A Spirit of Priest-craft


My husband and I had a wonderful get away for our thirtieth wedding anniversary. We were able to spend time alone with each other, and re-bond as husband and wife.

When we returned home, things were just as good between us, until one evening, we found us at each other’s throats. The abruptness of it startled both of us, and the severity of angry emotions we had not experienced in years made no sense.

The arguing was over silly small stuff, such as if we should drive a half a mile over to the next store, or if we really needed that item on the grocery list. My husband yelled at me, and I wanted to slap him! We just don’t experience those kinds of emotions anymore in our marriage, for we know well who they are really from. Even knowing this, it took several minutes to push away the attacks and reach out to each other in love. We promptly cast out the demons we thought were attacking us, in the name of Jesus. We had forgiven each other, but it still felt testy between us. I could not understand what had happened, for such an attack upon us to take place. Yes, we were away from the home, but we went to the same old places that we had no problems with before, and we bound up any demons that were in the stores as we walked through them.

So it really confused me, as to why we were attacked like that.

When we got home, we were told that our oldest son had run into that Jehovah’s witness, the mom of my other son’s friend, (yes, the one who cast us out of her home during the fire,) at the local coffee shop. She tried to manipulate my son into agreeing with whatever she said, (apparently for some reason she still blames me for what she did,) and then tried to convert him over to her religion. My children were brought up to respect their elders, so he did not know how to handle it, when she argued with him over the scriptures. He tried to stick up for what he believes, but it was not easy for him. Finally, before she left, she reached out and gave him a hug goodbye.

When I was told this, the puzzle pieces fell into place. My son and I exchanged notes on when she hugged him, (he looked at his watch just seconds afterwards,) and we then realized that hug must have taken place just moments before we were attacked. Yet it still confused me, for we were many miles apart from each other. When I went to the Lord, He told me that we were attacked by a spirit of priest-craft. These kinds of demons are found in every Jehovah’s witness, (they come from the elders in that cult,) and they are known to cause problems and fighting within marriages. Even their literature left at the front door of a home can cause issues for those who reside within. I cast them from us in the name of Jesus, and the last testiness between me and my husband finally left us.

What amazed me, was how having the woman hug my son, opened up a doorway for her demons to attack me and my husband all the way across town! I used to think that a person’s demons could not so easily transfer to you unless you were physically close to them. How wrong I was! All it took was a physical touch to my son, for her demons to attack us.

Again, the scriptures that comes to mind, is “lay hands suddenly on no man , neither be partaker of other men’s sins: keep thyself pure. ” (1 Timothy 5:22 KJV)


5 comments on “A Spirit of Priest-craft

  1. Demons and unclean spirits “hitchhike” like fleas on a dog, on those who live in realms of unclean. This has happened in our family also. They will jump from host to host.
    Having close contact with those outside your circle of faithwalk, can transfer them. When studying in Leviticus about the “scapegoat”, the priest lays his hands on this goat as a “transfer” of the sins of Israel. This got me to thinking about the whole “laying on of hands” practice in the church. Not so sure it’s a good idea to allow that.

    • Hi mbowie,

      I would like to hear more of how this affected your family. I trust you cast them out once you realized what had happened. Demonbuster.com suggests that you cast out any demons picked up after venturing out, just to be safe. It sounds like a good preventative measure.

      Good point! I had forgotten about the scapegoat in the old testament. If you transfer the sins, you transfer the demons that go with them too. Makes me feel sorry for the goat!

      Yes, I don’t think it’s a good idea for the churches to do this anymore, for they often do not really know those they minister to. Personally, I think I’d only trust a church that practices deliverance to do this…

      Blessings to you,
      C. Dunamis

  2. This is an interesting testimony.

    We used to get JWs coming to our house every month. We tried just being polite but refused to talk to them. They kept coming. One day a group of women stood outside the fence of our house and yelled at us. Weird. We ignored their utter rudeness.

    On another occasion my son asked if he could talk to them, but they managed to bamboozle him and bully him into silence. At the point that they wanted to hand him their literature, I walked up and said no thankyou and told them to be off, quite angry at their insistence.

    I have no patience with cult members, they are not open to discussion about their faith or to be witnessed to, they are there to convert you and when the demonic oppression is that strong, you have no other option but to tell them to leave. I don’t agree that this is an opportunity to witness to them. At most you will just annoy them and get blacklisted (a good thing) but the soil is not fertile for planting seed. They are stony ground I am afraid. I have met too many cult members in my life to ever let these people in my house or even open the door to them.

  3. Hi C,
    I have an urgent prayer request I would like to share and this is life of the few ways I have to get a hold of other believers. Forgive the copy and paste format of the prayer request.

    To any who may see this, please be praying for Adam. He is Brandon’s friend who is on death row and scheduled for execution tomorrow evening. Please pray he will come to know Christ as his Savior and truly know and understand all Christ has done for us all.

    Please also keep his family in prayer that they may come to truly have a relationship with the Lord and be blessed by His grace.
    Thank you and God bless.

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