He Too, Had the Same Dream

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Another dream that same night…


I was a young woman, a believer, getting together with a group of friends to eat at a local restaurant. There was about six or so of us, sitting around the table, when another believer, a good friend of mine, leaned over towards me and asked me what was wrong. I thought of saying “nothing”, but knew this particular friend would not accept it for an answer. So in hushed tones, I told him about the horrible nightmare I had had the night before. I had dreamed that a nuclear bomb had gone off in the city. I witnessed those trying to escape it, and watched some of them die trying. It was so horrible that I hated to even mention it to anyone, it was that bad.


As I was telling my friend this, I watched as serious grief filled his eyes, and I then sensed what he was going to say, but hoped above all that he would not.


But he did. He waited till I had finished telling him about the dream, and then after a moment of silence, he told me that he too, had had the very same dream last night.


I couldn’t help it; I screamed out loud “no!”, causing everyone in the restaurant to turn and stare at me. I began to cry. The friends at my table wanted to know what I was so upset about, so I told them about the dream, and that my friend had had the same one on the same night. I knew that my friend understood what this meant; it meant that it would indeed happen one day, and that it was a warning that we had been given, so that we could prepare for it. He nodded in agreement with my words, but the other people with us thought we were crazy and over-reacting. One even tried to make a joke out of it. None of them besides my Christian friend, took me seriously.


I left that restaurant, with my heart aching for my friends, for I knew that they would not be ready when it happened.


Me and the other believing friend of mine decided to work together to prepare for what was coming. We left the city and began to gather up the supplies we thought we might need. But before we had finished getting everything we wanted, (though we had everything we needed,) the bomb went off.


Just as we had seen in our dreams, those who were still alive after the blast began walking away from the epicenter, some dropping as they walked. They were in a daze, and unable to think clearly. We watched as one woman broke into a gas station’s bathroom to steal the cheap toilet paper that was in it. She held it to her chest and acted as if it was gold.


I then woke up.




What I have learned from these two dreams, is that:

  1. Jesus can indeed save His children from the radiation of a nuclear bomb.
  2. If a nuclear bomb will go off, a warning dream of the impending bomb will be given out to many of His children, to help warn them so they can prepare for it before hand.
  3. If it will happen, it will happen in a city that is flat, and not nestled in between hills.
  4. There were other safe places to go to; not all cities were hit with a bomb.

7 comments on “He Too, Had the Same Dream

  1. Your dream is of revelation 6 and 7. God is showing you that the seals are all ready to be opened. And those who survive are sealed by the angels and live. Were all Abrahams seeds by faith.

    Also God wants me to tell you to YouTube translocation by bruce allen

    God shown me dreams of me healing people before I did and he shown me a dream of me raising the dead

    Many of my dreams have come to pass…

    About a month ago. I had a dream of us at a gas station when all sudden these light creatures came and they were destroying everything. I remember dead people everywhere and my daughter was dieing and I rose her to life.

    Then weeks later I had a dream of this man in a ditch with blood oozing from his school and was a puddle of blood all around him and I arose him from the dead in Jesus name…

    Anyway =) God bless

    • Hallelujah! It sounds like the Lord will use you greatly in these end times!

      I do wonder though, after listening to Bruce Allen’s teaching, (Thank you for that; it was very interesting,) if what you experienced were only dreams…

      Shalom to you as well,
      C. Dunamis

  2. This dream is obviously a confirmation from the Lord about your previous dream (“Jesus Could Save Them From the Radiation”). In the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established. If something is repeated at least twice, then it is a good sign that the Lord is in it.

    Here is an example of a dream that I had from the Lord where the same dream is repeated twice:

    “Wearing a Rough Garment”

    • I had heard some false teaching that I had unknowingly taken to heart. They taught that something as big and as universal as radiation would affect everyone, and was considered “natural” and therefore not caused by demons. This meant the sickness was something that could not be fought off, but had to be accepted. The two dreams made a mockery of this, and showed that the power of our God can even overcome even the power of radiation. Of course, after seeing this in my dreams, I felt foolish for believing that there was something our God could not do.

      I have had run-in’s with false prophets before, and I have been determined not to put up any dreams unless I know for sure they were from the Lord. So with these two dreams, I prayed in tongues and asked the Lord in my heart, to have me dream of something else specifically, (kind of like putting out a Jason’s fleece’ – see Judges 6:36-40-,) if He really wanted me to share the dreams. Sure enough, I had then dreamed of exactly what I had asked for, so I then knew I was supposed to post them. It was very reassuring to me, to know that the Lord can still preserve His children, even in the mist of such horror!

      Interesting dream you had, Tim! I can see you as a ‘John the baptist’ type very easily. You have a love for people, but refuse to budge on Gods Word. I thank God for you and for your blog. Shalom!

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  4. The Father is giving me visions/images/dreams. Most of them are about the West Coast, Ring of Fire, volcanoes. Today I was taken by surprise to “see” a nuclear explosion.
    Here is a link to a few visions/dream given not so long ago:

    • Hello MaidservantofYahweh,

      Two years ago, the Lord Jesus told me that all would still be as it was until May 7th, 2016. (An important day in our family’s life.) But sometime after this day, something bad would happen in the US. I have been getting dizzy spells, and when I go to Him about them, the Lord Jesus simply reminds me of 9-11, and of how I had the same symptoms (doctors could find nothing wrong with me,) leading up to that fateful day. (The dizziness stopped after 9-11.) He has not told me what it will be nor where it will be, or when it will be. Some of my children have had dreams where part of California gets swallowed up by the sea, and we have been instructed by the Lord Jesus to move to a higher elevation, which we have done. I can not help but pray that our dreams will not come true, for I hate to see so many die without the Lord Jesus…

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