Staying in an Unbeliever’s Home

I sensed from the Lord that I was to get on line and ask my friends to pray for us, so I did. It is something I do not like doing, for I hate to bother others with my needs. I figure they have their own problems to deal with, and do not need mine to add to their burdens. But then He reminds me of how I am blessed when I pray for others and then get to see the answered prayers. So I went ahead and sent out my prayer requests.

The parents of my son’s friend set up an air mattress in the middle of their living room for us to sleep on, and one of my other boys slept in the friend’s room.

That first night I slept there, satan kept trying to attack me, by whispering in my ear, that our house was gone. And every time he did so, I refuted it. He kept asking me, “How can you even think that your home is still there? Even the firemen told you it was gone!” But I kept claiming the Word out loud, (of which he hated,) and claimed yet again that it would still be there. Then he kept trying to hit me with those ‘what if’ questions, but I refused to give in to those thoughts either. After a few hours of these kinds of attacks, I finally fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke to find my husband gone. He had driven back home to see if we still had one.

I realized then, that the battle for my home was much more serious than I had first thought. It felt as if everything was resting on that one piece of scripture. I had felt Him tell me that I could claim it, and my children had felt the same from the Lord concerning our home. Wishful thinking or not, it still came down to that passage in the bible. Was God’s Word true or not? It says “If you live in Me…” well, I knew that I lived in Him, for I went to Him, asking Him what it is that He wants me to do, and when that is done, I go back and ask Him what I should do next. If that isn’t living in Him, then I don’t know what is. And then it said “And My Words live in you…” well, this got me hung up for a few moments, for I am not one of those people who have a hundred pieces of scripture memorized and can just whip them out as needed. But then I felt the Lord Jesus remind me, that I still use His Word on a daily basis, as I cast out demons and heal the sick, so I would still qualify for His promises. If I lost my home, that was one thing, for we could get another, but if I lost my faith, that was completely something else, for my God is irreplaceable! I felt as if this was actually a battle for my faith in Christ. If my home remained, then God’s Word was true. If it did not…

Well, you can see how this all affected me. Satan was relentless in his attacks. They physically tired me out.

The mother in the home, (the dad had gone off to work,) was also tiring me out, for she seemed to take for granted that we had lost our home. But I refused to talk with her about rebuilding it, and told her that I firmly believed that God would save it.


Apparently, the wind had shifted at the last moment, JUST AS WE HAD CLAIMED, saving our home from total destruction. Firemen were camped out at our place, still fighting the fire. My husband (and only my husband, no others from the family,) was allowed back into the house, to get any emergency medicines or important papers. The air was filled with thick falling ash, making it hard to breathe. He was led in by a police man, and given only a few minutes to retrieve what he could. The police man never checked his identification; he just asked him if he needed help in breaking into the home. My husband looked at him funny, and got out his key to enter. After four minutes, the policeman came and escorted him off our property.

That was the last time we seen our home for many days. After that, they refused to let anyone into the area.

The woman we were staying with, proclaimed that we were “very lucky” that our home survived. It felt like another attack from satan when she said that, so I told her flat out that I did not believe in that kind of “luck” for believers, and that it was the Lord that kept our home safe, just as I had claimed through the scriptures.

That night, we switched rooms with my son, and he slept out on the air mattress, and we slept in the bedroom. Satan kept trying to attack me like he had done the night before, but it was to no avail, for our house still stood. But then as I fell asleep, I had horrendous dreams of a great fire overtaking everything in its path. I dreamed that it not only took out our house, but it was now coming for me. They were incredibly satanic somehow, and when I awoke the next morning, I told my son about it, and asked him if he had experienced such dreams here. He nodded in agreement, and then frowned. He walked back into the room, stood there for a moment, before walking over to the headboard of the bed, (it was actually a shelf where you could store books and such,) and then grabbed something from beneath a pile of papers. It was a large deck of playing cards. “Yugioh cards!” he exclaimed, and then he showed me the top card that was facing upwards.

It was the fire demon card.

And it looked exactly like my nightmare.

We put them in a drawer face down, and then bound them up in the name of Jesus, and then claimed that they could not affect anyone in our family anymore.

The stress was really getting to me, so I begged the Lord to make this whole mess just go away. He then reminded me of the dream about the colonel that He had given me a short while ago. I told Him that I didn’t want to be a colonel, but just an average believer who’d get to heaven one day. At this, I felt the Lord take a step back from me, leaving me exposed. “Are you SURE you want this?” He asks me sternly.

And then I began to cry. Through all the stuff I had been through, I had not shed a tear. But THIS caused me to cry. I could feel the presence of the Lord begin to leave me, and it terrified me no small amount. So I broke down and told Him that “No, I will still do and be whatever You want me to; just please help me get through this!”

Then I felt the Lord’s presence envelope me once again, and I felt and sensed His angels surrounding me. I felt their peace and strength fill me, and I immediately calmed back down and stopped crying.

I realized then, that this was what the colonel dream had foretold. Staying there in that home, and feeling as if I was falling from the sky, (I was still shaky and unable to eat much from nerves,) was just what I had experienced in the dream. The knowledge that we were all protected somehow, and that there were other unbelievers there with us, made me realize that the colonel dream was referring to this moment in time. My questioning the Lord on the title of colonel, is what might have tipped over the shield that we were traveling in, had I let it.

Soon we started getting information on others who have been affected by the fire. One of my son’s friends lost their home. This boy was the one who had called my son and told him about the fire headed our way in the first place. My son had called him back, and told him that his family was in danger, and that they had to start evacuating now. My son then tried to tell him about claiming, and that he should do this for his home. “What’s claiming?” he asked, and then the phone went dead, so he could not tell him more.

I had asked my son, why he did not just claim that his friend’s home would be saved too. He told me that the Lord told him that as believers themselves, they must speak for their own house, and that he was not to do it for them.

When my son had given them the warning, they had first laughed it off. But an hour later, they were busy packing up their stuff. They had over six hours to remove most of their belongings, and move them to his grandmother’s house just a short distance away. They were able to clear out their home fairly well; not much was left in it when the fire finally took it. His grandmother had died a few months before, and they had been reluctant to put the house on the market. Now her house would be theirs to live in from now on.

I found out that they had said quite often, that if there was ever a fire near their property, their home would surely go up in flames. Their grandfather firmly believed that this would happen to his family one day, and his children believed him, and ended up claiming this for themselves.


We then found out more about the homes that were destroyed near our house. The elderly Catholic lady and her husband, (a real sweet couple,) were the first to lose their home in our area. My husband then remembered that they had said at the last neighborhood party, that if there was ever a fire coming towards them, that their home would be the first to go up in flames.


I spoke to a sister in Christ who is also my neighbor, and she told me that their house is still standing.


They had a fireman call them up and tell then that he had personally witnessed their house going up in flames. Can you imagine it? Making the same claim upon God and then being told that? Oi! How she must have suffered! This woman must be incredibly strong spiritually. It wasn’t until a neighbor sandwiched between her home and mine called her and asked her for any diesel that they might have, that they found out the truth. The fire had circled back around one night, and took out the home directly next to them, and this is the home the fireman had assumed was theirs.



That means the witch’s home, the new age’s home, the agnostic’s homes and the atheist’s homes were all DESTROYED.

This same neighbor called us too, and told us that he had somehow sneaked back in and was trying to live in his house. (He lives between me and my Christian friend.) He told us that the firemen had moved on, but that there were still several spot fires on our property that he was still dousing with water. Several looters had infiltrated the area, and he had to chase them off with his gun and his dog. He was telling us that he would have to soon leave, for he could find no more diesel to run his generator. He had sent his son out to go get more, but the cops arrested him as he tried to get back in. We told him how to get into our garage, and that he could use our generator instead, which took propane, and there was plenty of that in the garages that were left. Then he told me that my chickens were safe, and that he was looking for something to feed them with. A phone call later to our Christian neighbors, told him where to get the feed that was needed from their garage.


The lady of the house we were staying in did not like to hear any this. She kept arguing with me, insisting that it was all just luck. She brought up examples of family members dying young from cancer. I asked her if the cancer demon was cast out. She says they prayed, but to no avail. I told her that she must cast it out in Jesus name. Then she said “So you have to do it in a specific way, or He won’t honor it?” (She said this very sarcastically, as if I was crazy for even thinking it.) I told her that the Lord has given us examples in His Word, and that this is what we go by. She came back and started quoting the bible where it talks about no one being above another. (What this had to do with the argument confused me; anyone who lives in Him, and His words live in them, can make such claims. Sadly, I got pulled away before I could give her that answer.)  I wish I had my Geneva bible, and not the corrupt NIV, for the NIV has some very important scriptures missing from it. I had kept the bible because of all the notes I had put in it over the years. (This has taught me to transfer the notes to the new one, and then get rid of it. After all, who wants to be caught with a weak sword that breaks or bends in battle?)

When I returned, her husband was looking at me and smiling as if to say, “now you’re gonna get it!” He acted like he had sat down to watch a good fight on T.V.. She started asking me questions about what I believe, and made statements on her beliefs that were designed to draw me out. Some I sensed from the Lord to say nothing about, while others I got no warning message, so I would try to quote the right scriptures to match the topic, just as she was doing. At first I thought she was actually interested in what I had to share, but then towards the end, I sensed she simply wanted to fight. At this point, I let a distraction break off the conversation, and left the room.

The next night was much better in terms of sleep, though while writing on the computer, I found myself under attack once again. I sensed evil starring at me. I asked the Lord where this was coming from, and it turns out that this kid had more decks of yugioh cards sitting on his desk where I was working. So I bound them up and turned them away from me, and was able to then work unmolested.

The next day, the boy whose room we were staying in, (he is a believer,) returned to see how we were doing. So I told him about the yugioh cards in his room, and that they were cursed items that needed to be removed at some point, for his peace and safety, if he was ever going to stay there again. (He was no longer living there, but at times he had stayed there overnight.)

His mother heard me saying this to her son, and became very angry. She then came to the conclusion that it was me that was bringing in the demons, for she had not run into them before.

An hour later, right before bed time, her and her husband decided to kick us all out of their home. “Take your demons and get out!” she screamed at me. I tried to tell her that she could check up on the yugioh cards on line for herself, and see just how evil they really were, but she refused to listen.

Her son, the one who is friends with one of my boys, told them that they could not just cast us out without no warning, for even hotels gave a night’s notice. So they let us stay that night, but told us we had to leave right away the next morning.

Apparently, satan didn’t want to be bound up, nor did he want to be removed any more from their house, and fought back the only way he could.

In prayer time, the Lord revealed to me, how this family worked. I had always wondered if her husband was still a believer, but not anymore. I know this may sound crazy, but it’s almost as if he keeps her on a leash, and sends her out to go attack, and then when he thinks enough blood is spilled, he reigns her back in. This way, he looks like the good guy, even though he is not, and she gets to vent her beliefs, without making everyone look bad. What kind of a believer would sic their unbelieving wife on another believer, in order to watch them fight? My son described her as being extremely conniving and underhanded, never knowing when she would fly off the handle and start screaming at something or someone. To me, it was all very confusing. I had thought for the most part that we were getting along just fine, not agreeing with each other, but still respecting each other’s beliefs. But my son told me that she can put on a mask that makes her look all nice and friendly, when underneath she is anything but.

All night long, satan attacked me, very similar to my first night there in their house. He tried to convince me, that we would end up on the streets. (We had been told that all the hotels within an hours drive were all booked up already from fire evacuees.) But this time, he could not hit me as much, for I had won the biggest faith battle I had yet to ever encounter, and I knew that I could easily make another claim upon Jesus for shelter. So I did. I kept claiming that He would bring us to a better place to stay. Then He had me read psalm 23 out loud. It has been a long time since I read it.

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.
He makes me lie down in green pastures,
He leads me beside quiet waters,
He restores my soul…

After I read through the whole psalm, He had me go back and meditate on the first part that I just shared with you.

The peace of His Word settled over my heart and soul, and greatly comforted me. I knew then for sure, that we shall not want, and that even amidst a great fire, he would find us a place to lie down in green pastures.

Another piece of scripture He led me to, is Psalm 5:11-12

But let all who take refuge in You be glad;
Let them ever sing for joy.
Spread Your protection over them,
That those who love Your name may rejoice in You.
For surely, O Lord, You bless the righteous;
You surround them with Your favor as with a shield.

(Remember the dream of the colonel? The Lord told me this scripture was the container, kind of like an upside down shield of old, that we were all in, as we fell down to the earth.)

The next morning, around noon, my husband got a response from one of his friends. (This was the one who had first offered my husband shelter.) He was out of town fishing, but told us where the key was, and that we could go in and make ourselves comfortable.

So we packed up and got ready to leave. As I was getting into the car, I heard the Lord Jesus tell me to wipe off my feet. I thought this really odd, and wondered what could be on the bottom of my shoes. I thought I should go back inside, and wash off my sandals in the sink, for they would get much cleaner that way. But I felt Him say no, and then tell me to simply brush off the top of my feet with my hands. I felt really odd in doing this, but I obeyed Him and brushed off the top of my feet. I then got into the car to leave.

As we drove off, we went a short distance, before my son in the car with me suddenly got very upset, and told me to stop the car. So I pulled over to the side, and he then grabbed my hand and told me that the woman had just tried to send her demons onto us, and that we had to cast them out from our car and claim that they would not follow us.

After doing this, he calmed back down, and we then drove to the next place to stay.


26 comments on “Staying in an Unbeliever’s Home

  1. Wow.. Just wow. And brushing off the feet too! You know it’s bad then.. I am still glad you guys are safe. I’m also very thankful for your testimony (even so far). Reading what you write about your experiences and faith helps me in so many areas that I can’t even explain. Thank you, again, for sharing these things.

    • I had no idea about the brushing off of the feet; my husband had to tell me what it meant!

      I’m glad my sharing has been a help. May the Lord Jesus bless you greatly for taking time out of your busy day to encourage me!

  2. I’ve been meaning to tell you that not long after you asked for prayers the Lord led me to intercede for you guys with my prayer book (the book is scripture based claims, mostly with citations, based on healing and deliverance). I don’t know how it all lined up for you guys with the fire and all but I am thankful to see how He used everyone praying for you to help. Reading your testimony is encouraging for me especially, which I know I’ve already stated, I just thought I’d mention the intercession.
    Please be praying for us through what is going on around here. I’d share details but don’t feel I should post them for everyone to see.

    Was the family you stayed with the Jehovah’s witness family? I guess it’s none of my business really, just what came to mind when I read it. I’ve dealt with similar argumentative people and it’s not pleasant. Especially those caught up in lies and confusion.

    • Hello Unicorncoat,

      I see the Lord has blessed you with the gift of spiritual discernment! Yes, they are JW, though at the time I had thought the husband was a believer. The Lord told me to not put in the actual post, that they are JW, for He said that this could have happened to anyone of His children, and that it was not specific to the JW cult.

      We have been providing shelter, food, clothing, and love to one of their kids for almost a year now; this is the boy who we baptized in our pool. He sees the lies of the JW cult and wants no part of it. He has renounced it and now believes and follows Jesus. Hallelujah! About a week or so before the fire, he was telling his parents how we have been helping him out, (his school is much closer to where we live, and he is able to save up some money while staying with us,) and that is when his parents said to him that if our family was ever in need, that they would like to help us out, as a way of saying thank you for us helping out their son. So when this fire happened, he called up his parents and they said we could stay with them.

      I realized afterwards, that the demons in this woman were simply too strong for her to overcome. The demons are used to getting cast out by me; this time they had the power to cast me out for a change!

      I feel for that woman and her husband. The demons in them are keeping them from their son. How foolish they were to give into satan’s demands! Their son feels they have alienated him by their actions. Now their son refuses to be used by them any longer, and is trying to separate himself from them. He is waiting for them to say they are sorry, but I’m not sure it will ever come. He wants the parents he used to have, before the cult took over. It has been hard for me too, for I keep getting the message from the Lord that it is too late for them, and of course I really wish it wasn’t.

      I thank you VERY much for the prayers! I asked the Lord to place the thought upon my readers, to pray for us. It is so wonderful to hear how he answered my prayer!

      May you be blessed greatly by our Lord Jesus,
      C. Dunamis

      • I can understand how that would make your son’s friend feel alienated from his family. I hope and pray he stays encouraged in the Lord regardless. It can be difficult (I speak from some experience with most of my family not fully having their eyes opened, especially to what’s around them) but as long as you have the Lord and have others who can encourage you as well… well, that’s really all we need. Maybe not always what we WANT but He is all we need, while support from others is a huge bonus (you know what I mean).
        I currently live with both of my parents and most of my life have always felt distance from all of my family members. I was never sure why, growing up, but now I accept it as most likely being for whatever purpose the Lord has for me in my life, of which I look forward to. It comes to the point of even feeling awkward at family gatherings, which has long been on-going, but now as I seek the Lord more and more it comes with sadness to see how blind people can be. Of course I was incredibly blind for most of my life and still am until the Lord reveals more to me and those around me.
        There are just two of us now in the “group” we had which can make things difficult if one of us slips but the Lord can do anything and all it takes is even just one person who wholeheartedly seeks Him in order to fulfill His purpose. Things seem grey now but they will improve. (sorry, not trying to rant here haha)
        I’m glad you and your family are safe. I’ll be praying for you all and your son’s friend as well.

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  4. If the Lord told you to wipe the dust from you feet, then the Lord was pronouncing judgment on that unbeliever’s home. They were attacking an anointed believer (you) and they will pay the price.

    “Touch not my anointed, do my prophets no harm.”


    “The Jews thought the land of Israel so peculiarly holy, that when they came home from any heathen country, they stopped at the borders and shook or wiped off the dust of it from their feet, that the holy land might not be polluted with it. Therefore the action here enjoined was a lively intimation, that those Jews who had rejected the Gospel were holy no longer, but were on a level with heathens and idolaters.”

    –John Wesley

    “The Importance of the Prophetic”

    • Wow. I cried when I read your comment. I don’t want to be the one to bring judgement down on anyone! There is a part of me that wishes all could accept Jesus as their savior. It is such an incredible gift to refuse!

      The Lord told me, while I was packing up to leave their home, that they were casting out grace, when they kicked us out. At the time it was hard for me to think of sharing grace with another, just by talking about the Word. But now looking back, it makes sense.

      You go on travels and run into those who deny Christ. How do you handle it? Does your heart ache when they refuse to turn back to God? Do you still pray for them, in the hopes that they will still repent one day? Has the Lord Jesus ever told you that someone was past the point of prayers? I have had this happen to me a few times, and it has been hard to bear.

      Thank you dearest Tim, for taking the time to share your insights. They, and you,m are much appreciated!

      May the Lord be ever with you no matter where you go,
      C. Dunamis

      • Your comment made me think of some of the times that I’ve felt as though the Lord was telling me NOT to bother praying for someone. It’s difficult for me to understand that sometimes as I hope all will come to know Christ as their Savior.
        My boyfriend has a neighbor that I have felt the “don’t bother” feeling when I see him or think of praying for him. My boyfriend has also been told not to bother praying for him as well which seems to confirm that. This guy is incredibly uncomfortable around me to the point that he wont even acknowledge me if I’m in the room and wont come into my boyfriend’s house if I’m there. I wondered why he was comfortable around my boyfriend (also a believer) but not me, until I remembered that I had prayed out-loud against whatever spirit is in him. Since then he gets edgy, uncomfortable, and avoids even looking at me. It’s like he tries to ignore my very existence.
        I’ve had other times where the Lord has led me to pray for people randomly outside of a grocery store. I’d see one person and He would kind of guide me in what they may need prayers for but then when I’d look at someone else I’d go blank and feel hesitant in prayer with them. I’d try to pray for them anyway but it felt incredibly forced.
        But even Christ said to love your enemies (Matt 5:44) and it’s safe to say that any enemy of God is an enemy of ours. I guess the real question is if we’re told not to pray for someone are we disobeying if we still try? I guess I still at least pray they may come to know Him, however, I know He looks over all and it’s not up to ME to pray for everyone I see for them to find Him. Being told NOT to pray for someone is still confusing though.

        • Hi Unicorncoat,

          In this case, I was told not to get my hopes up, or to spend lots of time simply praying for them. I think it is always good to pray for someone at least once…

          I too, have seen people and felt the Lord tell me to pray specifically for them. It will be interesting when we get to heaven to find out all those who had done the same thing for us at some time in our lives!

  5. I’m laughing at the reality of your trial,,,and loving you warriors all the more for it. I know you will find the Joy of Lord In this time…This whole event is showing us the onlooker, that Witchcraft is not Just for Witches but any one with doubt and religious junk and unbelief kingdoms in them and those worldly charms are real company from HELL
    This is way more exciting than any movie. Because I know this is the real, the battle for faith and the tools needed to maintain it are the gifts of the Spirit…The new generation needs these tools….the Lord has declared touch not mine anointed, do my Prophets no Harm….that is why the “Wipe your feet guidance,I’m sure you know”
    The furnace you went through ,and came out of …has an appointment with a KATRINA of its own….But do not allow anything other than The heart of David even praying good toward his enemies….it is nice to know that God does favor some over others but be so looking forward that …we just say some have to go around the Mountain one more time….You did your part to warn about the cards…
    and do thank you for sharing the depth of your experience it helps us to learn too.

    • Hello Rock,
      Thank you so much for taking the time to respond with your encouragement!

      As a side note, I personally do not believe that God favors some over others. All can apply what He has given us, if they believe and follow Him…

      May the Lord Jesus Bless you greatly, and uphold you in your time of need,
      C. Dunamis

      • Your right in your reply …I believe he favors faith and that is our part …so to some it looks like favoritism…but it is obediance of faith that gets the blessing….thanks for the correction…
        Would really like to hear of your moving home experiences,,and the neighbor stories…
        we are all Blessed IN HIM
        Thanks Cheryl D

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  7. glad to hear your house is still there. in the midst of a great fire..all the outward..He would find us a place to lay down..
    In all the outward storms, things of sight, we live and walk by faith. Praying for peace that surpasses all understanding, surpasses the storms and remains and grows and thrives for you and your family, and a joy so strong and love to cap it all, and provisions and protections and all directions!

    • Hi dear Bread,

      You were praying for us, were you not? I felt them while I was fleeing the fire…

      Thank you for still being here with me.
      May the Lord Jesus bless you greatly,
      C. Dunamis

      • Hi Dunamis!
        Yeah I pray often for you and your family, I hadn’t seen the email about the specific fire but did pray during that time and will keep doing so and as led. I prayed for much peace, seems that had to do with the events…and Isaiah 26:3 is a wonderful truth! Truth, we serve an awesome God!
        Yeah I’m still here :)), haven’t gone anywhere.
        …my car got can’t go much anywhere LOL, it’s in the Lord’s hands He will work it out and for whatever reason joy flourishes even during the storms.

        I say ‘whatever reasons’ some near me say.”I’d be (lashing out the tongue basically)”, but I haven’t at all felt that from the time it was stolen, it’s like the Lord stepped in strong and joy was there, and has been shown along with more to those who are outside of Christ who are dealing with the situation on their end, police and etc, with one already remarking about the kindness peace joy about it all so that’s good.
        Anyway Praise the Lord always in all things!

        • Praise the Lord indeed!

          Please check your email for a note from me…

          I have felt your prayers come over our home like a protective blanket. Even during the fire, I felt your prayers for us. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you to overflowing!

    • Several years ago, I spent two and a half months just researching the different bibles out there. The Matthew Bible, the 1611 King James Bible, and the 1599 Geneva bible were the most original versions available today. We no longer have the 1611 KJV bible in our home because of all the illuminati drawings on their pages. (King James couldn’t change what God said, – too may were watching him – but he did manage to get rid of all the commentaries, and he then added in the cursed drawings.) We have the Matthew bible, but it is very hard on the eyes to read. The Geneva 1599 is good, if you realize that he commentaries are man’s beliefs on the bible and not God’s word.

  8. Hello im a teenager and im far from being a great Christian like yourself also im not sure how to word this so please excuse my writing structure but i do believe in god im writing this because i have been in a situation for over a year now and dont know how to deal with it my boyfriend had let a demon into his body but at the same time my boyfriend is blessed and has an amazing amount of angles looking over him. the demon takes over his body at times when my boyfriend lets him. The demon claims he loves me. I dont know how to deal with these remarks the demon had told me that in my furture i will have a child that has his power and the angles that look over my boyfriend he told my that my son will be the worlds greatest killing machine if my son came to know religion. I dont know what im looking for here other than an opinion and advice on all of this

    • Hello Payton,

      It sounds like you have a decision to make. If your boyfriend keeps choosing to let in the demons, then you may need to find a different boyfriend. There is no successful and blessed union (of any kind, even just friendship,) between a Holy Spirit filled believer in Jesus Christ, and demons. Scripture tells us in 2 Corinthians 6:14-18 “Be not unequally yoked with the infidels: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath the believer with the infidel? And what agreement hath the Temple of God with idols? for ye are the Temple of the living God: as God hath said, I will dwell among them, and walk there: and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Wherefore come out from among them, and separate yourselves, saith the Lord, and touch none unclean thing, and I will receive you. And I will be a Father unto you, and ye shall be my sons and daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.” May the Lord Jesus protect you and lead you into His perfect will for you,
      C. Dunamis

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