoming quite upset, as it realized that this child could actually see him.

At this point, one of the other children, the one sitting on her bed crying in the other room, ventured out to see what was going on. She said she sensed hopelessness, grief, and a spirit of suicide there in the room. She asked for a piece of paper, and began drawing what she was seeing. One was of the demon itself, and the other drawing was what the mattress looked like, as my other son gave up trying to rest upon it.

I told the kids that I didn’t know what else I could do, because I had already used the blessing oil on it, and it didn’t seem to help any. (I was very, very tired, and was sadly at my wits end.)

The son who was watching it quickly and adamantly told me that it DID help, quite a bit, for the oil had formed a light blue force field around the demon, forcing it to be fixed in the corner and remain where it was, and preventing it from venturing too far out into the other rooms.

The drawing my other child drew, showed three large items sticking out of its back; one was a samurai sword, another was a grim reaper scythe, and the third was a stick with a noose on the end of it. The fingernails and toenails were sharply pointed and very black. The eyes she told me, were a piercing bright ruby red. The rest of the demon was all gray.

Both of these children felt very strongly, that all of the wood on the futon was infected by this demon, not just where the carvings were. All of my kids felt that the person who had completed the ritual, had then committed suicide. I wondered if it had been in the motel room, but they felt it had taken place somewhere else, probably at the person’s home.

The kids discussed what they felt would help, and decided that we should all bless each other with the anointing oil, and claim protection from the demon. Once we did this, we all felt better, but still the demon remained.

I turned to the Lord in my mind, wondering what else I could do, and suddenly remembered the Gideon’s Bible I had seen earlier in the bedside table drawer in the other room. So I went and got it out, and turned to Psalm 91, and began to read it out loud. (Psalm 91 is what the Old Testament priests used to say out loud in the temple, whenever evil tried to attack them there. I figured if it was good enough for them, then it would work for me as well, for as a believer, I too, am a priest of the Most High God.)

I also claimed that as we had paid rent to the owners of this room, for the few days of our stay, the room was now within our jurisdiction, and had become our territory for the length of our stay. This meant that for the rented duration, we held the spiritual  authority over it, and as such, could now legally restrain any evil from harming us. I also then asked Jesus to please send His big warrior angels down from heaven, to encamp around us and protect us, and to fight our battles in the unseen world.

One of my kids then told me that it might help if the boy laying on the affected mattress quoted Psalm 91. So I had the child repeat it after me, verse after verse, until the end. At that point, all the kids were all able to get to bed and rest, without any evil spiritual interference. 

The next morning, no one complained that the demon had attacked them any further after the events of the night before, but I still wondered if it would be better if we should request another hotel room, now that there were vacancies available. But we all dreaded the work of having to move all of our stuff, and who’s to say that we might not find similar carvings and problems in another room?

In the end, we decided to stay, but to not request to stay another night as we had hoped to, for there were other problems that we faced in the motel room as well. Fleas jumping up onto us and biting us while we slept, light bulbs burnt out leaving us in the dark, propane leakage from the oven and from the larger propane storage tank near by, a severely uncomfortable chair futon mattress, which made it impossible to sleep on, (we had to go and get extra pillows and pads from the car to use instead,) mold in the bathroom and somewhere hidden in the bedroom, and an odd odorous smell underlying one of the mattresses in the bedroom. (I think they may have tried to cover up whatever it is with some kind of perfumed deodorizer, but it didn’t quite work.) Help from the caretaker was not forthcoming, (we contacted them about the light bulb and received no known response,) so we gave up on asking about anything else.

Sad though. The caretaker and owner of this motel may not even have any idea what’s going on in this room, (room number 2,) and I’m not sure if they are even believers. They have responded quite defensively to any who would post a negative review of their stay with them, and have even tried to put the blame back on the people who had complained, claiming they were the ones who had the problem and were crazy and impossible to work with. But I can’t help but wonder…what if the negative reviews were all because of the demonic haunting taking place in that room?

8 comments on “Battling The Demon At Gull Lake Lodge

  1. I know June Lake, California very well. I have hitchhiked through there on U.S. 395 many times over the years.

    When there is an evil presence in the room, you can plead the Blood of Jesus over the room and over the house where you are staying. Or you can say, “I cast you out, evil spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ!”

    One time I hitchhiked into Victor, Idaho and had just arrived at my friends’ place; my friend just got back from work. The phone rang and I overheard George say, “Yeah, the prayerwalker just arrived. He is here if you want to talk with him”

    So in fifteen minutes, this man and his 12-year-old daughter arrived and they were really spooked about something. They told me that their house was infested with an evil spirit. So I had him sit down and prayed over his and his daughter in tongues. He asked me to stay with his family (he also had a wife and a little baby) for a night or two. I ended up staying at their place.

    He told me that when I walked into their house, it was like the air had cleared immediately. I looked around the house for any occult objects or demonic objects. I told them to throw out a few things. I then walked around the house and pled the Blood of Jesus over their house and property.

    We all have different measures of faith. I believe the Lord knows how much we can endure when it comes to spiritual warfare and that you will not be confronted with an evil spirit that you cannot tackle in faith. As we grow stronger in Christ, the Lord gives us greater battles to endure and more powerful demons to remove. We will go from tactical warfare to strategic warfare.

    • Hi Tim,

      I SOOO look forward to that moment, when I’m more in to strategic warfare! I find it ironic, that I had actually hoped that the vacation would be a spiritual warfare vacation too. I’m beginning to realize that the only time I really get a break from that, is when I’m deep in prayer with Jesus. It is then, that I can sense the Lord’s angels surrounding me and protecting me.

      In your travels through the land, have you sensed any demonic principality over the area? There were a few tourist shops that had some Native American dream catchers and other ‘good luck’ items in them, that we couldn’t walk very far into their stores, before having to turn around and go quickly back out. The shops made us feel dizzy, and in two of them, it was actually hard to breathe, as if the air was laden with some kind of weight. In the end, we simply avoided all the Native American shops.

      That’s an interesting testimony you’ve shared, about helping out that family. Have you kept in touch with them? I pray that the demon does not return to trouble them anymore.

      Your ministry is indeed, one of the most interesting ones I have ever heard of. Facinating to see how the Lord leads you to those who are in need!

  2. That demon had a legal right to be where he is because the owner(s) allow it. They are not interested in keeping a clean place spiritually or physically.
    So many times people who drink alcohol are numb to demonic activity and are also kept in the dark by unclean spirits. And then the area may have a nasty presence over it.

    You were absolutely right in your assuming a position of authority because you have rented the room and usurped satan’s workers. I can’t help thinking that there was more than meets the eye in your family’s staying there and thereby praying as you guys did. You probably were used to save someone’s life.

    • Hi Melinda,

      It would indeed be gratifying to one day discover that it had helped another. Do you think that believers can affect something like that, for future people who may stay there? Would the blessing oil have a residual effect? Or would it automatically be removed and void when the next renter comes in?

      It certainly provided quite the real-life lesson for my kids. I think they’ll want to REALLY memorize Psalm 91 now…!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  3. I remember doing a concert in the community hall around here last year and the first thing I noticed was that I had to remove the Masonic Temple standards that were in the hall. We then went over the whole hall anointing it, pleading the blood of Jesus and claiming the night in His name. We still had issues with one amp blowing a fuse and another amp totally blowing. But, praise Jesus, we had 5 young people commit to Christ…

    • Hi Godsfingers,

      I’ve heard that Masonic stuff is VERY hard to get rid of. It’s neat to see that it worked and those new baby believer’s eyes were opened to the Truth of Jesus! Interesting that you still had trouble with the electrical power there. We went through some of this during our camping trip, because I forgot to bless the camp spot with the olive oil…

      Thanks for sharing your testimony!

  4. Dunamis: In my hitchhiking travels, the most spiritually oppressive places I have been to are Las Vegas, Baton Rouge and Arcata, California. Jackson, Wyoming comes across as a very worldly place.

    I haven’t kept in touch with that family that I stayed with in Idaho, though I met the husband a year ago in Driggs. He bought me some breakfast and we had a good talk. They moved to a different town.

  5. That family that I stayed with is no longer in that home. They moved to another town. I believe there was some sort of curse on that house. When I stayed there, nothing happened; when I left, some minor things would happen. Obviously, the demon had a legal right to be there. Maybe there was a cursed object in that house that we didn’t see.

    In my hitchhiking travels, the most spiritually oppressive places I have experienced are Las Vegas, Nevada; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Arcata, California (probably the enviro-pagan capital of the United States) and Jackson, Wyoming. I believe some Divine Judgment may come upon Jackson, Wyoming because there is so much hate and backlash against some anti-abortion protesters that have been protesting there the past two years.

    As we grow stronger in Christ, we deal with more powerful demons, so we eventually go from tactical to strategic (this is my experience, anyway). It would be like a sergeant being promoted to lieutenant and then to captain, major, colonel and then to general. It is ever increasing faith.

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