When You’re Still Being Troubled With Demons


There are times when you have done all the things needed to be free from demonic harassment, and yet you still get attacked. You’ve cleansed your land and home, and cast out the demons from yourself and your family, and yet you still have issues.

It is to these situations that I write this post.

To start out with, does anyone remember the rim fire in California? That year, the smoke from the rim fire was pretty bad where we live. During the day it wasn’t too bad, but in the evening the air would shift, and the smoke from the fire would come our way. They shut down all the schools for weeks, because it was so bad. Well, the smoke was so bad that I struggled just to breathe. You could hold out your hand in front of you and not see it, it was that thick. It stung the eyes as well as the lungs. We thought about moving elsewhere for a time, till they got the fire under control, but we did not have the money to do so. So I went to the Lord and asked Him to keep the smoke from inside our house. I claimed it in the name of Jesus.

And lo, no smoke came in.

For weeks and days, no smoke got in to our home.

Until one day, it started to come in.

I went to the Lord and pleaded with Him, to please keep the smoke out as He had, but instead of addressing the problem of the smoke, my Lord wanted to talk to me about my unforgiveness.

You see, my husband had done something to me, that had greatly upset me. He had told me afterwards that he was sorry for it, but he seemed so uncaring about it, that I still refused to forgive him.

My Lord let me know, that it was my unforgiveness that was causing the smoke to come in. Jesus let me know that in His eyes my unforgiveness was a sin, and that I needed to repent from it. (In case you were wondering, unforgiveness is also a demon that needed to be cast out.)

It took a while, (because of the demon of unforgiveness, I was still really, really mad at my husband,) but in the end, the smoke became too much for me, and I finally gave in and forgave him.

But by this time, the smoke was heavy and thick in the house. We could not see more than a few feet ahead of us, because it was so thick.

I tried to lay down to go to sleep, but I struggled just to breathe.

Finally I went back to the Lord and pleaded with Him to forgive me, and to help me deal with all the smoke.

He told me He would stay my life, and help me to breathe through out the night.

The next morning I awoke with heavy congestion in the lungs, to a house that was still filled with the smoke. It took at least three days for the smoke to dissipate from the house and from my lungs. I was thankful that I was still alive.

I learned then, just how sin can block some claims and prayers to my Lord Jesus Christ. I needed to be in good standing with Him, for me to make that claim upon Him. That sin opened up a doorway for satan to attack. The scriptures say, that “If you live in Me, and My Word lives in you…” (John 15:7) Well, sin is a form of not living in Him, so I needed to repent of that sin, for me to be able to make that claim upon my Lord. (Mercifully He does not remove all claims we make upon Him when we sin, for He has told us repeatedly: “…never will I leave you; never will I forsake you…” See also Isaiah 41:17, Psalms 94:14, Psalms 37:28, Joshua 1:5, Deuteronomy 31:8 and 6, etc.) Now I claim that the Lord Jesus Christ will let me know right away when I have sinned against Him, so I can quickly turn back to Him and repent!

So I would ask; have you repented of known sin? Are you holding back a part of yourself from the Lord? How is your relationship with Him? Are there things you just don’t want to address or look at, because they are so uncomfortable and weigh heavily upon you? Go to Jesus and ask Him for His forgiveness. He will not withhold His forgiveness from you, if you repent wholeheartedly. He loves each one of us dearly, and wishes long life, health, and prosperity for His children.

A good friend of mine reported to me recently, that the Lord told her through warning dreams, that there was a family iniquity of complaining in her family tree, and that she had been complaining about her husband, and that she needed to stop and repent. Once she did, she found that the spiritual attacks she had been getting hit with, became a lot less powerful.

One thing to be aware of, is that sin can affect those around us who are not the ones who originally sinned. Demons from family sin, better known as familiar spirits, can affect those who had nothing to do with the original sin. It gets handed down from generation to generation, wrecking its havoc, until someone gets wise to it and casts it out in Jesus name. So please do not choose to take offence, at the thought that a demon might be affecting you. It is not a personal thing. It is just a demon that can be cast out in Jesus name and gotten rid of.

In another instance, quite recently in fact, our family, yes, even me, got quite sick with the flu. I could not understand what had happened. The flu lingered on, and recovery seemed far away. I was really distraught from it, for it made my Lord’s Word to seem as if it was of no account. I had been casting out and claiming and doing everything I knew of, to stop the sickness demon from attacking. And usually, it ALWAYS works. This was the first time in years, that it had not.

I was flummoxed. I went to the Lord, and asked Him why. Was there sin that I didn’t know of, that I needed to repent from? It was the only thing I could think of, that might have caused such a demon to attack me.

But instead of keeping me there before Him in prayer, He told me to get up and to clean off the kitchen countertop.

I wondered why He would ask me to do such a thing, for I was still quite sick and weak. But he kept at me to do it, so I finally did.

As I cleaned it off, I came across a foam mug holder, with the address of a new florist that had moved into town. I had picked it up as being part of a goody bag during a local fair. It felt strange in my hands, and I was going to simply set it aside, when I felt the Lord tell me to turn it over. When I did, I gasped. On the other side was a traditional fleur de’ lis emblem, painted onto the foam.

It was then, that I realized, just how dangerous and destructive a cursed item could be in the home. I had cleansed our home from such things, but something had slipped back in without me being aware of it. I counted back the days and realized that within just twenty four hours of me bringing this thing into our house, the sickness demon had attacked us.

I quickly threw it out into the garbage, and as soon as it was off of our property, we all began to heal.

So I would ask; are you sure you have no cursed item in your home? Has something managed to get into your home again? Now I ask and claim in the name of Jesus that the Holy Spirit would always tell me right away, when something cursed makes its way into our house or land, so I can then remove it. Our Lord Jesus Christ wants us to keep our camp free from cursed items! (For one example of what God thinks of cursed items, read Isaiah 30:22 – “Then you will defile your carved idols overlaid with silver and your gold-plated metal images. You will scatter them as unclean things. You will say to them, “Be gone!””)

Another thing to realize, is that we have an enemy, and we are at war. God’s Word tells us the satan has come to steal, kill, and destroy.

He also has his human workers here on the earth, willing and eager to do his bidding. They are called satanists. They worship satan as god. They receive orders from him, and will try to place curses and send demons upon believers, as a form of worshiping him. Satan will try to get his people to attack true believers. (The lukewarm ones he tends to not bother with; he probably figures they are already on his path anyways.)

For example, this Passover, we went out to bless our land and home again for the coming year. I had forgotten to bind up all forms of demonic interference before beginning, so of course I had interference. (I claim in the name of Jesus that I will never forget to do this again!)

While placing the blessed olive oil and kosher grape juice on the borders of our land, I slipped and fell hard. I fell so hard that the breath was knocked from my lungs for a moment. But fortunately, I was not doing this all by myself, and my son knew exactly what to do. He called upon the Lord to help me, and I was then able to pull air back into my lungs, and get up.

As we continued blessing the land, I suddenly had a very sharp pain in my side, that was so bad that I doubled over in pain and could not move. It remained, getting worse by the moment, until I broke the witches and Satanists silver cords and lay lines in the name of Jesus, and sent their curse back to them seven-fold. Immediately, as fast as it had come, it left. It left, as soon as I said the name of Jesus. (Just so you know, sudden shocking pain in the body, are sometimes attacks from Satanists or witches.)

So, in short, if you are doing God’s Will, prepare for opposition and attacks. Bind them up and break their evil works in the name of Jesus before hand, so you can do your work for God unhindered. We as His children can do this, for thankfully, our God is not limited by time or space!

For example, a friend of mine was getting hit with cynical, manipulation, and unforgiveness demons that were coming between our friendship and between her and her family. She was fine when I simply cast out all demons from her, but when I started to mention those demons specifically, those demons within her would flare up and cause her to take offence. It stopped the deliverance process. When I went to the Lord about this matter, He told me to claim before hand, that whenever I cast out demons from her, that these specific demons would be the first to go out from her, so that I would not need to mention them again by name. It worked! I can claim such things before hand, thereby avoiding satans retaliation. Her family and I now enjoy the peaceful relationship that we once had with her. Before, she was like a stranger to us that we did not know. Now, we have the original woman back. Hallelujah!

A new friend of mine had shared with me that she could sometimes hear nasty voices speaking to her in her head. I could not understand why she’d get hit like that, for she casts out demons, and she claimed to have cleaned out her home from cursed items, and she demonstrated to me several times that she is a strong believer in Jesus. Well, she decided to ask the Lord to remove any evil implants that she had anywhere in her body, and that they would be forced out. She soon discovered auricular implants that had been inside her, and were now on the outer part of her skin where she could easily remove them! These implants were the kind that go in the ears and make the person think they are hearing voices, because people can talk to them through these implants. The Lord was able to remove them from her, without her even having to go in for any surgery! Now she no longer hears those evil voices taunting her in her head. Hallelujah!

Another thing to be aware of is any pagan friends who are praying for you. They mean well, but their prayers are not a help to a believer. Instead, they can be a curse. There is a guy I know, who has some hindu work associates. He had started a business, but it was failing miserably. He had not even had one customer in over a year! He pleaded with the Lord to tell him why, and an angel of the Lord appeared before his daughter one night, and told her that the reason it was failing is because of her fathers hindu work associates who had been trying to bless him through their prayers to their Hindu gods. It was these hindu prayers, said in the hopes of blessing him, that were actually cursing him because they were said to a false god and demon principality. The angel of the Lord told this girl, to break the prayers of the hindu’s, and then the curses would be broken and her father’s business would prosper. Three days later, he got his first customer! Then the business took off and prospered. Now, when they forget to break those prayer curses for several weeks, the business slows down a bit. When they remember to break them again, their business quickly increases exponentially. So I would ask, do you have any pagan friends or associates who might be praying for you? Ask Jesus. He will tell you! (I claim that “no weapon formed against us shall prosper”, in the name of Jesus! – Isaiah 54:17)

Have you gone off of your property? Have you visited a public place recently? One of my kids was helping a friend plan for a big party. Whenever they went to a new party venue to check it out, they came back with problems. These problems soon started to affect the rest of my household as well. Problems with arguments and minor injuries. We finally realized that these venues were so cursed from what had gone on there before, that it was affecting them when they went inside them. He then started to bind up any demons before entering those party venues. As soon as he started doing this, the problems stopped. (I now claim that any demons within a venue we visit will always be bound up in the name of Jesus, so they can no longer harm us!)

Has anyone gone on to your property? We had some construction workers working recently on our property, and we found that things in the house were not working right. Near accidents, as well as arguments within the family broke out after they had come onto our land. When I went to the Lord in prayer over these problems, He pointed to those workmen who were unbelievers working on our property. Once we bound up any and all demons that may be troubling these men, the problems went away almost immediately. Hallelujah! I now claim in the name of Jesus, that anyone walking onto our property, will have their demons bound up, so they can not affect us.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that some ministries have claimed that some kinds of demons leave “seeds” of themselves behind. So if you feel the Holy Spirit tell you to also cast their demons seeds out, as well as any poison or filth that they left behind, do so! It may sound like an odd thing to do, but it will help protect yourself and your family’s future. May the Holy Spirit always let us know when we need to do this!

And finally, one post of a friend of mine asks a very good question:
Are you grieving the Holy Spirit?

I hope this post has been a help to you.

May the Blood of Jesus cover you dear reader, and stick to you like glue.

C. Dunamis

21 comments on “When You’re Still Being Troubled With Demons

  1. Unforgiveness can be stubborn and difficult beast to contend with! Whenever I have hard time forgiving someone, I ask God to give me the strength to forgive because sometimes it’s very hard to do with my own strength. And He usually gives me the strength to do so!

    Additionally, I usually ask God to keep the evil ones away from my place. There was one time when a friend came over to my place. I felt uneasy and unsettled, so I prayed to God to protect me from whatever evil was there. Then I asked Him to cast out evil presence after my guest departed. I think my friend was tormented with certain sins at that time.

    Seems like there’s a lot going on beyond the world people normally see! Most folks have no idea…

  2. What you said about heathen friends really opened my eyes how real all this spiritual stuff is.I have a cousin who was a millionaire until he started dating a Hindu girl.She does all kind of protection prayers,blessed water and tell him to give it to all family members but me and a cousin that are christians.My cousin even donated money to her temple.After some years he lost all his money and he is getting spiritually attacked by family that are very jealous of his success.Nothing is working out for him. All his business endeavors fail.Thists a guy that became a millionaire by 30 years old.Thank you for opening my eyes.God is real to me than ever before.Pastors has warned him to leave this girl alone but he continues to call her his rock.

  3. Wow, this is so helpful. I felt so much peace as I read this. I threw away some earphones with skulls on them. I believe they are only a cursed symbol when glorified (worshipped)…but not when they are just shown as anatomical drawing or picture. I could tell they were cursed when I bought them…I choose them because of the price difference. Which is another problem too. But anyways…thank you for all this information.

    • I’m glad you are freeing yourself from them! It can be hard to remove such cursed items from the home, especially when their replacement would be costly, but it really does help keep the home peaceful…

      • It really does…thank you for sharing. God also showed me to not read/get rid of books written by people who consult familiar spirits or go into trances. Many authors “talk to their characters”, “hear voices”, and go into trance like states to produce their art. Now I see why their are so many distressed artists. This does not mean that all art is bad…God also inspires art, and blesses people with creativity. I write fiction, and am into art…so this revelation was a big deal to me 🙂

  4. Hello again C Dunamis…this was an excellent read…it sometimes really surprises me when you cover ground on some things that I have had to deal with…like the Evil Implant spirit….and many such things…. in addition to seeds ,,, are eggs , roots ,and devices of the “whatever it is” . strong men of,,,giants of (if the pressure is great in your head,,,like your head ballooning)…in instances where the unforgiveness is hard to root out ….work on casting out the persons “name”…the Demons that identify with that person will let go…(mostly because the makeup of the personality of the person is a high percentage demonic) and just to think of the person is oppressive sometimes…and also the spirits of the offense….because the devil set up the deed to begin with knowing how you would respond….we are very sheep ,,and learning is one thing, remembering is far another (we need HIS Impartations…we have to seek it,,,)
    When you identify and announce the names of the Demons in the person often the demon Pride of the person will rise in offense and shut down the session…I recognized this when I went to cast out a Communist Spirit out of a pastors knee and so I told him I will not tell him what it is until we have pressed through the most of the session….and we did come to a point where he said he felt his cartilage was being re-knitted in his knee…and then I advised him what the spirit was and told him he needed to come against it for ten minutes every day….simple task really….so a lot changed in his personality as he complied .
    I thank you for your honest report of the unseen realms….

    • Wow Rock, you have some really good insights here. Thank you for sharing them with me and the readers of this blog!

      Yes, sadly some choose to take offence during deliverance, thinking that they are at fault for getting attacked by a demon. I like the way you kept it from him till the end.

      What you have written here, is exactly what I needed to hear. You are correct; sometimes it is oppressive just thinking of the person. Casting out that name as well as the names of the demons is very helpful!

      I am glad you are out helping set the prisoners free…

      May the Lord Bless you and keep you, may His face shine down upon you and give you His peace,
      C. Dunamis

  5. How do you hear the Lord? Is that a gift you have or can everyone communicate with Him that way. I have trouble understanding Him. I have faith that He is listening and answering me but I get confused and impatient sometimes, I’m always wanting more clear understanding of Him and His expectations.

    • Hello Anonymous,

      I have found that the Lord speaks to His children in different ways. Some have a direct ‘voice in the head’ communication, while others get a hunch that they should do or not do something. some get a sense of profound joy, when they are doing God’s will. If they move out from His will for them, then that joy goes away. A good example of someone who hears form the Lord in this manner is Tim Shey: https://hitchhikeamerica.wordpress.com/about/.

      Your desiring Him is beautiful to see; do not give up in asking for the gifts of the spirit! Even those who hear Him clearly, do not always have all their questions answered; the Lord wants us to have our faith in Him grow more and more.

      Ask for all of the gifts! I had not done this before, and when I finally did, I received one that helped me to see the silent but deadly battle ground in the unseen world. It was not as I had expected; the gift was not as clear cut as the one given to my children, but it still is a huge help and brings me closer to Jesus. Keep asking; remember Luke 18:1-8!

      May the Lord Jesus Christ give you all the gifts of the spirit,
      C. Dunamis

  6. Can I come to meet you Mrs

    I really sick in tired of this demon keep coming back to me

    Can you do the deliverance process on me

    Do you live inside California

    I live at Newmarket ontario I can fly to you

    Thank you so much


    • Dear Mingyi,

      I promised my children that this ministry would be kept anonymous, so I am unable to meet with you in person.

      Have you gone through the links on the “seeking deliverance” page? Have you cleaned out your house from cursed items and blessed your land with blessed olive oil and grape juice? Have you tried some of the applicable personal deliverance audio clips that Glynda has on her web site? (Their links are on the removing demons from ourselves and others web page.) Has a strong believer cast out the demons by name, and blessed you with the blessed olive oil? Usually this is enough for it to be forced to leave. There have been cases where a demon keeps attacking a person, (and the person keeps casting it out in Jesus name,) till it realizes it can no longer win and gives up.

      If you have tried all these things and are still having trouble, you may need to seek out a deliverance ministry close to your home and ask them to help.

      May the Lord Jesus Christ give you your freedom in Him,
      C. Dunamis

  7. May I ask why the fleur de les is an evil symbol?? I had no idea and this scared me. My bf likes them symbol because he is from Louisiana.

    • Hi Alicia,

      The symbol is a Roman Catholic symbol that is used to represent the virgin mary, and it also represented the French monarchy. It was the flower of Hera, the Greek moon goddess. In more recent times, it was also used to brand runaway slaves.

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