Food Sacrificed Unto Idols


(This incident happened back in 07′, a few years after we finally stopped celebrating Easter, due to its pagan and unscriptural history, and the pleadings of the Holy Spirit to stop.)


I was suffering from a horrible bladder infection.


All the special pain medicines that usually relieved such a curse were not working. They actually made the burning worse.


The doctors had been called in on the case, and various antibiotics had been prescribed, course after course, to no avail. They could not understand why the pain remained.  Some suspected allergies, while others blamed it on my not being able to tolerate the big guns of antibiotics.  One even claimed that it was probably psychosomatic or “all in my head”.  (Oi! As if I would decide in my own mind to have such a horrid affliction!)


Finally I went to  my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and pleaded with Him during prayer, to please help me. (Foolish of me to have waited till all other hope was gone, before turning to Him, eh?)


As I prayed, the burning and pain was so bad, that I could not sit still. I just kept crying and crying. I’m glad the Lord could still understand my prayers, for my voice must have been barely coherent.


He waited patiently until all my tears were spent, and then He brought to my mind some candy that I had been eating recently.


This left me bewildered, as I could not understand what that had to do with my bladder infection.


“No, Lord! Please! What about my bladder infection?”

(Which was my way of saying ‘Come on now Lord, stay on topic!’)


But again, he brought to mind that candy.


They were whipped strawberry cream eggs, whipped raspberry cream eggs, and coconut eggs, all coated in rich dark chocolate.


They were my very favorite candy, and they were only available once a year. This particular year, I purchased all I could afford before Easter, and then went back and bought even more the day after Easter, when they were deeply discounted. I had stored them in the freezer, and was eating one or two a day, after my meals as a special treat. This had been going on for many, many weeks, and I had several months of these candy eggs left. I felt as If I had stored up a treasure right in my own freezer, and was thankful for my ability to do this.


These chocolate eggs were what the Lord was bringing repeatedly back to my mind? But why? What could they possibly have to do with my bladder infection?


The Lord did not answer my question right away. Instead He simply said: “Stop eating them.”


This was hard for me to think of doing. They were my favorite treat, and I had even managed to stock up my freezer with them!


“Stop eating them.”


Oh, the thought of giving these things up for good was just too much for me to contemplate! I hemmed and hawed, hoping for some kind of reason to disobey my Lord, but found none.


So I made the decision to stop eating them, to at least see what would happen.


But in my mind I still wondered. Why this candy? I had other chocolate bars in the house as well, but he was not bringing them up to mind at all. So what made these so different?


Then the Lord answered me.


“In My eyes, they are as food sacrificed unto idols.”


Shock roiled through  me, as His words filtered through my brain. I had never thought that such Easter (or any other man made holiday,) candy, was actually a sacrifice to other gods. But as I thought of it more, I began to see why the Lord would say this. These sweet items were not made for the glory of Jesus. They were made in remembrance of other gods. Their shape alone signified this, as well as the fact that they were only available at that certain time of the year. So in essence, by eating these items, I was still partaking of the pagan celebration for which they were made.


Tentatively I then asked Him, “Could I still have chocolate covered whipped strawberry cream candy if it was in a basic shape and was available at all times during the year?”


His answer was quick and sure. “Yes.”


Well, within three days of stopping the candy, my bladder infection was gone. Hallelujah!


I waited another week just to be sure, and then I ate another chocolate covered whipped strawberry egg, just to see what would happen.


The severe burning returned before I had the chance to even eat it all. Three bites into it, I stopped, and then fully repented. I threw out the rest of the egg I was eating, and all those cases of candy from my freezer into the garbage, and then begged forgiveness from my God.


This time it took five days before the burning pain finally went away.


That Christmas, a friend gave me a chocolate covered  peanut butter candy bar in the shape of a Christmas tree. I ate it, having completely forgotten the past experience with the Easter egg.


Sure enough, within the hour after eating it, the burning painful bladder returned, and I then remembered what had happened to me with the Easter egg.


I have eaten plain round shaped chocolate covered whipped strawberry cream candies and chocolate covered peanut butter cups without any problems or pain. I can have them to this day.


But, still, also to this day, I can not eat any candy made into a shape that gives remembrance or glory to another god or pagan holiday, without getting that burning sensation in my bladder.




“Wherefore my sentence is, that we trouble not them of the Gentiles that are turned to God, But that we send unto them, that they abstain themselves from filthiness of idols, and fornication, and that is strangled, and from blood. (Acts 15:19-20, Geneva 1599)


“For as touching the Gentiles, which believe, we have written, and determined that they observe no such thing, but that they keep themselves from things offered to idols, and from blood, and from that that is strangled, and from fornication.” (Acts 21:25, Geneva 1599)


“But I have a few things against thee, because thou hast there them that maintain the doctrine of Balaam, which taught Balak to put a stumbling block before the children of Israel, that they should eat of things sacrificed unto idols, and commit fornication. (Revelation 2:14, Geneva 1599)


“Notwithstanding, I have a few things against thee, that thou sufferest the woman Jezebel which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to deceive my servants, to make them commit fornication and to eat meat sacrificed unto idols. (Revelation 2:20, Geneva 1599)


Note: To read the 1 Corinthians scriptures on this topic, and for those who think that Paul changed the rules, allowing Christians to eat anything, please read:


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17 comments on “Food Sacrificed Unto Idols

  1. I have experienced the same thing…extreme pain in my lower back and legs which is always there from the arthritis/fibromyalgia combo that I am afflicted with. But the intensity was greatly magnified to the point where I could not sleep or sit still. Finally I was lead to understand it was the chocolate covered marshmallow eggs I had eaten. And like you, I had to test it thinking “is this my imagination or did I really get that message?” Well, like you I experienced the pain all over again and for a longer duration as a punishment for my lack of faith.

    Now, once again I get the confirmation from you. Praise Yah sister that we can fellowship like this. It is so comforting to hear that someone else had almost the identical experience. Not in wishing misery on anyone but rather in seeing God working, so we can recognize and discern Him all the more! Thank you once again dear sister! I do wish you would blog more often but I also understand the time constraints and priorities of raising a family:) Yah bless you and yours.


    • Hello dear Sharon!

      Thank you for encouraging me in my writing! I have been receiving dreams lately, but are uncertain of their origins, so they do not get posted until I am certain that the Lord wants me to post them. The very last thing I would want to do, is to post false dreams/prophecy from the evil one. Hence my slowing down of the postings. I would really appreciate your prayers for me, in that I only post what He wants me to share, and that I can learn to discern even more so, what is of Him and what is not.

      I was surprised to read your comment; I had thought that I was the only one who had ever experienced such a thing. I was anticipating that the post would be mostly ignored (because it puts into question Easter candy,) and because it is such an odd thing to have endured. Never once did I think that another could have gone through the same thing! I thank you very much for sharing this with me. It makes me realize, that even though what I go through may seem quite out of the ordinary to me, I am never the only one to have experienced it! – “9 [a]What is it that hath been? that that shall be: and what is it that hath been done? that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.(Ecclesiastes 1:9, GNV)
      The Lord also reminded me: “2 My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations; 3 Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. 4 But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.” James 1:2-4 (KJV)

      Thank you Jesus for Sharon! It is indeed wonderful to be able to communicate with other believers like this! We do not have a place where we can fellowship with other like-minded believers. So blogging with other believers is a great comfort to me.

      You mentioned fibromyalgia…there was once an advertisement that had come to my house, about a way to try to counteract the inflamation from the disease. During this time, I was asking the Lord if demons had anything to do with sickness. The page from this advertisement showed this woman doubled over in excruciating pain, and claimed that she had fibromyalgia. The back ground behind the woman, was empty, except for some plants. After praying for some time to my Lord, asking Him about the influence of demons in sicknesses, He told me to go back and look at that advertisement. When I did, I could see quite clearly, a demon in the background, reaching out to the woman, right where her pain was. The look in this demons face was one of enjoyment. From that moment on, I realized that demons can very much affect our health.

      I share this with you, in the hopes that you will remain firm against those demons that attack in this way. I don’t know if the demons are the cause of the disease, but I do know that they love to take such pain and increase it greatly. I can only imagine what it must be like, to have experienced such pain. I pray that the Lord will keep you very strong in Him as you continue to fight those demons off!

      Shalom dear sister, and thank you for being my friend,
      C. Dunamis

      • That´s great! We have celebrated our first Passover this year and since then I feel that I have more intimate relationship with YAHUSHUA

        • I know what you mean! We get that closeness with God that was sorely missing from the other pagan-like celebrations. So far, Hanukkah is our favorite feast day, for it helps us to remember God’s miracles and grace unto us…

  2. I love this article! This is something I had never even considered, but you opened my eyes to the truth of many things here. We don’t realize the extent of pagan traditions and just how deep they extend. Most people consider it to be just a date, or ‘time’ of year. So, indeed….thank you so much. Love, V

    • Hi V, thank you and good to hear from you 🙂
      I used to think that modern day believers didn’t have anything to be concerned for as far as ‘things offered unto idols.’ Now I realize that there is so much more out there that I never even thought of. For example, there is the issue of halel foods. (Foods offered unto Allah.) That’s a whole other kettle of fish…
      I love you too, sis,
      C. Dunamis

  3. Love this! I have had the exact same experience with other foods that He told me to let go of for nearly 4 years. I tested Him on several occasions, though I considered it testing the food. And like your story, I would have immediate negative consequences and knew they were directly connected to the foods He told me to give up.

  4. Thanks for a great article explaining the nature of spiritual attack through open doors. Praise the Lord Jesus for showing you the cause and getting it fixed! Be encouraged. Thanks for the mention. Be blessed.

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